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Mauler Spec's

the specs listed below are by no means the only ones they are just a sample to get you the right direction some of them i have tried and some i have fought against

Group spec

34 staff 29 Aura 32 power strikes 36 mag

This give you reasonable melee, fine in groups where u should be spamming burning cloud, the first hot and regen buff, some self buffs, top fumble, 65 end tap, first disarm/silence, insta pbaoe/cae root, most of the mag tricks.

solo and group mix

50FW, 34 Aura, 26 Magnet and 3 PS

good solo spec with but giving up the power strike and have more mag give you some more group utility

good solid solo spec

50Fist Weapons 34aura 25pwr 7mag

nice high weapon damage ok self buffs etc doesn't offer much in group utility though

DPS spec (group and Buff bot needed)

50 Fist weapons 40 power strike 15 Aura

this spec is all about up front DPS tank group assist trains

PVE framing spec

50 aura 39 staff 18 power strike

PvE spec with this spec you can solo farm and chain  kill oj/red con mobs quicker than a frair it also gives some RvR play ability

i hope this points out that maulers are very versatile and can be specced in many many ways 

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