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After seeing  artifacts getting farmed by necromancers, what tactics were needed to do them I decided to make a table to show what servant spec necros can do and how to do it. 

 Most of this table is focused on the Death Servant spec (at least 44 spec in servant for the highest damage shield, my spec is 47 servant 26 sight 5 pain)

This list assumes a few things:

  • You are familiar with the artefact encounter itself, refer to the Vision of Sages website for general information

  • You are familiar with the class and its general tactics

  • You have a cleric bot with 50 enhance 20 rejuvenation with 25% bonus to buffs and the realm ability Divine Intervention

The tactics on this list were either entered by me from my own experiences, taking from VN posts, or submitted to me via email by other players.  If you want to send me your tactics for an encounter email me at   Please include spec requirements, special abilities, special tactics and anything else you think may be relevant to the encounter.  I will note credit in the tactics blocks when tactics are given by other players.

A blank box does not necessarily mean that the encounter can not be done, just that I don't have tactics for it yet.  I hope to do another list soon that covers ML encounters and other general encounters.



Hints and tactics for servant spec

Can necros use it in shade form?
Alvarus' Leggings Don't need to talk to Casyndra first, just kill thieving octopus by Cetus' lair. Thieving octopus is a low purple that goes down quite easily to standard servant tactics. He drops a necklace that you turn to Casyndra - see VOS for loc. You'll either get the artifact or some junk loot. Note that you'll need neutral faction with either Skyros, Melos, or Naxos. Casyndra's faction rotates between those three. - Cadme (VN) Level 5 Water Breathing - Yes

Level 10 Illusion - transforms shade into a shark not the pet, only 100% land speed instead of 200% like delve

Arms of the Winds Clear the dust devils, set up on the beach on the west edge of the island. Drag raging tornado to your camp with debuff or whatever, then it's standard takedown. May need DI to establish aggro, and FOP and/or power pots - requires a fair amount of healing - Cadme (VN)

(note drop fop put DI up  remove dex buffs from cleric and use the force of the penny your BB will stay between 90% and 100% power and your pet about the same health make life that bit easier /by zeusbuffs)

You can get away without powerfonts or potions I am all ways high on power when I finish this encounter even when I only had DI1.

Set up Bot on Western side of island with DI activated as much before the encounter as you can. If you can activate then wait for it to come up again it is even easier. If you have anything above DI1 then you will be extra fine. Walk right up to RT and when you are just outside melee range throw up HoT, and DS then attack the RT, ignoring all other tornados. Walk backwards to your camp reapplying HoT and DS as needed. Once you are near the western shore you will not get any trouble from an present tornados. Use the 20 power spec heal to heal your abom and have your bot sit between heals. Conserve mana on your necro but don't be afraid to use HoT. - Baloria (VN)

Aten's Shield  Tactics will vary because of the random spawn of mobs but should be doable for a servant necro. Use AE debuff from the Painworking line to pull groups of mobs to your pet.  
Atlantis Tablet    
Band of Stars Standard servant tactics Level 4 Bolt - no

Level 10 Illusion - no

Bane of Battler

With Battler, the easiest way is to suicide into him with a lame class so that he grows a bit. At bigger sizes, he doesn't shift aggro. (Just don't sacrifice a cleric in to him!)

Method A: There is a method to BAF him on the pet.  Have the Necro in the middle of the area, wait until battler goes near another taur then pull that taur. Run out of his tether and kill it leaving the necro in the middle.  Battler should run to necro instead of anyone else. 

Method B: a Minstrel, Bot, and another Cleric.

        Wait till he is close to other taurs (SW corner of his roaming),

        Move up just within aggro range and let him get aggro (no casting), and pop a range spell on another taur.

        So long as you have enough heals and can handle the adds, heís a piece of cake at this point. We actually did this when he was quite large... about 2 times aboms size, and had to heal a lot, but he stuck on the abom throughout.


NOTE: Usually a good idea to practice it with 1-2 other friends, 1 for extra heals and a 2nd for other aggro. This should be easier the smaller he is. - CaptinShiner1 (VN)
Drakeborn (VN)


Well, I was trying to kill Battler the other day at his maximum level with 1 FG+ watching... and he would continue to shift aggro. Usually it was only on the clerics, but when I noticed he went after an armsmen that was doing nothing... I realized that its not just related to spells that hell go after someone.

Anyways, I made mental notes of every time he went after someone, and I came to one big conclusion.

He responds to movement and a few other things ill get to, but movements the big one.

Ok, for the arsmen, I asked him what EXACTLY he had done, he said he had 'slightly' moved, and he was about heal range.

Another time he went after a cleric that was sitting, far from heal range.

Tested the stuff out a bit more, and finally tried my plan. Worked perfectly.

Basically, I had all of them within the 1500-2000 range of pet, I aggroed battler, but did not move myself. I told them very clearly, Do not SIT, do not BUDGE, do not CAST (except for healers), and proceeded to start on him when he was within range.

He stuck on me the entire time and did not shift. (BTW, he moved when he was a max with tons of chars in him, so saying at higher levels hes less aggro prone is BS)

Anyway, tried this again last night... and he was 4 times the size of my servant (15+ graves and pages of death spams from earlier), with me, bot, spair cleric, and a minstrel. Made sure they did not move, and first attempted ran smoothly to start, but at around 78% the cleric had to heal massively. Only got aggro for 1-2 spells, and continued on necro, but unfortunately it went bad and my servant died.

Tried it a few more times without DI, had to heal and he got aggro. So, we waited around for DI to be up twice, went in, and he dropped like candy.

So, best way for necro to take him on:

Everyone stay still including necro, have DI up at start and preferably another charge of DI shortly after first ones out. Good to have FoP especially if hes large, either that or MCL charges on cleric or power regen charges and pots. Higher levels with mixed characters, id suggest 2 clerics to try to keep aggro down. Small heals only, and cast HoT often for first 30% at least.  - Galac_Usul
Belt of the Moon Pull all lights to a safe distance from the statues with any ranged spell, kill how you wish. Watch for adds on other group members. Helpful to put up HOT if you need to get near the statues to pull lights. DI helpful but not necessary.

The archers don't damage the pet much if he is fully buffed, pulling a bunch of lights from the middle of the island makes it easier to gather them up.  Watch aggro on your group, probably better to pull them solo if you use this method, re-invite members before you pick up the belt. - paraphrased from Baloria

Level 4 Resistance enhancement- does not effect pet

Level 10 create item - Yes

Belt of the Sun Pull all lights to a safe distance from the statues with any ranged spell, kill how you wish. Watch for adds on other group members. Helpful to put up HOT if you need to get near the statues to pull lights. DI helpful but not necessary.

The archers don't damage the pet much if he is fully buffed, pulling a bunch of lights from the middle of the island makes it easier to gather them up.  Watch aggro on your group, probably better to pull them solo if you use this method, re-invite members before you pick up the belt. - paraphrased from Baloria

Bracer of Zo'arkat/Silver Horn   Level 5 Summon Elemental - Yes

Level 10 Bedazzled - yes

Braggart's Bow   Run a couple times to Karise and back off till no more markers are sent. After no more markers sent, cast DI, sent pet to Karise, get cleric as far as possible within heal range. DS/HOT and small heals. Power font will help a lot. If needed to use MCL on necro, move away from melee range, to arrow range (Karise hit for 200ish with arrow; 400ish in melee), wait for DS to drop, pet on passive, cast MCL and return to the beating; boring encounter. - ZECA-UOL


  • Send pet in on Karise, heal pet w/ cleric.
  • If you are a servant necro, try getting a sight necro to ABS buff you, helps a lot.

Karise has 2 types of damage, arrow and melee
Her melee is 2-3x the strength of her arrow damage, both of them get hurt by damage shield so if you have a Cleric you can pull out to arrow range and go back in when you get power.

Setup 1: 10 mins

        Servant necro

        40 enhance 36 rej cleric

        50 instruments Minst

        Scout- extra damage on Karise is great and speeds up encounter a lot. (this dont work now she just block and dodges the arrows)

Setup 2: 30 mins


        Cleric with power regen of some sort or MCL2.


1)      Set cleric up far away and then set up pet to get the aggro.  Move back throw up DS.

2)      Hit DI

3)      When Karise drops to 96% so the pet gets aggro let the aggro build up a bit and slowly move in towards her. Itís pretty safe to start using small heals and to start shooting them with archer.

4)      Make sure you start back and work in.  Use DI and Karise hits hard so you will need a FoP.  As you get closer your DS is doing less damage.   Karise is firing faster at your pet because she waits till her arrow hits before firing again.

NOTE:  A minstrel with ablative is very helpful vs.. her arrows.  With a second cleric or minstrel this becomes stupid easy. - Yddnac Ė VN
Sniperrusx - VN
Baloria - VN

   Final tactics 60 mins to complete

approach from the south as you head north you will see a small ridge fop there buff pet etc use DI leave bb here move forward till you at max heal range on your cleric DS and HOT on and pet passive. then  debuff  Karise she will start to shot you and thats it just keep DS running when when karise hit 90% use penny and remove dex from cleric sit back relax .

only other thing to note is when doing a another fop use di to keep pet healed  .

Ceremonial Bracer

Dreadnaught tactics: Additional healer needed or perhaps just bot with FoP. My tactics are for without FoP. Use DI2 at least on one healer, once DI is down have other healer pop theirs. At this point you should have damaged the mob enough to not get aggro on the healers. Alternate healing between the healer while power regens. NOTE: a triton shaman spawns in the area, he may need to be killed first but can be killed easily with DS and some healing.

Level 5 Memorization Feedback - No

Level 10 Stun Feedback - No


Statues: They are always in groups of two, just send the pet in with the DS up and aggro both statues. Light healing when needed from the bot. NOTE: I did have a few times where a statue would hit my pet for 500+, no clue what triggered it just be mindful of your pet's health.


Eramai: One of the easier encounters for a servant necro. Use DI with your bot, wait til Eramai is away from the other centaurs since he will call for help. Damage shield and HoT when needed, fill in heals with the bot.

Crocodile's Tears Ring

This one can get tricky because of the adds in the area. Best bet is to watch Cyrene's path and pull her away from the masses of crocs and not near an island. Use FP PBAoE to take out her posse, DS, HoT, heal when needed, DI helpful but not required.

Crocodile's Tooth Dagger Land seems better for this encounter, less minion aggro and no LOS issues with the water.

Standard servant encounter, ABS buff from a sight necro a plus here.  Keep other players at range to minimize minion aggro.  Use DI, heal when needed. - Mazrakaimden

Crown of Zahur   Level 5 Powershield - does not effect the pet

Level 10 Arcane Leadership - yes

Cyclops Eye Shield  Clear all non aggro cyclops below his platform. Move up and straight melee Kertom with DS/HOT and small heals. Kertom doesnít move at all, so no aggro for cleric. - ZECA-UOL

NOTE:  Its may not be necessary to clear aggro from the bottom of the ramp, I've done it without killing them.

Dream Sphere this all depends on the pop dao is this easiest  they hover above the tents simple send pet to it the pet on passive to pull the dao  away from the burning mau's  repeat till all dao are dead speak to npc and your done

(pop time aprroxomately 8hours 10 mins)

Level 6 Illusion - shade will shapechange into a panther, pet does not get shapechange or bonus abilities

Level 10 Illusion - ditto

Eerie Darkness Lighting Stone Rougart barely scratches bommie. Set up cleric outside cave, pull Rougart to entrance so you have LOS to bommie while fighting. Don't even bother with dmg shield, the cave absorbs that magic too. Just heal as needed and wait out the beatdown. - Cadme (VN) Level 5 Light Stone - can create the stone but it does not effect the pet

Level 10 Darkness Stone - yes

Egg of Youth FoP is a good thing to have here.  It is advisable to have at least a third person along with you to ram the pillars.  Standard servant tactics on the mob while the other members of the group knock down the pillars.  If your cleric is running the rams DI2 or DI3 is needed for healing. - Baloria  
Eirene's Hauberk Basically same as Ceremonial Bracers, except Linos goes down just a bit faster - Cadme (VN)  
Enyalio's Boots     
Erinys Charm    
Eternal Plant    
Flamedancer's Boots    
A Flask    
Fool's Bow 

Easy encounter but potentially frustrating because of the number of argos you may need to kill. Bow is on a random argo, usually down near the bottom of the pit, kill them until you get the bow. They have a fast repop timer so try to move around a bit, if you are constantly killing in the same spot you are just killing the repops and the one with the bow will just be swimming around laughing at you. Most of the "secrets" listed on VOS are bogus, don't bother listening to them. Argos are 49/50 so no special killing tactics needed.

Foppish Sleeves   Level 5 Resist Debuff - yes

Level 10 Stat Debuff - unknown, possible reactive proc?

Gem of Lost Memories

Another easy encounter, the only trouble is Night Terror's random spawn rate. Stick pet on NT, kill using standard tactics. NT mezzes quite a bit so just have the healer for backup.

Goddess' Necklace      
Golden Scarab Vest   farm wings with Gobbo tactics  
Golden Spear     
Guard of Valor NOTE:  This strategy may not work after patch 1.72
  • From Danos' night spawn point, set up bots on the north hill about half way up (Danos' tether line). 
  • Ungroup necro and solo pull Danos with a debuff or power tap
  • Run away towards the hill, you will have to re-pull him several times
  • Join the group when you are the hill before you enter into combat for DI, etc.
  • May get a few centaur patrollers along with Danos but they will all aggro the pet so take them down with standard tactics.
  • Finish off Danos - Sean
Level 5 Shield Debuff - no

Level 10 DOT - no

Harpy's Feathers Cloak 

No special tactics here, just kill the harpies at the tops of the towers until you get the cloak. Potentially some LOS issues in the water with the bommie, other than that an easy encounter. Easiest to aggro the harpies and jump off the towers into the water and kill them there, just make sure you hit the water.

Healer's Embrace Cloak

Straightforward encounter, send in the pet and kill all the lions after putting up DI with the bot. Use AE debuff from the Painworking line to pull all the lions to your pet or else they will aggro on your bot. Mesedsubastet is tough, FoP would be a definite help although it can be done without it.

Jacina's Sash

        Bind in Aerus haven

        Use gtaoe or siege fire to pull the mobs out of their maze.   Try the approach from the AG side, towards the back.  After you hit him the first time he might move, but he always comes back.  You can pull him from his lair by kiting mobs.

        Use spells and sprint to pull the mobs back to the haven. (often you will die a dozen times) it takes some practice, and you have to get the mobs set up the right way.

        Once the mobs get close to the haven, the guards will aggro on them.

        Buff up the guard fighting Cyrek... the guard wont be able to flat out win against Cyrek, but you can heal to keep him up.

  • At around 50% hp go place the pet on cyrek and let the pet and the guard beat him down to about 10%

        Once Cyrek is 5%, drop all the buffs on the guard. Cyrek will kill the guard and move very slowly towards whoever has aggro then.

        Use a focus damage shield pet (matter cabalist for alb, Servant Necro) and send in the pet. Cyrek, being near death, will barely be able to move and will be force to kill himself on the pet.

        Then, after you farm him over and over and get loot you really shouldn't be able to, come to the VN and cry that the loot is not what you wanted.

-          Lynyl


Note: If you manage to get him out just kill him with a small group. Any focus puller can kill him with a couple healers. - Sebek_Ra (VN)

Kalare's Necklace 

Necros can not do this encounter alone since we can not pick up the necklace in shade form. I killed the statue needed to get the neck to drop, picked up the neck with my bot and protected her on the way to the beach to finish the encounter.

amended keep trying to pick up the neckless while slowly moving towards the shore the bag/necklace will move to your postion and you will get the following messages

you pickup the stone necklace

<name> 's death like hands are unable to hold the stone necklace repeat this till the necklace is at the each of the shore then ether drop pet and pick up necklace move to shore (ie 1 on 2 steps ) or get bb to do it

suggested by Tehmeh (excal)

tested by mortuary(excal)


Maddening Scalars/Mad Tales

Standard servant necro tactics here, DI, DS, HoT, heal when needed. Try to place your bot as far from the snake as possible when you heal, the snake will nuke your bot. Don't forget to pick up the gloves from the ground when the ghost gives them to you!

Level 5 Shield/Damage return - Does not transfer to the pet

Level 10 Wolf Morph - Morphs shade not pet, offensive proc does not transfer

Malice's Axe I was actually damaging Malice before either chest was gone. Just start off getting him to 70% or so and then just run back and forth. Suggestion... get 1-2 people to help you with this otherwise you'll be there for a year because often you'll have to stop and heal. - Galac_Usul  
Mariasha's Sharkskin

Necros can not pick up the strongbox but we can help someone else get the artifact (preferably one with stealth). Spam click the strongbox to have the snare cast on you constantly, have the stealther pick up the box and stealth ASAP. The sharks won't follow the stealther, just swim towards the island and you are done.

Nailah's Robes Same tactics as Healer's Embrace, FoP/MCL a definite plus here. - Other Side Level 5 Realm Lore - yes

Level 10 DoT reactive - no

Night's Shroud Bracelet    
Oglidarsh's Belt Just kill the orange con leopard sharks; the one you want is the one that attacks other sharks in the area. No special tactics, both sight and servant necro - ZECA-UOL  
Orion's Belt

Standard and simple encounter, just kill Peridas with whatever tactics suit you.

Level 5 Bonus Exp - Yes

Level 10 Bonus RPs - Yes

Phoebus' Harp  need good CC here  
Ring of Dances

Good chance you will pick up some invisible harpy aggro here but the pet can tear through them with the PBAoE and DS easily enough. I found that if you come at the island from the east side near where the Arms of the Winds artifact is then go straight south to the nearest trees you will not draw many harpies. Dig til the harpy pops, kill it using standard servant tactics.

Level 5 Stealth Lore - yes

Level 10 Realm Lore - yes

Ring of Fire After being teleported, 3 waves of red con mobs will come. AOE con debuff to get aggro to the pet. Cast DS/HOT. FP/PBOE 2X (3X if possible). Use small heals; donít use group heals (looks like mobs start healing if you use group heals); rinse and repeat. Mobs are red but are not much problem for servant necro. - ZECA-UOL  
Ring of Unyielding Will    
Scepter of the Meritorious 

Seems hard at first (a real test of endurance) until you figure out that the summoned mobs have a normal aggro radius. Once you realize that any class with a ranged attack + bot can solo it...just takes a while.

  1. Park bot near edge of circle. You can start fighting in center since first few waves are easy. Then move to edge.
  2. Now only pull what you can handle with your ranged attacks (could use stun pull on cleric, debuff/single target DoT on shaman, root pull on Druid (root one every 20 or 30 seconds so you don't have to wait forever for each)

    Just kill them at the edge of the circle. If you have a pet, don't let them wander into the center...the mobs' aggro radius *is* a bit larger than normal.

    Takes a long time, but you can med if you want...encounter may despawn after a while, not sure, so don't med for too long. FoP for downtime would make it trivial. I usually keep my cleric standing in a heal sphere. Then if she aggros one or two mobs, I don't have to worry too much (highest pop is red, only 1, maybe 2 of these, rest oj or less, cleric in heal font can tank a low-red for over a minute).  -
    Belwilliam (VN)
Scorpion's Tail Ring Pull Terkari ungrouped; Use DS/HOT; invite cleric if needed. Just keep refreshing DS/HOT and FP/PBOE when available. Cleric cast cure poison and small heals. Usually 1 scropion that pops from Terkari goes to cleric. AOE debuff, FP/PBOE to get aggro. - ZECA-UOL

Another strategy that works for Terkari (and helps other classes besides necro's): Debuff pull Terkari and run back to town, one debuff-renewal will be required to get all the way back (they will de-aggro)

Have your bot near town.

With my Cabalist, near town I popped juggy and set him on Terkari at range from town (so guards don't kill Terkari) and then ran the scorp adds thru guards to peel...return to pet and pop FDS (though the pet may be able to solo Terkari w/o FDS with Juggy2).

You could have your cleric smite-peel the scorp adds back to the guards as well. As long as the main can tank Terkari for 30s or so while the cleric+guards peel, there are several duo's that could use this method: any buffed pet: necro, mini, cabby, nice sorc pet or a good defensive tank: arms, pally, probably Reaver. - Belwilliam

Shades of Mist Put pet in passive, cryosphinx will deaggro within 1 or 2 rounds. Heal up pet while sphinxes are de-aggroed. Or if you have a pet minstrel like I do just run power song & HOT and DS them to death 1 at a time. - Cadme (VN)
Shield of Khaos    
Silver Horn/Bracer of Zo'arkat    
Snakecharmer's Weapon    
Snatcher's Tale bracer

Azar has two possible spawn points, one on salamander island and another is in the center between the siam-he villages.  He is disguised as a plebian but is purple con and is worth ML experience.

Siam-he camp:  Similar to Healers Embrace Cloak, he calls for help and brings all siam-hes within a certain radius down on you when he gets low on HP, all being oj/red con, some being archers, so it's a suicide kill, just hope he dies before you do and you can loot before you wipe. It's doable, but would be hard solo. - Blehhh (VN)

It is possible to solo pull Azar, just make sure you pull him far enough away from the camp.  Standard servant necro tactics from here. - Zragra

Salamander island:  Set up on siam-he side of the bridge to Sally Island.  Send in one non-grouped person to range pull Azar and run/sprint/SoS across the bridge.  The sallies should give up, make sure Azar does not.  Pull with the necro when in range, standard servant tactics from there. - Baloria

Level 5 Bonus BPs - Yes

Level 10 Bonus RPs - Yes

Spear of Kings    
Staff of the God   Level 5 Tempest - no

Level 10 Stealth Lore - no

Stone of Atlantis    
Tartaros Gift You have to be solo for this one, anyone that wants credit has to be in a BG. Keep your bot at max healing distance but watch out for aggro siam-hes. Approach the platform, send in the pet when you are close enough and then pull it back off the platform. Pull Akil as far off the platform as possible, I got him about 10-15 feet (estimating) from the platform before he would no longer trigger my pet's DS when he attacked. Akil will call for help which will probably call in some siam-hes from the area, have the group pull the adds and kill them or take them out with your PBAoE (watch the healing when they are called, need to build up aggro first). If you do it right the priests will not summon sallies. Level 5 Replenish Power - no

Level 10 Omnitap - no

Traitor's Dagger Hardest part of this encounter is actually finding Sadri, he is an easy kill once you do that part.  
Traldor's Oracle See VOS for tactics. Level 6 Arcane Siphon - Yes

Level 10 Arch Magery - Yes

Winged Helm VOS hint to drag Hermes to the harpies works fine - Cadme (VN)  
Wings Dive Send pet into temple with DS/HOT. Put cleric outside temple with FOP; heal as needed and be ready for a long tedious fight, as the mob, Keres, likes to lifetap - ZECA-UOL  




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