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What is a Cabalist?

Cabalists are a sub set of Albion’s Mage classes (those dealing with mental, spirit, and essence magic as opposed to the manipulation of the 4 elements by the Elementalist classes).  Cabalists belong to Albion’s secretive Guild of Shadows, since The Academy and The Defenders of Albion shun their occult practices.


The Cabalist is Albion’s master of Spirit Magic.  Cabalists manipulate Life essences by draining and transferring health, they summon Simulacra to fight their enemies, they debilitate their opponents with spells that weaken, blind and disease, and they cast corrosive spells that cause damage over time. 

The Cabalist of Dark Age of Camelot most likely has its inspiration in the ancient Jewish Mysticism Kaballah, and the parable of a Rabbi that created a Golem from the mud of a riverbed to protect his village.  The Golem later ran amok on the hapless town – the danger of invading the Creator’s domain by mere mortals.  Of course, in DAoC, most Cabalist players are only too happy to see their Simulacra run amok wreaking havoc among their enemies!


Mythic Entertainment classifies Cabalists as a Pet Caster.


Who should play a Cabalist in DAoC?


A Cabalist suffers from all of the usual problems that any caster who can wear only cloth armor faces, namely having low health and poor defense.  One must go into a caster class with that in mind.  It can be very frustrating for inexperienced casters in both Player vs. Monster (referred to as PvE) and Player vs. Player (referred to as Realm vs. Realm or RvR) combat. 


Cabalists lack the ‘glass cannon’ raw spell power of the Wizard, and the group utility/damage mix of Sorcerers and Theurgists.  Cabalists affect combat in many subtle (and a few not so subtle) ways.  For instance, the Cabalist class can cast Area of Effect (AoE) Disease, Snare, and Damage over Time (DoT) spells to harass and weaken their foes.  They also possess the ability to blind opponents and reduce the range at which they can cast damage or heal spells or use missile attacks.  Cabalists are somewhat Machiavellian in that they use these subtle methods to produce devastating effects on their unsuspecting enemies.  For those that choose raw damage, that option is there in the form of reducing enemy resistance to the Cabalist’s damage, called ‘debuff nuking’ or by utilizing AoE DoTs to affect many people in one cast.  They may also play life master by stealing health from their enemies or transferring it to their allies.  And they always have the summoned pet – the Simulacrum, to harass enemy players.


The Cabalist is a good choice for independent players who like to improvise and adjust their strategies as the situation changes.  They have a fairly high learning curve, but can have truly impressive effectiveness at higher levels.  In one fight they may need to use Diseases to reduce their opponent’s healing, in another they may choose to play a primary damage role.  They can be masters of disruption with snares, diseases, roots, and blind spells.  They can focus on their pets and hamper enemy support.  It all depends on the situation.


First time players may have a hard time being successful with a Cabalist.  But for those who like a challenge with potential huge payoffs at higher Realm Ranks and a character that is versatile and can improvise when needed, this is the class for them.


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