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1.1 Survivor
  •  More commonly known as fire island.  A friar would be nice to have along for the ride for heat resists and extra healing.  Make sure you have capped heat resists on the necro.  FoP is useful, use DI and power potions if you don't have FoP.


    • Sunkaio - DS, HoT and heal like mad.  Fire nukes will hurt, this may take a few tries to get it right.  Insta DD could help take him down faster, just watch your power.


    • Zopuero - pull the purros with the powertap (or whatever), stun with the cleric bot and PBAoE them down.  Once you kill the purros Zop will drop.  Make sure you pull them far enough away from Aithos.


    • Aithos - Standard servant tactics.

      - Baloria


1.2 - Retrieval
  • This is the thieves trial, follow the strategies shown on VOS .


1.3 - Greater good
  • You'll get a yellow/blue mob here with a ton of green/blue adds, just make sure you use your AE debuff to keep aggro on you.  The mobs can and will mez you so just make sure you have the DS up at all times, use DI to avoid aggro going to the cleric while you are mezzed.


1.4 - Barrier
  • The barrier itself is apparently immune to magic so you'll have to depend on your bommie's sword to take it out.  Once that is down kill Fadrin, use DS and PBAoE to handle any adds you get.


1.5 - Conflict
  • Nothing real complicated about this one, just tear through Krojer's champions using standard tactics.  If necessary you may heal from outside the circle


1.6 - Curses
  • Follow VOS  strategies, easy enough with the belt and ruby.


1.7 - The Monument
  • You need help on this one just because of the nature of the trial, you have to have people on the outside of the ring standing on the pads. 


1.8 - The Ruby
  • Follow VOS  tactics here.  You will need a handful of rubies (probably want to get 4-5 to be safe) before you take on Cetus in 1.10 so farm these as much as you can.


1.9 - The Crown
  • Dig for tokens on the beach then move in towards Desmona.  If you get some of the invisible harpies don't worry, your pet can handle them easily with the DS/PBAoE.  If your cleric gets the aggro just pop off a PBAoE since you can't target the harpies.  Take down Desmona with standard servant tactics.


1.10 - Conquering the Sea
  • Cetus trial.  Give all the rubies you have to your bot, use them when you see the message about Cetus porting back into his healing chamber.  Keep your pet on passive just to make sure he doesn't get extremely lucky and hits Cetus and fires off his reactive DD.  HoT and DS, heal when needed


  • Have DI up and wait for it to refresh.  Move necro in and then park cleric in far left bubble, making sure you are close enough to heal.  Let Cetus beat his massive, ugly head against a wall (your servant) for a while, heal when needed.  If you have other people with you have them wait on the ledge until Cetus is down around 10%, then have the clerics join in the bubble and others to help you kill Cetus. - Baloria


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