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General Strategy

    A lot of the general strategies for creating and levelling a necro can be found here on the Necro VN board so I won't rehash everything here. 

Servant Strategy

I will, however, copy the servant necro guide put together by avalean since this section is  focused on servant necros:

Which is faster to 50 from 40, servant or sight?

  • Sight I would say, ESPECIALLY if you do not have a buff bot. Sight has more options for where to hunt, while servant pretty restricted till you hit 49-50. - Galac_Usul
  • servant with a level 50 enhance bot will level a ton faster than sight, make sure you have a couple mana regen ra's though like mcl, rp, and serenity so you can pull non-stop - Timthe
  • no bot? HELLLLLL NO , for servant spec u need full buffs and the red border heal proc, sight spec is ur only option for unbuffed necro farming imo - Gharikreborn
  •  Final spec target: 47 Servant/ 25 Sight/ 8 Pain
  • Thoughts:
    Servants can kill more XP/h than sight necros
    Kill power comes primarily from PBAoE, Damage Shield, and level of the buff-bot
    Waiting around to regen power is a real time sink
    Need to be able to pull aggro off of bot
  • So:
    Spend first 5 RP on MCL1
    Make sure to have at least 37 Servant at level 40 to get the second best PBAoE
    Get to level 44 damage shield and 47 PBAoE as fast as possible
    Can't spec full servant at level 40, because I'll need some powertap
    Spec at least 2 in Painworking to get Str/con insta-debuff
  • Plan
    40.0 __ 38__ 12__ 2 (initial spec)
    44.0 __ 44__ 12__ 2 (top damage shield)
    45.0 __ 44__ 16__ 2 (better combat lifetap)
    47.0 __ 47__ 16__ 2 (top PBAoE)(Let the big killing begin)
    47.5 __ 47__ 18__ 2 (better powertap)
    49.0 __ 47__ 23__ 2 (better combat lifetap)
    50.0 __ 47__ 25__ 8 (done!)
    - Redh_Armor
  • Even without MCL it's not too bad. You can still regain the same amount of power from mobs with a level 12 powertap, you just can't kill a mob with it because it doesn't do enough damage. Only difference is every 5-7 pulls you need to dmg-shield pull a single so you can FP some powertaps on him to get your power bar back up, and of course for those other 5-7 pulls you're getting 4x the exp a sight spec necro can get - Blehhhh
  • The major points i would add to this that are an absolute must for anyone new that wants to do this respec at 40 thing.

    You MUST have the following.
  • A fully SC'ed suit with max melee resists. With a couple pairs of backup gloves/boots if you have a lvl 51 suit made as they will burn up extremely fast. I would bet it would take at least 6-10 pairs to go from 40-50 if the suit is lvl 51.
  • A Bot.... some will say it can be done with less than 49 but i do not agree. I feel that the bot needs to have Red health Proc. If your bot isn't 50 you not going to have a good time. The other down side of having low bot is if he pulls agro he is dead.
  • I respecced at 50 with a lvl 45 bot and no SC'ed gear. I could not maintain decent pulls for long without something going wrong. The pet just took way to much damage resulting in cleric having the heal mid pull which would end up with cleric being dead fast with multiple high mobs on low cleric.
  • The only exception was when a nice sight necro was killing at the gobs and he threw my pet an abs buff then everything was coo. - Meneldar
  • I respeced at 40 from sight to servant, granted I had a lvl49 enchancecleric with me for topbuffs. breezed through 40 -> 42 at danoian clerks, gaining a bub of exp every 15'th minute or so tho I slacked on pulls. couldnt come even close to that number at lvl39 as deathsight necro. problem is just finding camps big enough if you are servant-spec. 43 -> 47 is probably bit rough unless I missed some camp but 47 -> 49 should be alot faster once you can do those pygmy goblins - walowalo
  • Trust me on this i switched over to servant at 50 but my bot was only 45 i had a horrible time trying to PL my bot. Cost me another 6p to switch back to sight.
  • IMO i wouldn't switch to servant unless you have a lvl 49 bot or better the cleric heal proc is a must IMO.
  • I am not saying you cant level with a lower bot but it is definately slower than sight without being able to pull more than 6-8 mobs at a time. - Meneldar


One of the more commonly asked questions on the boards, how do I buff the pet and shade?

  • Shade - dex, dex/qui, int, str for loot if needed
  • Pet - dex/qui, str/con, base AF, dex, con, str, haste and DA if you have those available

As of patch 1.72 spec AF does nothing for pets of any kind.  Use the highest possible buffs on the pet, there is no cap since they are treated in the game as mobs.  If you cleric has 25% buff bonus from ToA you can use the yellow dex/qui buff on your shade since you will cap that anyway.  All other shade buffs should be red.

What transfers to the pet?

Base stats from the necro do not transfer since the pet has its own base stats.  Buffs do not transfer (int adds to the shade's power pool which the pet draws from).

The following bonuses from items DO transfer:

  • Con, +con cap, hits, +hits cap (summoning suit, see below)
  • Dex, +dex cap (fighting suit, see below)
  • Int, +int cap, +power, + %power all increase the shade's power pool which the pet draws from
  • Resists from items

Other ToA bonuses (these need confirmation testing)

  • + %casting speed - believed to only increase casting speed of the shade cast spells such as the insta DD and lifetap
  • + %range - seems to work for the pet (?)
  • + %spell damage - seems to work for the pet
  • + %spell duration - very little use to us if it does work
  • + %buff effectiveness - seems to work in increasing our self buffs (little use to us if you have a bot)
  • + %stat debuff - seems to work through the pet

Summoning Suit vs. Fighting Suit

Ahhhh, nothing like working the system!  Because of the way bonuses transfer to our pet when we summon it there are a few tricks that you can do to maximize your pet's health.  The way you do that is by adding as much CON and HP as you can at a maximum of +101 con and +400 HP.  When you summon your pet no other item bonuses matter so you don't have to spend a huge amount of time SCing a summoning suit, just put in the time to get the items you need.  Put on all your items to maximize your HP and CON, summon your pet, then put your fighting suit back on.  I keep my summoning suit on the first page of my inventory to make it easy to get to.  Its also a good idea to give yourself a visual reminder of which suit you are wearing, either dye them a different color, have one hood up and one down if you exchange a cloak, etc. 

Some items to give you +con cap and +HP cap:

  • Harpy Talon necklace (Origins of the Harpies side quest)
  • Ashen Cloak
  • Phoenix Tear (quest)
  • Belt of Abolishment
  • Necklace of Cyclopean Stature (ML9)
  • Krojer's Constitution Ring
  • Ring of the Brute (ML9)
  • Moirai's Ring (not sure on exact name)

For your fighting suit you want to maximize the following as much as possible:

  • Int
  • Dex
  • Resists
  • Skills (Deathsight, Servant, Painworking)
  • Other bonuses (spell damage, power, range, debuffs etc.)

Note on item caps:
Stat cap = level * 1.5
Skill cap = level/5 + 1
Hits = level * 4
Power = level/2 + 1

+Stat cap = 26 (supposed to be 25, its actually 26)
+Hits cap = 200
+Power cap = 25
melee haste, archery haste, spell haste, melee damage, style damage, archery damage, spell damage, archery range, and spell range = 10%
Buffing bonus, healing bonus = 25%

Necro Specs

There are a few spec templates for necros, depending on what you are going for;

  • 44 servant, 31 sight, 4 pain - epic mob killer spec
    • Gives highest DS, second highest PBAoE and insta-DD, lowest AF buff from sight and AE debuff in pain
  • 47 servant, 25 sight, 8 pain - mass pull PLer spec
    • Highest DS, PBAoE, insta-DD for mass pulling, third best powertap, AE debuff

Most of the strategies on this site assume either of the specs above.  They both can pretty much do the same thing but are optimal for the type of killing you are doing.  Some additional specs:

  • 39 sight, 37 servant, 4 pain - most flexible spec
    • jack of all trades spec, second best spells of servant and sight lines (other than insta-DD)
  • 48 sight, 24 servant, 6 pain - chain puller, decent RvR spec
    • Probably the best spec for those without a bot, allows you to chain pull using the powertap and insta lifetap, good ranged damage for RvR
  • 50 sight, 20 pain, 4 pain - best RvR spec (in my opinion), chain puller
    • Full sight gives you the same ranged damage but also gives you the best AF debuff for helping out your teammates.  AE pain spells (debuff, PBAoE DOT, snare) are good annoyance factor spells, servant (especially low spec servant) not that useful in RvR.

There are of course tons of variations, but these are the more common templates.  Pain is generally considered to be an inferior spec, although it can be good in a support role in RvR because of the AE spells.

Bot Specs

The goal for any of these specs to get as much bonus to healing and buffing as possible, you can get 22% bonus to each just from the easy Oceanus armor quests.

  • 50 enhance, 20 rejuv, 4 smite - best buffs available, decent healing
    • Getting your bot 25% bonus to healing helps out a ton here, my bot heals for around 400
    • No cap on pet buffs makes this viable, your pet is better with every buff
    • Best bot spec for RvR (if you park your cleric somewhere) and mass pull PLing
  • 42 enhance, 33 rejuve, 7 smite - better healing for epic mob encounters
    • You lose out on the best heal proc and buffs here but gain quite a bit in healing ability.
    • Still includes highest int buff for your shade, dex buffs will be capped on the shade anyway
    • More concentration to spread around a group if you aren't always casting the highest buffs on yourself
    • Requires active cleric play along with the necr

Realm Abilities

Necros unfortunately do not benefit from many of the same RAs as everyone else, but there are some that can be quite beneficial to us in leveling and in RvR. 

  • While leveling
    • Depending on your spec, Mastery of Magery, Wild Power, and Mastery of Focus will be the most help here.  If you are running a split spec MoF is a must, MoM and WP can be added depending on your preference as there is no clear cut benefit to one or the other.  Mystic Crystal Lore and serenity are good for servant necros.
  • At 50, PvE
    • Along with the above RAs, Toughness is a great RA for adding HPs to your pet.  Augmented Acuity is of some use in increasing your intelligence thus increasing your power pool and damage.
  • RvR
    • All the aforementioned RAs are also helpful in RvR.  Ichor of the Deep is generally considered to be a better RA than Negative Maelstrom, especially higher levels of Ichor.  Mastery of Concentration seems to not work well for necros at this time, its best not to rely on it.

Bot RAs

This section will be small but its important.  The single best RA you can get for your bot is Divine Intervention up to level 2 at a minimum.  MCL is next,  Mastery of Healing is a nice one to have especially for those of you with only 20 rejuv on your bot.  Don't bother with Aug Dex or Aug Acuity, the points are better spend in direct healing (unless you have the points to spare).

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