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. Never go out in the frontier in a group of less then 7 or 8.

2. If you see someone(any class) is running for you, don't try to nuke, turn around and run, pan camera angle and watch your tanks beat him down, IF he stops running at you stop running turn around and nuke.

3. If a archer shoots you.. 1. Run away from him right away and pray ...2. Run towards him, pray he misses one shot, instant dd him to interrupt his firing, quickcast bolt, cast bolt, pray for low resists.

4. If you are stunned. Type /release.

5. If you are mezed. Type /release.

6. Learn that every tank and caster goes for you first and you die in 2 seconds or less to any class.

7. Learn that you can kill a tank in 12 to 20 nukes, and not to engage one directly if one confronts you. (IP realm ability/resists.)

9. If a backstabber attacks you, you have 1 second to react in. At the same time you must, turn to him, quickcast dd, instant dd and hit auto attack. (always keep your damage shield and add up). If you took 2 seconds to react you are dead. 1 second reaction time gives you a 30 percent chance of living. 2 second means death.

10. Learn that you are a support class that does subpar damage in fights and let your group kill things mostly as you stand back and nuke safely giving you rp's. Otherwise if you think you do alot of damage you will eat dirt alot.

11. Unless you are an earth wizard don't bother rooting in rvr, with purge it just allows them more time to run at you and kill you faster. Remember you are the first target and first to die.

12. Hang back if possible when the fight initially starts, this way everyone has chosen a target already. Then come up and nuke caster and healers, nukes are waisted on tank types now do to the low damage. Casters we can kill in a good 5 nukes now, healers a good 8 or 9 if they don't instant heal.

13. Go fire spec, the big explosion makes it look like you are doing alot of damage, this is very good for getting groups. We know the reality though, but don't tell anyone.

14. Only brag about your nukes when you crit someone, ohh I hit for 500 damage on him(double crit). Never tell anyone what you hit for. (120-250)

15. Have fun and realize you are doing the same damage or less as other casters in rvr with no variety. Don't try to kid yourself this will only bring disapointment.

16. Follow all these nice rules and you will enjoy rvr combat with actuall rp's.

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