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The Cabalist Guide part 2

3. Simulacra


The defining characteristic of the Cabalist Class is its ability to summon Simulacra.  Simulacra are permanent controlled pets that the caster can command to aid him against enemy players and monsters.


Cabalists have 5 pets, becoming available at different levels in the Spirit Animation baseline.  These are: Amber Simulacrum – Level 1, Ruby Simulacrum – Level 7, Sapphire Simulacrum – Level 12, Emerald Simulacrum – Level 20, and Jade Simulacrum – Level 32.  Each pet costs a flat 25% of the Cabalist’s available power to summon (reduced buy Spirit Focus on his staff) and has different functions and abilities.  A Cabalist may have one Simulacrum under his command at any given time.


3.1     Amber Simulacrum

The first pet available to Cabalists is the workhorse Amber Simulacrum.  This pet has a lot of Hit Points, making it the recycling pet of choice.


3.1.1   Abilities – The Amber Sim has the most hit points of all the Simulacra and he casts a self-base Con buff which gives him excellent melee absorption.  He has decent melee damage and can proc a 2 second stun from around 700 units that has no immunity timer.


3.1.2   Amber Sims in PvE – Because of his high hit points he is ideal for Matter Cabalists to use with the Focus Damage Shield spell and to gather up monsters for AoE Dots.  He is a great kiting sim because he procs his single target stun fairly regularly, allowing the Cabalist to gain range on the monster.


3.1.3   Ambers in RvR – The short duration stun with no immunity timer make the Amber a no-brainer for the solo Cabalist.  Although the Cabalist has no control over when it goes off, that stun can mean life or death when it hits a melee character the Cabalist is trying to escape.  Its mediocre damage otherwise might make it less valuable in group situations, although it can occasionally stun fleeing targets.


3.2     Ruby Simulacrum

The Ruby Pet is the Cabalist nuking pet. 

3.2.1   Abilities – The Ruby Sim has a nuke range fire DD that he will cast until he takes melee damage.  In melee he can proc the same heat DD.  He has the fewest hit points of all of the Sims and does very weak melee damage.


3.2.2   Ruby Sims in PvE – Its low HPs and weak melee make this pet of limited PvE use.  There is a method by which a Cabalist can use Ruby for nuking damage while the Cabalist kites a monster around.  This is not for the faint of heart though.  Simply nuke or DoT a monster then order the Ruby to attack it.  The monster will maintain aggro on the fleeing Cabalist while the Ruby nukes away.  Be aware when using Ruby Sims to pull, as 50% of their aggro generated by nuking passes to the caster, so let them get plenty of Agg if you are going to use them straight up – although the amount of aggro that passes between the pet and caster is modified by range, so the caster will need to experiment here.


3.2.3   Rubies in RvR

            The ability to nuke from range makes the Ruby simulacrum a great pet for harassing enemy casters and support in RvR.  Its nuke will keep its target interrupted until the Ruby sim is dealt with.  However, once the Ruby simulacrum takes melee damage, it will stop nuking and attempt to engage its target in melee, where its low damage is an impediment. But the ability to avoid some of the CC circle and interrupt from range is definitely an advantage of the pet.


3.3     Sapphire Simulacrum

Sapphire Sims are melee pets with a Lifetap proc.

3.3.1   Abilities – A very solid all purpose pet.  Sapphires attack fast and hit harder than all other Cabalist pets in melee.  They also have a Lifetap proc that does additional damage and heals the Simulacrum.


3.3.2   Sapphires in PvE – Sapphires are fantastic PvE pets for dealing with single yellow and orange con mobs.  Buffs with Spirit buffs they hit hard, fast, and require little healing because of their Lifetap.  They can also be sent to attack gray monsters in between pulls in order to Lifetap their own health back.  Matter Cabalists may prefer Amber pets because they can take a beating better from multiple monsters, but Body and Spirit Cabalists will probably use Sapphire pets as their primary PvE pet throughout their careers.


3.3.3   Sapphires in RvR – Sapphires are good caster killers in RvR because they have great damage output.  They tend to be easily neutralized because they have neither ranged attacks like the Ruby, nor stun/snare abilities like Emerald and Amber pets.


3.4     Emerald Simulacrum

          Emerald Sims are melee pets with DoT and Disease procs.

3.4.1   Abilities – A tough melee pet, Emeralds have fewer HPs than an Amber Sim, but higher melee absorb rates, making buffed Emerald sims the pet of choice for dealing with high level mobs without using focus shields.  They dish out melee damage nearly on par with the Sapphire and can proc both Damage over Time and Disease effects.


3.4.2   Emerald Sims in PvE – Emerald Simulacrums are great pets for Cabalists with some Spirit specline buffs.  They are able to take quite a beating and can be used against orange, red, and even some purple con monsters (not recommended for beginners).  Typically they require some healing from the Cabalist to do so.


3.4.2   Emeralds in RvR – A great general purpose pet in RvR, the Emerald does good damage and his ability to disease/DoT enemy support and casters when meleeing them make him a great support pet.  The snare component of his disease proc can be useful for allowing his Cabalist to escape a melee as well.  Emeralds can be a good choice over Ambers or Rubies when the Cabalist is engaging in small group.


3.5     Jade Simulacrum

          The final pet, available at level 32, has a self-damage shield.


3.5.1   Abilities – The Poor old Jade Simulacrum is oft neglected.  Its abilities lend it to neither good PvE nor RvR effectiveness.  It has low hits and melee damage on par with the Ruby, but only a measly damage shield for added utility. 


3.5.2   Jades in PvE – The damage shield is not effective enough to use as an aggro management tool even if the Sim had the hit points to take a beating, which it doesn’t.  With better damage and health available on the Emerald, Sapphire, or Amber the Jade just doesn’t see much action.


3.5.3   Jades in RvR – There is little conceivable use for this pet in RvR.  Other pets do better against support and enemy casters, and its low hit points and crappy damage shield aren’t of any use against enemy melees.  In fact the damage shield makes it more likely that some one rooted will attack it and take damage that breaks the root than anything else in RvR.

3.6     What is The Pet Control Window?


The control window displays whenever the Cabalist casts and has an active pet.  There are 12 items in the pet display window, most of which are self-explanatory.

For the check box options, one from each side is always selected. The left hand side determines the pet’s defensive stance, while the right hand side sets its movement parameters.  The top bars display the current level and health of the pet while the bottom displays its icon and active buffs/effects.


Typically, a pet will be set to Defensive/Follow which means it will follow the Cabalist around and only attack an enemy if it attacks the Cabalist first.  Other combinations can be used as the situation dictates, such as setting the pet to Stay/Aggressive, which will put it in a spot and cause it to attack any enemy that comes within its range.

Each command in the window can be added to the player’s quickbar by shift clicking it to create an icon and then dragging that icon to the quickbar.  At the least it is a good idea to keep the ‘Attack’ option on the quickbar so that there is no fumbling for the ‘attack’ button in a tight situation.


3.7     Can pets receive buffs?


Pets can receive any friendly player buffs that could be cast on the Cabalist, although not all are useful.  Pets may also be buffed using special pet only buff spells available in the Spirit Animation and Vivification Cabalist lines.  The Cabalist buff lines include combo buffs and weapon buffs that would require 2-3 different allies to provide individually, which makes them especially nice.


In general buffs affect pets as they would monsters, and not players. For instance constitution buffs add hits to players, but absorb to pets.


          3.7.1   Strength Buffs make the pet hit harder in melee.

          3.7.2   Constitution Buffs give the pet greater melee damage absorb.

          3.7.3   Dexterity Buffs make the pet harder to hit in melee.

          3.7.4   Quickness Buffs make the attack hit faster.

          3.7.5   Acuity Buffs provide no benefits.

          3.7.6   Armor Buffs make the pet harder to hit in melee.

          3.7.7   Haste Buffs make the pet attack faster.

3.7.8   Damage Shields cause the pet to return a portion of melee damage when being hit.

3.7.9   Damage Adds cause the pet’s melee attacks to do additional damage.


3.8     Can I Heal my Pet?


Cabalists have a pet only heal spell in the Spirit Animation baseline.  It is very useful when using a pet to kill a high level monster or when using it to harass enemy players.  The spell acts much like a spreadheal in that it requires neither the pet to be targeted nor LoS to the pet.  The range on the spell is 2000 units. This means the Cabalist could be hidden on one side of an object while healing his pet out of sight on the other side.


The pet heal will generally heal the Sim for 200 points of damage at its highest level.  This number is affected by variance based on the Cabalist’s spec in Spirit.


3.9     What level is my Pet?


Cabalist pets are always blue con and roughly 7/8 (80% - 88%) of the Cabalist’s level.



Player Level

Sim Level




















3.10    Getting the most out of pets.


New Cabalists should take plenty of time to learn the abilities and limits of their pets, as they will play a significant roll in the Cabalist’s career both in RvR and PvE.  It is advisable to start with monsters of equal or lower level to the Cabalist while learning to use his various pets for different methods of leveling.


In RvR it is generally a play style choice as to how one uses pets, and each Cabalist should experiment until he finds which pet he likes in which situation.  Try to be aware of pets, even though it may be difficult in the heat of battle, as a well-placed sim can disrupt key enemy players and help the Cabalist and his allies win a fight.


Pets do tend to have pathing problems, and it is sometimes advisable to leave them on the ‘passive’ setting when traveling high aggro routes.  A passive pet generates no agg toward its owner, and when attacked will not cause its owner to lose speed spell effects (pets attacking enemies put the Cabalist into combat)


In addition pets are known to ‘ghost’ behind a player, leaving a temporary false image of the pet facing the way the Cabalist was traveling.  Enemy players have been known to follow these ghost trails to the Cabalist’s party, so there may be times when traveling without a pet is expedient.


4. Realm Abilities


Realm abilities got a major overhaul in the New Frontiers expansion, turning much of what was previously set in stone on its ear.  Cabalists were no exception to these dramatic changes.


The newest list of realm abilities can be found at The Herald: Realm Abilities.  The following is a brief introduction to the RAs system.  Most of these are RvR oriented, although they may certainly help in PvE too.


v      Augmented Attributes
Versions of these are available for each attribute a character would like to enhance (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Quickness, and Acuity, which is a catch all for stats that affect the various casters such as Piety, Intelligence, and Charisma).  They are available in 5 levels, each costing progressively more Realm Points to purchase: 1, 3, 6, 10, and 14 at level 5 for 34 points total.  The appropriate attribute is raised by 4, 12 22, 34, and 48.

v      Passive Realm Abilities
These Realm Abilities, like the Augmented Attribute RAs are always on, increasing the effectiveness of spell damage, chance to critical, endurance usage and so on.  They are also on the 1, 3, 6, 10, 14 cost table.  The benefits of each level vary from RA to RA.

v      Active Realm Abilities
These abilities generally have a more dramatic impact on combat than the first two.  They are on a separate cost table, usually in three levels costing 5, 10 and 15 RPs.  They are abilities with powerful effects that last a short time.  After usage they typically take from 5 to 15 minutes to be usable again.

v      Class Unique RAs
These RAs become available to each class as they achieve Realm Rank V and are usually thematic to the class itself.  The Cabalist unique RA works for his pets.


4.1     What Augmented Attribute RAs are good for a Cabalist?


          Cabalists should really only consider the Augmented Dexterity RA for its boost to casting speed and the Augmented Acuity RA for its boost to potential     damage.  Most Cabalists will spend no more than 4 points on each RA to get         the first 2 levels.  High Realm Rank Cabalists, those min/maxing extreme          templates, and those whose starting race left one of these stats deficient may consider going to level 3 or higher.

4.2     What Passive RAs are available for a Cabalist?


          The true diversity in RA specs will probably come from this group of RAs.         There are no ‘cookie cutter’ specs available and each Cabalist should make     the choices based on his goals.  Following are some suggestions for the   various passive RAs available to Cabalists.


          4.2.1   Long Wind – Increases the duration one can sprint before running out            of endurance.  This is a very useful RA for kiting in both PvE and RvR.                        Spending one point for Long Wind I is a good choice for any template.                  There is not much reason to go above Long Wind I.


          4.2.2   Physical Defense – Reduced Archery and Melee damage, scaling up                        by level.  This is purely a play style choice.  For those who solo a lot or              who have a high Body spec (including the attack speed debuff so they                        can slow melee attacks down) this may be a good choice.  The basic                          problem is that when a caster is being meleed, they are interrupted                          and cannot cast anyway, so what good is surviving a few extra hits?                       Not an undesirable RA by any stretch, but perhaps best for those with                            a specific niche role in mind.


          4.2.3   Serenity – Increases Power Regeneration rate.

                   For a class that can pet recycle, power regeneration may not be a                          huge issue.  An extra point available may be well spent here, but                           higher levels of Serenity are probably best only for power                                leveling/farming Cabalists.


          4.2.4 Toughness – Increases Hit Points.

                   Up to 400 Hit points can be added with Level V if this RA.  That is                           about the damage a single large melee weapon or dual wielder will do                            to a caster in 2 rounds of combat or less.  The weaknesses of a                                    Cabalist’s defenses probably negate any benefit from buying this RA.


          4.2.5   Ethereal Bond – Increases power pool.

                   Level 2 of this ability adds 75 power to the Caster’s power pool.  That                      is enough power for 2-3 extra Lifetaps, depending on Focus efficiency.               With the availability of ToA power pool % bonus items; this RA may                              not give enough return on investment to be worthwhile.


          4.2.6   Lifter – Increases carrying capacity.

                   This RA is useless for any caster.


          4.2.7   Veil Recovery – Reduces the duration of rez sickness.

                   Getting back up and into the battle quickly is definitely nice, if one has                     the RPs to spend.  However it is probably not worth giving up access                            to more useful RAs just to lose Rez Sickness a little earlier.


          4.2.8   Wild Power – Increases the chance for damage spells to deal a                              critical hit.  This is a very valuable RA for helping Cabalist Lifetaps and                            DoTs be more effective.  Level 2 of this RA should be on most                                       Cabalist’s list, with level 3 or 4 not at all an unreasonable for very high             RR Cabalists.


          4.2.9   Wild Minion – Increases the chance for pet’s to deal critical damage.

                   Probably not a worthwhile investment for a nuke or DoT focused                              Cabbie.  But for someone who wants to theme their RAs around their                          pets, this is a good choice.  Going one or the other (pet or spell                              damage) seems advisable, as trying to split the difference will only                       weaken the Cabalist in both areas.


          4.2.10 Mastery of Pain – Increases the chance for a player to deal a critical                      melee hit.  This is useless for a caster.


          4.2.11 Mastery of Magery – Increases Magical Damage.

                   A must have RA for any Cabalist line.  This RA directly increases the                         caster’s ability to do damage.  Most Cabalists should have level                                 2 of this in their template design at the minimum.  For Nuke and DoT                              focused players, level 3 and even 4 or 5 at high enough RR are very                      reasonable goals.  For those who want to purchase Mastery of                               Concentration, this is the only way to offset the damage loss when                         that RA is active.


          4.2.12 Mastery of Focus – Increases the level of spells for resistance                               purposes.  This is an important RA for any split spec Cabalists.  This                              RA enables the use of lower level spells by removing the resistance                       penalty.  It is well worth 4 points spent to purchase level 2 of this RA                          to get a 9 level increase on all those level 30ish spells that split spec                        Cabalists use.


4.3     What Active RA’s are Available to the Cabalist?


These are the ‘icing’ on the cake for the most part.  After the extended character development role of the passives/augmented ability RAs, the Realm Points spent on actives will really determine what niche the Cabalist wants to fill.  These RAs are typically expensive (5, 10, 15 RPs for levels 1,2, and 3) and dramatic.  Even High Realm Rank Cabalists will probably only be able to afford a few select actives.


4.3.1   First Aid – Out of Combat insta-heal, the percentage healed is based on how many levels are purchased.  This RA is not really needed for a Cabalist simply because the Lifetap that every Cabalists gets is very good for healing in or out of combat.


4.3.2   Whirling Dervish – Doubles Base Melee Damage for 20 seconds.  It is hard to imagine how this would be useful for a casting class that suffers tremendous damage in melee combat and already has a pet to deal melee for him.


4.3.3   Second Wind – Grants a 100% Endurance recovery, the reuse timer is lowered as higher levels are purchased.  Endurance is a key issue for caster survivability, but in all honesty endurance potions and regeneration are easy to come by.  One could possibly justify spending 5 points for level 1 to use as an emergency, but beyond that would be a waste.  Even points spent in level 1 would probably be better used elsewhere given the accessibility to other end options.


4.3.4   Concentration – Allows for a second Quick Cast spell without waiting the usual 30 seconds.  Reuse timer is 15 minutes, 3 minutes, 30 seconds for level 1-3.  There are plenty of times when a caster wishes he had quickcast available again before 30 seconds are up.  A level of this might be something a Cabalist would like to have, especially at higher RRs when the staples have been selected.  This is definitely an interesting choice, and not without merits, but maybe too much of an investment for someone with precious few RPs to spend.


4.3.5   The Empty Mind – 45 second boost to all Magic Resistance, 10% per level purchased.   This is one of those RAs available to all classes but better served on melees.  The low levels aren’t enough to really save the caster’s life and the high levels are just too expensive for the 30% reduction, especially in Bin B resists (meaning it is added after other resists have already been calculated, reducing its overall effect).


4.3.6   Mystic Crystal Lore – Out of Combat Power heal, varying by level

(25, 60, 100%), and useable every 3 minutes.  Most Cabalists would prefer the old 30% every 5 minutes for 3 RP version, but one really can’t go wrong with some form of power heal for a tight spot.  Level one is not a requirement, but will be a nice boost after buffing pets or engaging in a brief fight.  PvE oriented Cabalists might take it higher than level 1, but the RvR types will rather spend points elsewhere.


4.3.7   Raging Power – 25%, 50%, or 80% in combat power heal useable once every 10 minutes.  Level one is possibly a better investment than MCL for a power hungry Spirit Cabalist using his Lifetap.  Power boosts are always good, if the Cabalist tends to have power issues mid fight, then consider buying a level of this RA. Power potions, power regen, and insta power heals from artifacts might be a preferred route to save the RPs for some Cabalists.


4.3.8   Purge – Dispels all negative effects.  This RA is uniquely designed.  Although it follows the 5-10-15 RP scale, its level one version only fires after a 5 second delay.  This means that all mezzes, roots, debuffs will stay in effect for 5 more seconds after hitting Purge.  This is especially bad in the case of stun, which are deadly for casters even in short measure.  This is almost a must have RA for RvR.  Getting level 1 for 5 points is a good investment even if it is ineffective against stuns (that generally last 4-11 seconds at most).  Level II is on the same 15-minute reuse timer as level one but has no delay.  Level III has a 5-minute reuse timer and no delay.   Certainly 30 points for the 5 minute version is going to be too much for most casters to spend, but 15 points for the Level II version is something that a PvP oriented Cabalist will want to consider because of its usefulness against stuns.


4.3.9   Excited Frenzy – 60 second increase in pet damage, scaling up by level (25%, 50%, 100%).  This is definitely an RA to consider for Cabalists that want to orient their RAs around their pet.  It may be more useful in PvE than RvR.


4.3.10 Negative Maelstrom – 6 tick AoE DoT that increases by the base amount on each tick. This comes in base 20, 40, and 60 versions.  The level 3 base 60 version will go 60-120-180-240-300-360 before resists.  This spell does potentially cause tremendous damage with a nice radius of 350 and no falloff, but mostly only seems worthwhile at level III, where it costs a prohibitive 30 Realm Points.  This is probably best left for Cabalists that want to perform a highly specialized function in RvR, especially in sieges.


4.3.11 Bedazzling Aura – 10%, 20%, 40% reduction to all magic damage for the Cabalist’s group for 30 seconds.  This is the group support version of The Empty Mind.  Not recommended as a casual RA, but could be used for a Support Cabalist with a specialized group role.

4.3.12 Juggernaut – Increases the effective level of the pet for 60 seconds, capped at level 70.  The pet level increases from level 1-3 by: 10, 20 and 30 levels.  This is a fun RA for a pet themed Cabalist build.  Although it does not directly increase the pet’s damage, the pet will get all of the to-hit and damage bonus modifiers for its new level.  For PvE Cabbies, this is great potential for the pet against high level encounters.  In RvR, coupled with other pet RAs, it could make Simulacrums exceptionally nasty.  This is a good RA, but one for a Cabbie with a particular role in mind.


4.4     What is the Cabalist’s Unique Realm Rank 5 Ability?


Resolute Minion is the name of the Cabalist unique RA.  It is granted at RR5 to all Cabalists.  The RA is an insta cast 60% immunity to all Mezzes, Snares, Stuns, and Roots for the Cabalist’s pet.  This ability can be quite potent in combination with pet RAs, but even on an unbuffed Simulacrum allows the pet to take on harassment/interrupting duties on enemy casters and support.



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