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Infiltrator RvR tips

  • Try beginning a fight with Crippling Poison, DoT. After a PA, CD, switch to Evervating poison. Depending on the situation, either melee or run from the target as you see fit.
  • Try weakening on slow/first strike weapon; DOT on primary fast weapon; disease on off hand weapon and have a fourth weapon in bag with snare (switch out with one of first weapons if target is a runner).
  • NEVER run from a caster unless you decide to run after you land the CD. And if you hesitate for even a slight second after CD, you might as well stay to finish the fight. Or else, it's stun / mez / root > followed by 4 nukes. THE BIGGEST trick about fighting casters or anyone else for that matter is this: When you see them quickcast a spell to mez/root/etc while your beating down on them, move forward so that your directly ontop of them. That'll interrupt their quickcast spell (because they won't be able to target you).
  • Have a few weapons with crippling poison in your inventory. Keep your inventory open during a fight (takes some time getting used to this). When in a fight, your poisons don't always stick so you need to mouse-click switch different weapons to make sure your poisons land. NEVER run from a fight unless the crippling poison lands or unless you feel lucky
  • Practice doing PA while moving. I don't like standing a bit aways from the target, lining up, /stick, PA. I like to line up the PA as I move and right when i'm just at the target, I PA. This is because there's that 3 second time frame where you're invisible. After that 3 seconds, you could be spotted... thus I like to PA without much hesitation around the target.
  • In a large fight, An option is to sit back and assist kill a target that's already been engaged. The second is to pick out a soft target like a caster and drop him fast. After you unstealth, continue to slug out in that fight or run off, stealth, and retarget. It takes a bit of time when you run off to stealth so might be best to stick around and continue your fight or else it might be over by the time you're ready to attack again. Also, because of the lag associated with large fights, I tend to pick out targets along the edge of the fight, not in the middle of the fight so it reduces lag and allows me to escape easier.
  • In some rare times, you might run into a lone tank. These can be juicy targets but you must kite them to be successful. Begin your attack with Crippling and Disease. Make sure Crippling sticks! Immediately run after your CD, restealth, come back with Envervating and DoT poison to finish him off. If he runs away from you (a smart tank), chase him unstealthed, hit him with DoT, and run off.
  • Remember that usually if you see a large group move about from, lets say PK to Center Keep, don't follow them. Stay back for a little bit because there's usually a straggler or two. Those are your targets... not the group of enemies running around. Be patient and wait for a strike. However, if you see an opportunity, don't hesitate a slight bit to jump on that opportunity.
  • If you simply can't find the ideal target, and you're impatient, you can opt to exchange deaths... pick out the soft caster target, attack him until he dies and get the points for killin him. Expect to die in this scenerio... BUT the trade off would be good. Casters generally are worth good realm points and the points you give up would usually be shared between a group of people.
  • One of the best ways for me to spot a stealther is to run a semi-tight circle at the last location where you spotted a stealther. Running that circle gives you a greater chance of staying within his 3 second bubble circle. After you complete that circle, move off a bit in any direction and run another circle. But to be honest, it's pretty hard to spot a stealther unless they're lower lvls than you. Even then, it takes patience.
  • Against an enemy stealther, it comes down to who spots who first. Having trained in Slash helps alot too... but it usually comes down to whoever gets the PA off first.
  • One strategy that works is to /stick to a 'friendly' scout. After a scout unstealths to attack, he almost becomes an immediate target for other assassins. Be patient because the scout WILL be attacked. That is where you jump in and surprise the attacker.
  • If you're in BG, a great strategy is to attack an enemy on the bridge, and jump off the bridge to restealth when you get into trouble. Sometimes, enemies have a really hard time jumping up the side wall of the bridge to follow you when you try to escape. Practice this because you don't want to be caught jumping several times and not clearing the side of the bridge.
  • Try to hunt with a few buddies. A group of assassins can wreck havoc if you work together. Always drop casters first and tanks second. STAY AWAY from zerkers.. not sure if they still hurt like they do pre 1.50 patch but they hurt like a mutha before.
  • Enemies... Berserkers, bards, skalds, sb's worry me. That doesn't mean I won't attack them - but the odds have to be on my side. Casters, healers, tanks (alone) I have no fear of - though healers and tanks are not easy pickings. Hunters/rangers and NS are mine to chew up - only slightly more difficult than a caster because of hitpoints.
  • Another idea for Lining up a BS or PA: Move to align with the target, yet stay away from the target at max /stick range. Once aligned, hit /stick and it pulls you right to either the front or back of them. As you get close (before you stop/stick) hit the BS2 or PA. On BS2 follow up with Thigh Cut (same weapon) then switch and hit garrote. After PA switch then hit garrote.
  • Usually opt for PA over BS2. On a succesful PA you may sprint thru the target hit /stick and auto swing around to engage from the back - this helps with SB's - anything to keep their weapon off you really helps win against them.
  • While it is nice to find that lone caster sitting down ... work on how to be group friendly. You might leave a number of easy targets where they are because at the time you're scouting for the group - trying to locate the middies/hibs. Or sending back information on all these weird other-realmers you're surrounded by.
  • If in large scale fights - think about what is the best target for the group. By this I mean - mezzers/healers/casters. Generally there are enough other classes around to handle the tanks, and scouts can duel it out with scouts. So, either hang back and protect your casters/healers or take on theirs.
  • Once you pop into the face of a healer/druid and whack em with a PA. 2 or 3 of those tanks are headed your way - taking them out of the fight. You don't have to kill the healer/caster - your goal is diversionary. For one, it scares the hell out of the healer, two it scares the hell out of the group, who now have to come save their healer, and 3 - it really is quite exciting to execute. Once you have hit the healer, don't stay. Just get the initial poison/DOT on them and run (if you can). You are not doing this to die - but to strike fear, intimidation and confusion into them. Getting away helps - they know you are out there, but have no idea where.
  • When you run into another backstaber, try just standing still and let them come to you. Make sure that you use your PA first. If you hit it too early, you can turn to the side so that they miss theirs too. (try the /stick to spin if they attempt a BS, it might shock them)
  • Go on patrol around your own frontier fortresses it's amazing how often you'll run across a stealther who is just sitting there.
  • Keep defense: -Here is a trick with the gatekeeper. Stealth up, warp outside your fort, and find an eazy target. Blue casters, injured people, sitting people, etc. Right click on the gatekeeper, and immediately move to PA your target. If your quick, you will dissapear inside your right after you land the PA. Rinse and Repeat. -When the attackers are on the 2nd door you can sometimes get one targeted. Their bodies often come through the door (lag), or you can target their arms. Once you get them targeted, Proceed to PA through the door.
  • Making the getaway is something that you get good at. Just mash that sprint, and keep moving. If somebody with a run buff attacks you, their run buff drops. Simply keep moving and trying to stealth.
  • I frequently watch my first poison or two get purged. Then I just switch weapons and reapply it to them. You can bet they get real frustrated by Infs like me that carry around a minimum of 7 weapons with poison on them just waiting for them to purge. Plus when you are fighting classes that have insta heals you can be sure that your fight is going to last longer than 3 swings. You better come prepared for that fight. When you are attacking a defended keep it is also going to help a ton to get every extra swing you can in the limited time you have on the wall before you have to jump.
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