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Solo leveling as an inf
  • The tricks to successful soloing are to find MOBs that don't BAF (bring a friend) & MOBs that don't hang out in high ADD areas. Neutral MOBs are great if they don't change status. Also it helps if the MOB has losses to attacking leather and also for you to get bonuses for your Spec Style (thrust/slash) Another key is 'down time' between kills needs to be low. In otherwords have at least 1/2 HP left after battle works best. Remember to use the hit n run tactics on some and be sure to practice your evade moves because you have less down time. Also have extra poison ready for resists. Try the 'Bestiary' link at the bottom of this web page even though it's limited it still helps.
  • At 10 Solo Orange Drakes, Slaves & Yellow boars Horses & adders. Also Orange & Yellow in Mithra's. Also Orange Rovers are easy in the plains but watch out for adds. Lots of thrust bonuses in Plains. Solo yellow nymphs & rovers & raiders for 16000xp with little down time.
    Tasks are great xp only available thru 20 so use them. Just right click a guard and say "task" Different guards give tasks for different levels. Be sure to make the final death hit if you have a friend with you. West downs Guards Tasks 16 or so to 20 & at south plains tower
  • Low 20's - Level 22 Solo'd Yellow & Orange Con Black Bears near the broken tower in Corwall by the road are great xp for slashers. (maybe thrusters too) Got 225k xp on yellows finished with 2/3 hp left. Move up to the trees along the road and do trees until you can do moor boogeys at the camp over the ridge. Do them non-stop til they green out, the soul gems they drop can be turned in for some xp bonuses. Exhchange the gems to the merchant by the tree up the hill from the ants. Then move up to hamadryads til 40 or so. Basically, if you're slash spec, you can't go wrong with trees and wolves. Also we have plusses on Giant Rooters from 30 - 36 & they have losses
  • Also Llyn Barfog bears, then hobgoblins. -- Mid 20's -- Snowdonia small rock bounders, then bwcas. High 20's - Snowdonia howling knifemen, Low 30's - faerie frogs in Snowdonia (even 29) Solo neutral Frogs in far SE corner of Salisbury Plains during the day only(30) 35 take the port to Hibernia.. behind the keep are these big funny looking creatures(not the boogie men) they are easy to kill at 35 and are a yellow con. you can also take the portal to Midgard and fight just outside the portal keep. Blue zombies and wolves to 35 and yellow lizards to 38. Watch out for the dwarfs! Dunters in Lyonesse are suppose to be good at 29 or 30.
  • 34 - Barrows entrance pull gobs. At 35 Legionnaires outside Catacombs Also yellow Avernal Quasits are nice in DF for thrusters. Pull with Xbow. Low 30s Actually lots of mobs are good to PULL in DF because they dont usually BAF. Plated Fiends at 25+ At 36 Solo Cornwall Hamadryads hit hard but Slashers hit harder. Even the Broadhead bolts hit ‘em hard. I do 120 Amethyst + 62 DOT (using Tusker’s) for 4-6.5mil xp on Yellows with at least ˝ HP left. (extra careful watch for adds.) Yellow & Orange Boogey’s are the same but xp as high as 8mil. Rooter’s are easy too with less xp. 4-6mil. Dunters in Lyonesse same. Yellow Ponies in Dartmore 5mil xp ˝ HP loss neutrals make the solo job easy.Barrows entrance orange & yellow undead bandits etc but the xp is not as good as ponies because of heavy respawns. Lyonesse Lizards and Farmers, Townsmen and clerks were bad for slash & thrust. Lizards are great for thrust. We get bonus they are minus. Thrust is good for Dunters. <
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