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So I did what you said, specced to level 3 in the Spirit line, mind telling my why ?

I mentioned earlier that youíll be seeing allot of Amber Sim throughout the game. This is because of a very handy little skill you can get by speccing to level 3 in Spirit, called Convert Spirit.

Convert Spirit - allows you to reclaim power from your Sims, basically killing them and getting back power form their remaining hitpoints. The amount of power you can get back from a Sim using Convert Spirit usually outweighs the power used to cast the Sim in the first place.

This ability can enable you to recharge your power much faster than other casters and when used at the right times can reduce your downtime in groups to virtually zero.

Allot of low level Cabalists note that it doesnít seem to help much and whilst it certainly helps more as you level up itís still handy. Make sure you always recycle Amber Sim as he has the most hitpoints so will give you the highest power return. Also ensure that your staff has some focus in Spirit, if you try this using a staff without any Spirit focus at all youíll likely see very little benefit.

At level 50 I can completely recharge my power by casting then converting 5-6 Amber sims. I'm ready for action whilst other casters are still on half power.


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