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Reaver Strategies

Vidi's Reaver Guide
So you want to play a Reaver, do you?

You've made an excellent choice. In my opinion, the Reaver is one of the most versatile classes in DAoC. There are many positives to playing a Reaver, and a few negatives. I hope to explain them all as best I can and let you decide.


The Reaver is the melee arm of Arawn, the god of the Inconnu. The have access to almost all forms of weaponry in Albion, with the noticeable exception of bows and crossbows, but they are the only class with access to Flexible weapons ( whips, chains, flails, morning stars, etc ) They also have Soulrending, their single spell line which grants them most of their strength. With this combination of melee and magic, the Reaver can be not only a fun class to play but also a formidable opponent to face.

Flexible weapons

It's always cool when a developer adds something new to a game. The addition of Flexible weapons is no different. The new flex styles are very .well.flexible. With the exception of the parry counter move which is listed at a very low flex spec ( 4 or 5 ) but not available to the player until level 20 ( yes 20 ), the styles are all useful immediately upon speccing for them. As with every other melee line, however, the flex line is filled with counter moves, positional moves and chains that most players simply cannot use. Even with the 10 slot quick bar, its just far too many moves and chains ( along with spells ) to ever hope to utilize them all.

That being said, there are some seriously decent moves in the Flex line. I won't name them now as it's much more fun to experiment as a player and discover which ones work for best for you, but |I will say that, Mythic did a good job with making each style use the appropriate amount of endurance and kept the Flex line from being a hindrance to the player as opposed to an advantage ( re: Midgard Sword line )

The most important feature of the Flexible weapon line is it's ( once again ) flexibility. Flex weapons can be both slash and crush, giving the Reaver the ability to change damage types to suit their opponent. Thrust is not an option however, which I don't quite understand as a spiked morning star would definitely be thrust damage as opposed to slash, but the versatility is still there even with only the two damage types. ( That's one more than most other weapons lines get )


This is the Reavers spell line. Each spell is replaced by a spell two levels above it as this line is specced. For example, Debt to Arawn 1 is replaced by Debt to Arawn 3 , not Debt to Arawn 2.

Let's take a look at each of the spells separately.

Surge of Infliction ( SoI ) - The Reavers damage add or buff. This is self only and does not gives its benefits to group members. It lasts for 30 seconds and is on a 150 second timer ( two and a half minutes ). While this seems like a long time, I found that with the time it took to kill a few mobs and rest, SoI was available to me most of the time. While at low levels, SoI doesn't seem to add a lot of damage, the higher surges add much more and can be a deciding factor in some rather precarious situations.

ONE NOTE: Though it may be observer error, it DID seem as if my reavers miss ratio increased the second I hit SoI. This has been both confirmed and denied by other reavers, so I leave it to you to decide.

Debt to Arawn ( DtA ) - Debt to Arawn is the reavers proccing self buff. On a ten minute ( I think ) timer, this "buff" works like a weapons proc in that the player has no control over when it goes off and when it doesn't. When attacking a foe, if DtA activates it directly damages the foe AND sucks part of that damage into the reaver, like a life tap does. There are many times a luckily timed DtA proc has kept me in a fight.

Life Withdrawl ( LW ) - Life withdrawl is the reavers lifetap. This is an insta cast shout that directly damages an opponent and heals the Reaver for a portion of that damage simultaneously. Its on a 20 second timer so it can be used to pull a mob and then usually once more in a fight. It works exactly like DtA does ( see above ) but is controllable. The range of LW is short ( If you can see the name of the target above his head, he's in range. ) but it's enough to pull or take down a hurt and fleeing enemy.

The Reaver has three AE pulse spells. Each works in the same way. The effect an area around the Reaver, not the target. None of these pulsing spells can be used simultaneously. Only one can be pulsing at any given time.

Wrack - Wrack is the DD AE pulse. While it doesn't do a lot of damage, it does function as a damage add and can be quite useful in a tough fight. It does have a drawback though which will be explained below.

Arthritic Curse - This AE pulse is supposed to decrease an opponent's damage. It pulses and works in the same manner as the other two AE pulses.

Aura of Fate - This AE pulse is supposed to decrease an opponent's damage absorption. It pulses and works in the same manner as the other two AE pulses.

NOTE: Neither Arthritic Curse nor Aura of Fate had ANY discernable effect. It is my opinion that these two spells are both wasted if used.

WARNING: There is a HUGE drawback to all three of these pulsing spells. Anything within the radius that is not a realmmate will be affected.

This means, you can draw agro from neutral mobs and break mezzes and roots/snares if they are active. They use A LOT of mana as well, so without a mana regen these can be costly to use. So use them with caution and at your own risk.

Overall Impression

I have to say that of the new classes, the Reaver is by far my favorite. I have always been partial to hybrid classes anyway and the Reaver combines my favorite features of hybrids, DD shouts and the ability to self heal, into a single class. This makes the Reaver a lot of fun with very little comparable downtime. While I have yet to take him into RvR ( level 30 currently ) the functionality he is missing in PvE becomes strengths in RvR ( Wrack ) if used appropriately. The Reaver my actually become my main rather quickly as his flexibility allows for much more long term playability in my opinion.


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