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Choosing your race
Infil speccing
lvling infs
Inf RvR tips
Critical Strike
Dual Wield

Attack Basics
  • Build a macro for auto-stick and put it in your quickbar. (/macro stick /stick)
  • Distraction Ability - In order to be able to hide better, thieves learn how to use "Distractions". They learn this ability by training in the Stealth specialization. You can greatly increase your hiding chances if you approach a monster from behind - and distractions give you the opportunity to do this. To distract a monster, first hide by using your stealth skill. Move towards the monster. Target an area where you want the monster to turn by using the "target area" function (F5 by default). Use [shift][arrow keys] to position where to distract to. Then click on the distract icon that your readied in your quickbar. If successful, the monster will turn and face that area. Please note that the monster has a chance of turning around and immediately attacking you if you fail the distract roll. The higher you specialization in Stealth, the better your distracting will be. Distract is great BUT not that useful since your stealth ability is usually high enough to prevent detection when soloing anyway. Can be useful in turning Targets back for the whole group to run by.
  • Attack Sequence - Stealth hide, select a Target, close in from behind, auto-stick and maneuver with strafe (Q and W keys) Start attack while hidden with Back-Stab Style chain. (practice on grey CON Targets) Auto-stick also works great when running towards a Target that's rushing by. Careful though :o=
  • It would be great if you tanks that are pulling the Targets and the aggro used this tactic to turn the Target and expose their backs to us at the start of battle. This helps out a lot unless the Target keeps switching targets.
  • Perforate Artery - I wish that people who pull would not move until we get the perf off. Attacking after pulling is a must for tanks but dont move around. We will get the aggro if need be. Even a cloth wearer can live when pulling if they just DONT MOVE. (pet peave)
  • You cannot remain stealthed if you execute your target in one round. nerf patch 1.50
  • Infs Chances to evade -- Level 5 Evade II = 10% -- Level 10 Evade III = 15% -- Level 20 Evade IV = 20% -- Level 30 Evade V = 25% -- Level 40 Evade VI = 30% -- Level 50 Evade VII = 35%
  • We get detect hidden with our 16th level stealth & Climb Walls at 25th level Stealth.
  • A small unspecced shield that infs can use only blocks 1 blow 5% of the time & adds nothing to AF. (might be higher for arrows/bolts)
  • Use /face when selecting Targets with Xbow
  • Keep extra supply of poison & extra arrows in the vault when hunting in the Dartmoor/Cornwall/Lyonesse region. Saves time but careful with obsolescence.
  • A new topic was brought up today about the possibilty of DW causing the snare to break when using Garrot style. hmmm. If true this only gets worse as you level DW. Besides, Garrot already has a high price to pay in endurance and defense penalty. BLAH!
  • I am realizing that there are lots of ways to spec your inf and he/she doesn't have to be 'perfect' to be fun and/or very successful. Although uberness lowers frustration amounts a bit.
    Back-up Assault Tactic
    I have been experimenting with the back-up styles since from the patch change that enabled it to be possible. I NOW stick every Evade chain easily. My technique for doing this is simple.
  • I lead off with Garotte(or Ameth) to open with (unless im using Perf)
  • Once I make the 1st hit I quickly do Hamstring AND Garotte as back-up. Therefore if I dont evade I end up doing the Garotte.
  • After the 2nd hit I quickly do Leaper AND A/H as back-up. So if I i didn't evade the last round the 3rd attack will automatically do A/H but if I did evade then it automatically does Leaper.
  • After the 3rd hit I quickly do Hamstring AND Garrote as a back-up again. thereby repeating the cycle.
    This techniques takes practice as timing is everything BUT the key is the Garotte (or Ameth or Perf) opener. Also slower weps make it easier for the n00b. For Zeemee the evade moves do about 20%-40% more damage than the Garotte AND save tons of endurance. So at my level 35 I find the evade moves very easy and worthwhile. Thanks MYTHIC for the patch upgrade.(whatever version it was)
  • Xeemee did some tests on how to end a fight the fastest. At 36 she consistently killed Targets slightly faster with big slow weps. The evade moves did not noticably finish the fights faster for her current spec, but the evade moves did conserve endurance and HP due to defense bonuses making longer fights or multiple opponents easier to survive. The CS based evade moves might make a bigger difference with a different spec.

    Envenom Tactics
  • Quote from a po “minor great. Someone used it on me and my str went down by 45 which immediately encumbered me..(couldnt run)..but it also took some con which lowered my hp significantly. He took over 200 hp from what I could tell in that short time. So with a CS of 250 and hp loss from posion of like 230 and his bonus hit of 200 for the Cs he took almost all my hp's in his first strike. Believe me it helps alot..not only in RvR but to solo as well.” (Zee tried to research this on frogs in S/P. They hit me for similar damage with & without the poison.) This was Nerf'd in Feb/02 - Minor Enervating reduces CON, so a successful hit will reduce your targets hit-point total. The Weakening poisons reduce STR, but tests have shown that you need to vary STR by about 20-30 points just to see a 1 point difference in damage, which is really not noticeable for damage but good to encumber. Xee tests found Major Enervating lowered Yellow Rooter’s damage by 25% (6/6/02) Zee used lesser enervating and hardly noticed a difference on yellow rooter damage to her. SO the extra high envenom is very useful with debuf AND DOT in PvE.
  • Envenom Item Bonuses - Ok ... so I tested my Frenzied Thruster tonight (+4) envenom to see how it worked for the poison ability. I was level 26 envenom but with the thruster in hand I was level 30. I bought some lesser lethal and put it on all my weapons(about 6 weapons), except the frenzied thruster which wouldn’t take. Then I put the frenzied thruster away and went looking for Targets. The poison worked off all the weapons even when I wasn't using the frenzied thruster. Did 31 dps with lesser lethal instead of 26 dps with minor lethal :o)

    Triple Poison Technique of Doom
    1. Prepare a strong one-handed weapon in your two-handed slot. Be sure to Envenom it with DOT poison.Then put that weapon in your Quick-Bar.
    2. Envenom your Right hand weapon with DOT poison and your left hand weapon with Debuff Poison. Be sure that these two weapons are lit up and ready to use
    3. Stealth hide, sneak & BS chain the Target for the first 5 turns then activate your two handed weapon on the quick-bar and quickly press an attack style or attack mode button. This will start a new round of DOT poison and hopefully finish the Target.
  • I also keep this weapon in reserve when the group is having trouble with a Target and needs that extra punch to keep someone from getting killed or when being unexpectedly over-run. If the group is able to handle the Targets easily then dont use these expensive poisons as much. (money has not been an issue yet)

    Poison Backpack Attack
    Now, I even keep a 4th envenomed weapon in my backpack to use in the middle of a big melee. Just make sure to re-select a target after switching weapons from a backpack. (switch weapons by clicking the BP weapon then clicking the RH weapon, select Target, stick, attack) This is getting expensive, but not an issue yet. (24 level now) ... update ... 4 of us pulled & squished :o= 2 purple snowdonia frogs (worry wart) by mistake & even though I couldn't hit much, this technique did almost 200hp poison damage on each Target!!! I call this the Backpack Attack :o=

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