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                                               HOW TO BECOME A PALADIN

The begining

 Paladins are one of the primary fighting clases of our beloved Albion. And they are fighting class of Church of Albion and one of the heavyest oponents in the game as they wear the heavyest type of armor the fameous full plate armor wich you will start to wear when u reach level 20. I must say that paladin class is not an easy class to play.

Almost everyone can become a paladin except half ogres and inconus.  As i have said u will be starting as a fighter class and u will be able to chose to become a paladin when u reach lvl 5, and then u will have to start thinking what kind of paladin u want to become as there are 3 types of paladins:

            1)The Aggressive,


            3)and Group support

1) The Aggressive Paladin

   The Aggressive Paladin (Zealot) tends to be the strong fighter with back up Chants. This type tends to max out the 2 hand weapon skill, and splits the points evenly between Parry and Chants. This gives for a good damage output, while having the ability to stop some of the damage they take, and add some healing to a party. Highlanders and Britons tend to make good Zealots.The role of the Offensive Paladin is to hit hard and do as much damage as possible and as quickly as possible. This type of Paladin can dish out a fair amount of damage.

A good rule of thumb for creating an Offensive Paladin is to max your 2-Handed skill as you max your Chant skill. Don't put any points into the weapon styles (Slash, Crush, Thrust) until the higher levels. This will give you the best 2-Handed styles as fast as you can, plus, you end up doing the max damage that you can per level. The 2-Handed skill raises your maximum damage whereas the weapon skills raise your minimum damage. Also, if you only max 2-Handed you can switch between the various weapons that are dropped by monsters. You can also take advantage of the different weapon weaknesses of different monsters if you hold on to different types of weapons.

When you reach Level 15 you get Parry. This is your only skill that gives you any defense from the onslaught of your enemies, so it is wise to spend some skill points in it. It would also be advised to raise your shield skill to at least 7, as this is where you will receive the "engage" ability. You will probably find this skill useful in RvR to ward off some of the ranged attacks; you would then switch to your 2-Handed weapon when close to your enemy.

Like with the one-handed paladin, we recommend training chants to 48 or 49, though not everyone takes them that high. One viable template at 50th level is 48 chants, 39 two-hand, 29 slash/crush/thrust, 33 parry and 7 shield, relying on items and realm rank to raise two-hand skill up to 50. More offensive specs would raise two-hand or the base weapon skill and reduce parry or chants  

2) Defensive Paladin

   The Defensive Paladin (Penitent) tends to be a fast fighter, using Chants to increase the parties living potential. This Paladin tends to keep Shield and Parry high, while training in a one handed weapon type and Chants. The ability to guard and block shots for the stronger Armsman and Zealots gives these Paladins a definite place in groups. Avalonians and Saracens tend to make the best Penitents. All Defensive Paladins should try to specialize in Shield up to level 42. This will give them the Slam ability, which incurs an 9-second stun on an enemy which is excellent in both RvR and in PvE. Or u can go up to lvl 50 shield that gives u an excellent style called brutalize wich gives masive damage output and also stuns the enemy for 9 seconds. As a Defensive Paladin you are able to use a shield and block incoming attacks more frequently then a 2-Handed Paladin (until they get Parry).  You also get the Engage ability, which is good for some crowd control. The Engage ability allows you to "engage" an enemy and use all of your attacks to block. While you are doing this, you lose endurance but you end up blocking about 90% of their attacks. When you run out of endurance you stop engaging and have to fight normally. This is good for both RvR and PvE because you can Engage archers who like to fill you with arrows. You can also hold aggro a little better because you don't get hit as much.


3) Group support paladin

   The Group Support Paladin (Cavalier) tends to be a very Pious type, and offers some blocking skill, tho not usually as high as the Defensive type. This type tends to max out Chants, giving the best possible heals, damage adds, and shielding, while splitting his points between a one handed weapon, Shield, and Parry. Not a strong arm of the group, this Paladin is able to take on fights equal to his level and win, with a little downtime. All of the races are equally good at being Cavaliers, tho natural strengths (Fast, Strong, etc) tend to focus them into one area.

When u have decided what kind of paladin u want to become it is time to say a few words about paladins role in the group and what to hunt.



Paladins tend to be well loved in every group they join. The Damage Chant is good for the whole party, even archers. The Shielding Chant helps the cloth clad casters, and the Heal Chant helps the clerics and friars keep more of thier mana needed for emergencies. Also, because the Heal chant pulses, and can heal up to 40 pts of damage in one round at 5th level (8 people, approx 5 hp per pulse), the Paladin usually out aggroes most other types of fighters, save for the Armsman and possibly Reaver. Using these strengths, plus the fact they get the use of the heaviest armor (Plate at 20) makes a Paladin a good wall to have standing in front of you.

So what does the Paladin do in a group? The Paladin can fill several holes. The most blaring one is that of a Tank. The heavy armor and Chants can keep the Paladin going for quite awhile. However, they are not as good in melee as a Mercenary or Armsman. Paladins can be main tanks, but are better as a secondary tank.

The second role would be that of Add watch. The Paladin can watch for any roaming mobs in a hostile area, and engage those mobs if they aggro upon the backline of your group. The armor and toughness of a Paladin can hold a mob until the main tanks take down the first target, and move to engage the second.

The third role would be as Puller. With the ability to Tease the monsters, thus pulling them from a range, and being able to take a few hits before the Main tank pulls the aggro makes a Paladin a good choice for puller. This role is best left for Archers if any are available, otherwise, the Paladin performs admirably.



Being a fighter, and having the ability to learn almost all weapons, plus wear some of the best armor, a Paladin can pretty much hunt where they please, and be happy. The best bet is decide on the weapon type you are going to use, and find the creatures who are weak against it. This is, of course, a normal stature for Dark Age, but always serves as a useful reminder. The truly best idea is find a group of 2-3 people, preferably one healer, and go to town on anything that cons red to the highest person in the group. Chances are, you will be able to take it down, given good group tactics. You like Theurgists and Clerics. Theurgists might not know it but they are awesome playmates for the Paladin, you might have to convince them to stop soloing and group with you as that is almost guarenteed to bring them more xp. 

The Theurgist gets a DamAdd buff that, at equal levels, are slightly better than what your will have as a Chant. This leaves you free to use AF Chant and Heal Chant in combat, thus taking even less damage 

Theurgist also have the Earthskin line that can be cast on his group members and at high levels Pulse for the entire group like your Chants can. Basically it makes the next blow from your enemy an automatic miss. It costs low mana, casts fast, generates no additional aggro and is overall awesome. Between it and your Heal Chant you will be able to plow through monsters taking little to no damage and thus no downtime. (This isn't a Theurgist Guide but they Do make an awesome partner for a Paladin)

Your next best friend is the Cleric. Stat buff lines galore and nice AF buffs. In any larger group they are a must as the damage dealt by the purple mobs you will be hunting will be massive and only a true Cleric will be able to keep up with the heals. - Use your Chants to keep the monster on you, Heal Chant will do this nicely, letting the lighter armored characters do their special moves with no risk.

 Armsmen Are the True Tank. Your Heal Chant will often pull mobs onto you even in situations where the Armsman would be the better Tank. Use of Detaunt specs. by you and Taunt specs. by the Armsman might be able to turn a critical situation or if you have a Cleric backup you might turn off Heal Chant entirely if you are about to die.

Overall the Paladin is powerful solo but a flaring star in a group. His group affecting Chants fully validates his, in most cases, lower spec. lines into weaponry.

Paladins unique abilitys

  OK this covers the basics of becoming a paldin. Now i will try to explain what was said previous about chants, shields, weapons....


  Chants are the backbone of all Paladins. Without Chants we would be rather weak fighters because we don't have the hitpoints like an Armsmen or a Mercenary does. Our Chants skill is what makes us strong in groups, and even stronger if we all group There are many diferent types of chants that paladins can use to aid the his comrades as i have mentioned before, they can increase the damage output or heal the group and eaven make his group mates armor factor increase sky high and make them tougher and harder to kill by enemy hordes.


 1) Refresh Line, gives the ability to your paladin to heal his group for small amouts and in this way helping Clerics and other healing clases out of harms way and sawing theirs so precious power.The range of the healing chant is 1500 units so if u r depending on those heals do not get far away from the paladin as the chants will not have any efect on u. As u grow stronger and raise your levels your healing chant will become stronger as listed below:

Actual Points healed Range

2 Minor Refreshment 3 3 1500

5 Lesser Refreshment 5 5 1500

8 Refreshment 8 10 1500

12 Major Refreshment 11 13 1500

16 Greater Refreshment 14 17 1500

20 Crusader's Refreshment 17 21 1500

26 Saint's Refreshment 22 27 1500

35 Angel's Refreshment 29 36 1500

45 Archangel's Refreshment 37 46 1500


 2) Battle Line, is a chant that gives damage add to your group it will afect only melee classes, caster pets and archers, it hase the same range as the healing chant of 1500 units, so if u want to benefit from this chant and banish your enemy faster stay in the range of the chant.


Chant Level Name Damage Increase Range

3 Battle Fervor 1 dps 1500

7 Greater Battle Fervor 1 dps 1500

10 Battle Vigor 2 dps 1500

15 Greater Battle Vigor 2 dps 1500

21 Battle Fury 3 dps 1500

28 Greater Battle Fury 4 dps 1500

36 Battle Zeal 6 dps 1500

46 Greater Battle Zeal 7 dps 1500


 3) Crusader Line, the crusader line of chants give a Paladin extra protection in battle. This chant adds to the armor factor of all characters in a group within range (range is 1500). Like the battle chants, this chant affects the entirecycle. It will also stack at full effectiveness with other spec line buffs. Dont forget when u r grped with a friar when u are using this type of chant u will drop their armor buff, so we can basically debuff any Friars in our group. It is better to let the Friars cast their own self buff and to not use the Crusader Line unless you get their okay first or the group as a whole will benefit more.

 4) Single Resist Buffs, these chants provide increased resistances to different damage types relating to spell effects, so in  this way u can protect yourself from high damage spells and survive the battle.

 5) Consolidated Resist Buffs, these new lines of resists were added to complement our baseline resists as well as those that Clerics and Friars can cast. Each of the lines covers three different resists and uses power while in use. Skiled paladin will use those chants to protect himself and his group when resists casted by clerics and friars have faded out in midle of the battle or in tough situations when your group is lacking healing cllases.

 6) Endurance Regeneration Line, is one of the most important chants of paladins. This chant will provide your group with almost endless suply of endurance to sprint longer when traveling grate distances or fleeing from enemy or hunting them down when haste is neaded to banish them quickly, to preform styles longer and ofc to use engage skill longer.

 7) Aura Line, is a self buff so it will only afect u and give u masive protection from melee atacks by rasing your armor factor and it will stack with your crusader line chants and raise your armor factor eaven higher so your oponent will have to think twice before he decides to strike.

 8) Taunt Line, its a very neet thing that u can use while leveling or in fights against enemy players. Is not really a chant is an insta-cast spell that u can use to draw atention from monsters when leveling or for interupting ranged clases like casters or archers as u will interupt them and they will be unable to preform spells or shoot arrows for some time. This has a fairly decent range (1350). Also u can use this line to drop speed buffs from orher enemy players or preventing stelthers from restelthing again and flee so this will give u time to catch them and ofc kill them. Remember that u can use this spell every 30 seconds so use it carefouly as your life could depend on it!

 9) Revive (Resurect) Spell, very helpfoul thing that paladins get by training in chants.At 30 in chants the paladin receives the Revive spell, which can bring a dead realm-mate back to life. This is perhaps our most useful ability, as it can save huge amounts of time otherwise spent waiting for groupmates to release and horse back to their grave. Unlike the Cleric or Friar Resurect spells, our Revive brings the person back with only 10% health and no power. This means it may be better to let a Cleric do the resurection, assuming he isn't doing something better with his power like keeping ream-mates alive in an RvR battle.


Paladins are meant to defend those around them. In order to do this, we have trained ourselves in certain skills that allow us to do this effectively. These skills are detailed below and should be learned and used wisely.


The Guard Skill is a very useful and powerful shield skill in both RvR and PvE. The Guard skill allows you to block attacks on a specific person from enemies. All you have to do is select a player to Guard and activate the Guard ability. Whenever an enemy attacks that person...and you are nearby...then there is a chance that you will block that enemy. The best thing to do is to always Guard the person that gets the most aggro. In most cases it will be a 2-Handed Paladin.


The Enage Skill is another powerful shield skill, and the only of the four defensive skills with which you select an enemy to use. More desciption to come.


The Protect Skill is useful in PvE situations. When you protect somebody, you are trying to draw the Aggro off of them. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. You just select a player and Protect them and whenever they do anything that draws aggro sometimes you will see a "You distract [monster]" or something like that. Usually it is best to either Protect the one you are guarding or Protect your Clerics/Casters from getting aggro. In the case of an All Paladin group, the 1-Handed Paladin should protect the 2-Handed Paladin so that the 1-Handed Paladin can grab aggro every so often.


The Intercept Skill is useful skill in any situation. Intercept allows a Paladin to take damage for another character when they are attacked by an enemy once per minute. This may not sound like a good thing at first, but when you are depending on a theurgist's bladeturn or a healers heals and they are about to die, it is important. Those weaker characters can not take as much damage as your Paladin can, and it also gives the added advantage of not interrupting their casting. Or how often have you been in a situation where a healer casts a spell on a tank just as they take the death blow? You can give those extra few seconds with intercept. The big limitation of this skill is that you must be close to the character for which you wish to take damage and you must have them selected to use it (i.e. you can not attack while targeting a friendly character). This can also be used in a group of Paladins to help distribute the damage and make refresh more effective. Learn to use it well, and you will be loved.


The choice of damage type is influenced by a number of factors, but two of these stand out amongst them. The first is the combat styles you will be able to use with the damage type, and so we discuss each of these in turn below. Second is the different resists or vulnerabilities the armor types have to a damage type. At the end of this section, we have given tables to show the different resists/vulns available by realm.


Slash is probably the most popular weapon base type for the paladin, at least partially because of the image of the sword-wielding knight in shining armor. However, the style is also good for more practical reasons. First, there tend to be more slash drops than other weapons, though this will matter less when u gain lvevels and start using spellcrafted weapons or eaven artifacts.


Crush weaponry and stiles r very good for ofencive paladins using 2-handed weapons so i would recomend that future ofencive paladins train in crushing.


 i wouldnt recomend paladins using trusth weaponry for 2 reasons becouse they dont get evade ability and most of thrust stiles r based on that ability and the second reason is damage output as paladins r fighters and very strong fighters they lack dexterety to wield this type of weapons.


 Realm Abilities


As your paladin grows stronger u will have to participate in the defence of your realm, and by doung that u will recive a reward for doing that. As your realm lvl rises u will get skill points u can use in training in special abilities that can be used both in PvE and RvR, i will recomend a few abilities that can prove usefoul for your paladin.

 1) Purge, as the name says this ability will remove all negative efects from your paladin, it is very usefoul ability when your oponent used some kind of crowd control spell that will make u inefective in battle by using this ability it will remove the spell and make u imune on that type of spell for a period of time. use it carefouly as this ability is on a timer.

 2) Ignore pain, is a also a very usfoul ability as its an instant sellf heal that will aid u to last longer in a fight or to suprise your oponent by healing yourself and wining the fight

 Thesse r the two basic abilities your paladin should have to sucesfouly survive the fights u can also train invarious pasive abilities that r not on the timer and will grately increase your chances of survival in batlle.

 3) Augmented Constitution, this pasive ability will raise your hitpoints

  4) Augmented Dexterity, this pasive ability will raise your dexterity and resulting with better blocking rate and giving u better chance to strike your oponent

 5) Augmented Strength, this pasive ability will raise your strenght resulting in raising your damage output or u will be able to carry more when its neccesary to transport heavy siedge weapons such as rams, catapults, balistas and trebs

 6) Avoidance of Magic, reduces all magic damage taken by the listed percentage. (This only works on damage. Does not work on disease, dots, or debuffs and does not affect the duration of crowd control spells)

 7) Mastery of Blocking, increases chance to block your oponents attack

 8) Mastery of Pain, increases chance to deal a critical hit in melee combat and gives u an ability to banish your enemy faster by dealing more damage

  9) and when u have reached Realm Rank 5 u will be granted a free ability for your enormus efford and curage shown in battle and u will gain Selfless Devotion ability that will result with tripling the effect of the paladin healing chant for 1 minute on all groupmates excluding the Paladin himself.


                                         I will conclude this short guide for new players with this.

                                                 Do You Feal Worthy Of Becoming A Paladin 

written by Isgaroth


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