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release Note : Mythic increased the abilities of the Pygmy Goblins and as such the Tangler Trick has become allot more difficult. It is not impossible but I would definitely recommend bring an aoe nuking friend along such as a Fire Wizard just to eb on the safe side :)

By the time you reach level 46 youíll likely be sick to death of Pygmy Goblins / Tanglers however let me assure you that youíll soon learn to love them all over again.

Why's that ?

Well a full speccced level 46 Matter Cabalist (i.e. level 46 in Matter) can actually solo the Pygmy Goblin Tangler camps. Itís risky, takes allot of time to learn and is not without its problems however the insane group bonus you can get means itís phenomenal Exp.

Just how phenomenal ?

Well each Tangler pull sees your Exp bar jump up by .15 - .2 of a bub. Once youíre fully practiced youíll be able to gain half a level in under 3.5 hours (problems aside). This rate of leveling is constant from level 46 right through to level 50!

I remember reading several posts on the American forums from other Cabalists saying that levels 46-50 were a breeze for a Matter Cabalist and thinking they must have been having a laugh. After my first day of trying and spending 150 gold on constitution points I was starting to think that they were indeed joking. I spent a second day trying again and at last, after 2 days and a total of 250 gold spent on constitution points I finally managed to solo a tangler pull. They werenít having a laugh at all and whilst I wouldnít exactly call it a breeze (hard work and damn stressful morelike) itís certainly the fastest Exp Iíve seen.

Just as a little taster click here to see the Exp I gained from one of my first successful pulls at level 46.

How does it work ?

Hereís how I did it :

1. Summon Amber Sim and set him to Passive
2. Target a Pygmy Goblin / Tangler and move within pet range
3. Command Sim to Go To Target
4. When Sim gets close to target the Pygmy Goblins will swarm round him and bunch up real close, at this point cast your level 46 Perforate Spirit (AOE DOT)
5. Immediately cast another AOE DOT
6. Turn and sprint for about 3 ticks
7. Face the target then Quickcast AOE DOT once more
8. Turn and sprint
9. Resists aside this should take most, if not all, of them down. Take out any stragglers with your lifetap.

Ok, this is a VERY simplistic summary of how it works, there are many other points to take into consideration.

Ok, I can grasp the process but can this be done anywhere there are Tanglers ?

Map of ideal Tangler spot

Yes it can however I believe that the right location is the key, you need a good amount of space to run away to thatís free of agro. Iíve tried this in several locations and only found one which worked and that was at the rear of the Aquaduct (see map). This side is never camped, has a nice run off space and gives you access to a nice group of about 7 Pygmy Goblins along with 1 Tangler.

At this spot there is 1 scout who patrols in front of the aquaduct, before each pull you must take care of him on his own first, be careful as he often has an add so be ready to root add and deal accordingly. Also make sure you kill the scout + add away from the main group so their cries for help donít attract the attention of the others.

After taking care of the scout itís important to get the right angle of approach to the aqauduct (see map). If you approach at right angles or to far to the left the Pygmy Goblins behave rather oddly and instead of running right at you will run left along the length or the aquaduct THEN towards you. This seriously messes up the timing so to avoid this make sure you approach on an angle from the right, aiming to get your pet to go to the Tangler standing in front of the middle pillar.

Once your Sim has been sent in on passive and youíve cast 2 AOE DOTs you need to know when to turn back to cast the last one. Thereís a handy visual marker at this spot in the shape of one of the large Telemon stones (see map). When this starts to disappear off the side of your screen you should face and cast your last AOE DOT, turning to sprint again.

If all goes according to plan youíll get a nice chunk of Exp and there'll be a line of loot bags strung out behind you. If all doesnít go according to plan youíll likely be dead.

This spot is ideal and, in my opinion, is the only place you should use this tactic.

What's wrong with using this tactic at the Tree or the Island ?

Should you try at the Tangler Tree or the Island you have to consider how your tactics will affect other groups that are there. Should some of your pull escape back to their spawn another group might be unlucky enough to pull some of your wounded, making them impossible to mez and increasing the chances of the other people getting killed. This situation is likely improved due to the new mob healing code in patch 1.50 however Iíd rather be safe than responsible for other people dying.

What if someone else is already pulling from the Aquaduct ?

You move on and leave them to it. Under no circumstances should you even think of trying to pull, they were there first so leave them in peace.

So if I get there first I'm ok yes ?

Not by a long shot I'm afraid. The biggest problem with pulling from the rear of the aquaduct is other people arriving and pulling from the more usual side. Talking to other people and explaining to them that you are pulling from the other side before they arrived goes one of two ways :-

ē They apologise and move on, I tell them Iíll shout when I leave. It was great when this happened and reminded me why I liked the game so much, some genuinely nice people playing and a real sense of fariness.

ē They tell you where to go and keep pulling regardless. Thereís absolutely nothing you can do about this - to get your Sim to the main group of Goblins you need to clear a scout and in this time the other group has pulled and you miss the group on every occasion. You canít hope to compete and are basically forced to stop. Itís particularly frustrating when you experience this attitude from a fellow guild member but if it happens to you just grin and bare it, what goes around comes around :)

So I can get to level 50 overnight now surely ?

No, the key is to not be greedy (donít expect to stay there all day and night) and to think about only using this tactic at times when the server population is low. Sure it wonít stop groups telling you to leave but it will reduce the chance of you meeting a group drastically, although of course Real Life ô will prevent playing at odd hours for most people, even Matter Cabalists :P

AKEN FORM http://cabalist.jace.info/recycling.shtm

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