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Heretic TYPES:

Being a new class there is much speculation on the ďrightĒ way to spec a Heretic; from going full Rejuvenation and shield, to going full Enhancement and full Flexible.  Here are some common examples being toss around by the Heretics out there.

42 Shield
50 flex
36 enhance
16 rejuv
With this one you get the 6 second shield slam, Leviathan that procs a 153 cold damage based spell when you attack from behind the target.  You get decent self buffs and basic nuking ability and your heals, though you get one at 46 and 47 the variance on them is going to be enormous.

50 Rejuv
50 Enhance
21 Flex
19 Shield
Best of the nukes and great healing for one who canít get higher heals, best self buffs, high enough flex for the detaunt.  And a shield style for after you block.

42 rejuv
43 enhance
39 crush/flex
26 shield
This one gives you pretty good healing, nuking spells, second highest buffs, the ability to reach 50 with your weapon with bonuses, and pretty good shield skill with bonuses and items.

42 Rejuv
41 Enhance
24 Flex
42 Shield
Originally I was going to go higher in Rejuv but I changed my mind to add some flex skill. In the end, Iíll be pretty good healing and nukes, second highest buffs, high enough flex
for the detaunt and with bonuses and items itíll be decent weapon damage.  Plus the 6 second shield slam.

There are other specs but the first three are the most favoured and the last one is what I personally am choosing to go.


Heretics are allowed to take up a few different tradeskills.  They are:

Alchemy - this is probably the most useful after you hit 50.  I believe this class will ALWAYS need power pots since our spells take a lot of power. Also you can make your own breathing pots and dyes.  Not to mention tinctures and all the other goodies.

Tailoring - being after to craft your own armour is always useful.  Also Armour Crafters are always looking for a tailor who can craft the leather linings for plate and chain.

Weapon crafting- being able to craft your own weapons is always useful as well.  Considering we have a choice on training in flexible, crush or shield or two or a little of all three.

Master level abilities

Banelord Best if your melee tic

Perfecter best if you a caster/healer tic

In the end it doesnít matter if you have the most uber Heretic out there.  Just play how you like to play and whoever tells you differently tell them to keep their thoughts to themselves politely.  Though sometimes I have done so impolitely but thatís between me and them.  Also I hope this guide was helpful and I look forward to updating it as I progress in my Heretic ways.  


NOTE: This guide was built on the different paths of the Heretic. I will share my thoughts about each one as we get to each section.
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