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It mainly depends how you are specced. 

If you go full rejuvenation or something like that you can act as main healer for a group, yes even with base line heals.  Or play group caster.  A full caster group loves you since you can do damage and snare the mob on incoming and you have the versatility to AOE if you want or fight or start healing.

Going the route of an enhancement and crush/flexible weapon skill will bring you up for the spot of secondary tank.  No, this class cannot handle being main tank.  Cloth armour has no absorbsion and those buffs donít match plate or chain.  If you want to be a main tank try a Reaver or a Paladin.  But youíll being able to stun the target or do positional styles based on your choice of weapon that will have useful effects.  If you go this route do not forget you have heal spells that can save your Cleric or main healer power after a fight or after they run out of power.


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