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Heretic's are better at keep defence where we can focus and train our attention on a target or group with our spells.  Then step back and heal ourselves or the group. 

Also being able to rez will be helpful especially using the monster rez which causes the person ressed to be full health and power and run around like a monster with an AOE damage spell for 30 seconds.  But the drawback is the person ends up with 1% health after it is over and is most likely dead again.

Also we get styles we can use on doors and enemy siege weaponry just like the other tanks though please do not forget you are only in cloth armour. But unlike casters, who also wear cloth armour, we get to spec in shield. So if a stealthier pops you and you have shield training you can stun them and run off to either heal yourself or start nuking them from a distance.

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