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Starting off this is a guide for a fire spec'd wizard.  I have found that while playing DAoC; there have been mixed opinions on locations on where to solo a fire wizard.  Here is my result from trying out many different areas and tasting many different kinds of dirtJ.

From levels 1-5 hunt the common mobs right in front of your basic trainer.  Stick to blues, with the occasional yellow if it is resistant to ICE. You will be doing a lot of melee this is why I say stick to blues, unless you have a level 50 casting buffs on you, a yellow will take you down very fast.  (Note that you cannot spec into fire until level 5)

Now that you have specialized in fire, you can learn the technique for hunting.

What I use, and find is most effective is the following lineup in my spell bar:

  1. Spec Bolt
  2. Base Bolt
  3. Spec Direct Damage
  4. Base Direct Damage
  5. Spec Area of Effect
  6. Stick to target button ( to get this type /macro Stick /stick..this will create a button w/ stick on it, useful for following group mates)
  7. Quick Cast
  8. Sprint
  9. Your baseline Ice Root spell (you will use this a lot!)
  10. Mystic Crystal Lore (I will explain this later in the Guide)

Always make sure your Armor Factor Shield is up, and always have your base earth weapon buff spell up.  Although you will almost never engage in melee combat, if you happen to get stuck, it's nice to know you have a slight boost.

Moving onto the attack pattern as I like to call it, I use the following as my sequence of attacks:

Spec Bolt, Base Bolt, then DEPENDING on how much damage the bolts do, (if they miss, if they critical hit etc.) I either root the mob or spec DD them till they die. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT A WIZARD CAN TAKE MAYBE 3-4 MELEE HITS TILL HE IS TOAST.  So if you think you can take a mob that is about 1/3 left of health and you don't have time to get 1 more DD off before you have to quick cast, then quick cast a freeze and run away, there is no shame in running back and bolting the mob to death, it saves you the agony of running back to your hunting site and losing that precious experience.  ANOTHER NOTE, if you indeed have to run (which you will have to) use the F11 KEY!!  It's a very useful tool that makes the camera stop following you so you can see the mobs that are following you.

Now that you have a specialization path, you can take on the more powerful mobs.  A wizard can EASILY take an orange mob if it is vulnerable to fire.  Even if it isn't, it will take a little more power to kill, but you can still kill it if you use some fancy footwork.

Now on with the locations:

Best place to bind right now is the Prydwen Keep Bridge or PKB

From levels 6-7 I found that Bandits on the road to Salisbury Plains from the PKB (south from bridge) is the best place. You aren't far from the guards, so if you pick up some aggro from the other Bandits you can run back. Again, no shame in living J

From levels 8-9 I hunted Flidhs.  Flidhs are nice for wizards because they are vulnerable to fire and they don't generate a lot of aggro unless you really start to beat on one of them and he yells for help.  You can find Flidhs directly south of the PKB on a hill. At night the hill glows green, it's rather cool.

From levels 10-20~21 you better get used to this place, Salisbury Plains.  Salisbury Plains is located South of the PKB, just follow the road, you will come to a little outpost called West Downs.  This is a good place because after you die in the plains, (trust me you will at least once) and find yourself rez sick and in need of constitution restoration, your friend the healer will hook you up. You will be spending A LOT of time here, although it is boring yes I know I've tried looking elsewhere but this is the best place and the fastest place to level your wizard.  I'm going to break it down into different sections:

Levels 10-12~13 you are best to run directly south from west downs. Go over the hill and you will see purple, purple and red.  What you need to look for is the wandering stuff, snakes, boars, horses.  It's like being level 3 again isn't it?  After you break out of this level curve, you can move onto the circle right there.  Careful, they like to bring a friend when you fire a bolt at them, so I recommend you check your endurance before you go bolt happy on them.

Levels 13-16 I hunted Grove Nymphs.  Killing these little fairies will rack in the XP.  Grove Nymphs are located in the groups of trees that are located everywhere around the plains.  Each group has a different level range, so find the one that best suits you. BE VERY CAREFULL, sometimes the nymphs like to try and jump you, I have had this happen to me before, and it's not very fun.  If you see that after your two bolts hit your targeted nymph and a swarm of green things is flying toward you, RUN.  Even if you can quickly cast and kill your target that you have been working on, don't do it, its better to run and wait for them to give up then go kill your target again.

Levels 17-21 I recommend the druid rings.  By now you should be confident about your wizard and how far you can push him or her before you kick the can.  If you feel that you have a good handle on things, take the druid rings.  If not, keep moving into the plains.  You will find Basilisks (which are very weak to fire) and Salisbury Giants.  The reason the druids are tricky is because they can cast.  If you don't time your bolts right, they will chain cast you and you wont have time to cast again.  This is during the daytime, during the nightfall, the druids go away and the undead druids come out to play.  These are a lot easier to handle as they don't cast.

Now aren't you glad you got the Plains out of the way? Well at about levels 21-22 I took a break from PvE (Player vs. Enemy) and moved onto RvR (Realm vs. Realm).  RvR is what it is, Albion vs. Hibernia and Midgard.  A while back, Mythic introduced the Battlefields.  There are four of them:

Levels 15-19 = Abermenai

Levels 20-24 = Thidranki

Levels 25-29 = Murdaigean

Levels 30-35 = Caledonia

The battlegrounds that get used the most are Thidranki and Caledonia.  Thidranki is usually full of players that have level 50 characters who do a /level command to make their new characters level 20.  Although this doesn't hold true to everyone, it's what you will usually find.  You will be hunting in Thidranki, then afterwards Caledonia.  You can always go to Murdaigean or even Abermenai, just don't expect to find much action, or organization.

In RvR you hunt other players, not the computer.  All battlegrounds are identical and the main goal is to capture the Central Keep or the CK.  When you kill, or participate in killing players from enemy realms, you gain Realm Points or RP's.  RP's are used to "purchase" Realm Abilities.  Realm Abilities help you in a number of ways, what we are going to focus on is the realm ability called Mystic Crystal Lore or MCL.  MCL is a VERY useful ability that allows you to instantly gain 2/3 of your power back.  The only downside is that it's on a 5 min timer.  You need to accumulate 125 RP's in order to get MCL.  After you gain 125 rp's go see your trainer and under where you spend spec points, you will see a list of all the ra's you can use.

Moving back to leveling:

From levels 22-24 I hunted Cornwall hunters. It's a great site right behind Cornwall Station.  Cornwall Hunters do have a bow, and if you don't time your bolts right, they will fire on you and arrows do a lot of damage to wizards, since we wear a robe.  What seemed to work for me was to fire spec then base right after. The first bolt would hit, he would run into range, and then nock and arrow, by the time he started to aim, the base bolt hit and it would interrupt him.  He will then charge you and start to poke at you with his duel wield dirks.  I froze, ran and bolted again, unless like I said above I critted or hit for a lot of damage, I just DD him till he died.

From levels 25-30 hunt the boogies!! Boogies are located in Cornwall and they are probably the weakest mob to fire in the whole game.  1 hour per level if you farm them.

From levels 30-33 rooters in Cornwall.  If you feel that they are a little too hard to handle go to Darkness Falls.  Very fast XP there.  I would recommend finding a group in DF.

Ok, Another break! I went to Caledonia and got 2 ra's. Well, it's the same one; I just brought it to level 2.  Getting Augmented Acuity increases your casting ability, in our case, Int.  I got Acuity 2.

From levels 34-35 Lyonesse Dunters.  Right on the border between Cornwall and Lyonesse. There are two camps so if there aren't a lot of people around, farm both of them to keep your group bonus going.

From Levels 36-37 right above Wearyall village there is a camp of marsh men.  With every class I can think of, save the Necromancer, when you get to these levels, it gets harder for one, and two, the XP is MUCH slower.  So if you feel it's taking a while to get a level, don't worry your not doing anything wrong.

From levels 38-40 Best place I have found is the Hamadryads in Lyonesse or on the Lyonesse border.
When going into Lyonesse head to the right following the side of the water and you will see some trees in the distance.  People will argue that Greater Boogies in Cornwall yield more XP, in fact they do, but it's much slower.  You can kill 2 hamadryads in the time it takes to kill 1 boogie, so I recommend the hamadryads.

Levels 40-43 I experimented with Peallaidhs.  There a lot of camps with peallaidhs in them. They are located in Lyonesse along the north east shoreline. So when you come into the fork in Lyonesse, go right and strait north from there.  Hang another right to reach the shoreline.

Levels 44-50 now, from here on, you have a choice.  You can either stay in Lyonesse, and hunt Pikemen, Archers, Knights, and Telemons.  Or you can move to one of the following places.  Stonehenge Barrows, where you can kill the tomb weights, echoes of life, skeletons, and advisors.  You could go to Dartmoor, where you have to be very picky on what you kill because the area is intended for big groups.  I personally like Darkness falls, if you get a good group, you can get some serious experience.  As for my final area, the City of Avalon if you have the Shrouded IslesT expansion is a great place to hunt.  CoA is full of very high level creatures.  Basically for all of the above locations, you're going to need to get a group, except for Lyonesse.  You will kill the mob faster with a group, but you will not get as much xp.

Well, I hope that this helped everyone, another thing I should add, DO YOUR EPIC QUESTS!!!  Trust me, if you get them done when you get them, you wont need to spend 2 days doing them all at once just to get your level 50 epic armor, which is worth every minute spent on making your character. 

Good Luck and good hunting!

If you have any questions comments etc., email them to Special thanks to Litrion Bob, Recruiter and buddy in Nimue in the guild of Unforgiven. Bingman

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