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arms speccing

To start:
This guide leaves you at the end as a hybrid. Personally, I believe that armsmen should not spec s/s. Paladins will always be better than you. You should leave s/s to them and spec the polearm. Armsmen should be the main onehit wonder tanks. Before I say more, the final armsman spec is:

50 Polearm: This leaves you at the end with the highest possible damage in the game for one hit, and gives you the level 50 style Defender's Aegis. Thankfully, being a hybrid, you will be able to use this slam much more than you thought you would be able to (since it is a chain off the back positional style, phalanx), both inside and outside of rvr. The slam/phalanx/defender's aegis style combo will drop most enemies to half hitpoints, without you having taken a hit yourself.

42 shield: This gives you slam, a 9-second shield stun that is essential to all fights. If you don't have a paladin that you're working with, however, you will be out of endurance quickly (this style uses about 25-35% of your endurance bar), so make sure you are grouped with a paladin before you think about using this in most groups.

34 slash/thrust: This raises your minimum damage for your polearm, and is essential to any polearmsman/hybrid.

20 parry: The remaining points dropped into parry. Parry is a good skill to have in rvr, and more important in pve. 1 point of parry = .5% parry, so you will have 15% parry (with the added 5% base parry percentage). Don't take some points off of parry to put into slash, the change addition of a few points of slash does not trade off well with the loss of parry. However, you NEED to have some parry.

Here's the beginning of a level by level guide, skipping every 5 levels starting from the point where you become an armsman. Basically you'll go through your low and mid levels as a polearmsman, so for those who love using shield even with gimpy stuns until the level 42 slam style, you'll have to wait anyway *grins evilly*. The pre-42 shield styles just don't give enough of a stun to be worth it, you'll end up gaining maybe two seconds on your opponent, but you won't be able to do much more damage than you would without the stun, in fact it would counteract because of the points you would lose in the other areas to put into shield.

Level 5:
4 Polearm
3 Slash

Level 10:
9 Polearm
8 Slash
5 Parry

Level 15:
15 Polearm
12 Slash
7 Parry

Level 20:
18 Polearm
18 Slash
10 Parry

24 Polearm
21 Slash
10 Parry

Level 30:
29 Polearm
26 Slash
15 Parry

34 Polearm
32 Slash
15 Parry

Level 40:
38 Polearm
32 Slash
21 Shield
15 Parry

Level 45:
39 Polearm
32 Slash
40 Shield
16 Parry

Level 50:
50 Polearm
34 Slash
42 Shield
20 Parry

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