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Thanks to Catacombs you have your choice now to go solo in a task “instance” dungeon.  A dungeon that is created specifically for you or your party, though warning all members of your party MUST be in the level range for that task “instance” dungeon. Or you can go the old-fashioned route and hunt in the old world dungeons or explore the abandoned mines or the other zones in Catacombs.  When you solo if you are not specced in a melee weapon, it’s best to use your snare/DD spell and pull from the farthest distance you can.  Yes it is possible in those “instance” dungeons but please note there are many bugs yet on
line-of-sight issues.  Even if you are standing DIRECTLY in front of the mob, you cannot target it for a spell.  many have "Right now" reported this several times. Hopefully it’ll be fixed before the next millennium. 

If you are melee-specced Heretic just go up to the mob and attack and if you have some Rejuvenation and have the instants they’ll be helpful.

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