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Levelling Tricks

If you have a buffbot make a macro (/macro assist /assist heretics_name) then ungroup and focus pull assist with buffbot and stun (stun dose not not count as a hit so a level 50 buffbot can assist a level 5 heretic

Catacombs has very strange pathing issues use these to your advantage you can get more focus pulses in the long they have to run to you

if you have a heretic with monster rezz you can help lower levels gain xp quickly. simple way to do it find a large spawn of blue to yellow con mobs (to the low level toon) get the low level toon die to a mob then monster rezz them they then run through the mobs and the proc will kill then mobs you can help this by adding Damage shield and the shield buff, this only works to certain levels before the amount of xp you lose per death out ways the out of xp you gain. (note: the 1st death for each level cost less than the second and so on). have not done full testing on the levels and ammount of deaths ect but it work effectivly up to level 34 that i can tell (as long as the number of mobs per pull is large enough)

your group has done a big pull and the caster goes down 1st monster them and keep them healed and get them fully buffed one for two things will happen all the mobs will be dead by the time the monster rezz wares off or you will have a fully buffed caster being spamhealed (50% of the time the monster rezz will drop the hp to 1% and the caster will die the other 50% the spam heals will save the caster and the monster rezz will drop and the caster will be on about 40%hp)

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