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this section is about some of the issues face you when you use the god give skill of firing bit of wood at your enemy

  1. Shield_Blocking
  2. Critical_Shot
  3. Critical_Shot_vs._Stunned/Mezzed_Opponents_
  4. Interrupt_Timing
  5. Pet_Interruptions
  6. Missed_Arrows
  7. Target_is_out_of_range_
  8. Changed_Target
  9. Drawing_After_Being_Mezzed
  10. Endurance_Costs
  11. Endurance_Drain
  12. Arrow_Costs
  13. Arrow_Choice
  14. Bladeturn_Spells

Specialty Arrows - Adressed under the Fletching page.

Line of Sight – Not as bad with the release of Frontiers and Catacombs, but there are still a lot of strange LOS issues that cause many headaches for archers.

Shield Blocking - The rate at which shields block arrows is a concern to the archer community. Without using engage, a target is able to block greater than 90% of all arrows fired at them, even with multiple shooters. In some tests, the block rate approaches 99% from one attacker, and still is above 90% with more than 8 attackers.

Critical Shot – it has been asked why archers completely miss their targets after spending extra time lining up a shot. While making critical shot work 100% of the time isn’t right, there are suggestions that if the critical shot misses, it should do normal damage instead of being a miss (unless bladeturned or all damage is absorbed by armor); in other words, it should never completely miss the target.

Critical Shot vs. Stunned/Mezzed Opponents – Critical shot works against stunned opponents (but not mezzed opponents) after their weapon delay has run out after their last attack. Prior to that point, the archer will be interrupted when attempting to draw on the target.

Interrupt Timing – the interrupt period during drawing actually extends into the aiming period about a half second AFTER the draw animation finishes. This is confusing, and the timer for interrupt should be matched to the timer for the draw animation.

Pet Interruptions – it is our understanding that attacks by grey-con opponents are not supposed to cause interruptions, and yet recently grey con pets have begun interrupting archery (and presumably spell casting). Casters have a Quickcast ability to counter this, but archers have to switch to melee to kill the pet, usually while being hit by enemy players for high damage.

Missed Arrows – when an arrow misses (true miss, damage totally absorbed by armour, or Bladeturn) it sticks in the target exactly like a hit. There is a plethora of ways to discover where hidden archers are, so this nonsensical sticking in the target should be removed in the case of a true miss if not in all three cases. I know this is a tricky issue, but archers would appreciate something being done.

"Target is out of range" – this is a really annoying message when you line up a shot on a stationary mob and are told that you are in range, then when you go to release (and neither you nor your target has moved), you get told its out of range. I suspect this may be related to server-client communication (client knows you stopped to draw, server ghosted you ahead one pace into range then snapped you back out of it by the time the shot is released - similar to the fixed "must stop moving to sit" message when I know I've stopped moving already).

Changed Target – if an archer draws with a target selected, and then changes to a new target, the shot will still hit the original target if it is within range. Any second shot will hit the new target, and has been the cause of unintentionally pulling adds on my party many times because of this that don’t give grouped bonuses. There is an exploit using this bug that allows an archer to target someone, draw a shot, set it to auto release, target themselves, and shoot the original target when the arrow is released.

Drawing After Being Mezzed - if an archer is AoE Mezzed with a bow in hand while stealthed, they cannot draw after the mezz wears off until they change to a melee weapon and then back to the bow. This does not appear to happen every time, but fairly frequently.

Endurance Costs – normal shots for archery cost endurance, not just the archery styles. This is a disadvantage compared to tanks that can keep using their primary attack without costing endurance, and compared to casters who do have limits to casting based on power but still have a nearly full bar of endurance to sprint with.

Endurance Drain – Now that archers get Tireless for free, we are not sitting as much as we used to, however, we still feel double penalized by using endurance for non-styled attacks, and the inability to make any attacks once out of endurance.

Arrow Costs – arrows that keep us in the correct damage range are keeping us in near-poverty conditions.

Arrow Choice – the decision of which type of arrows to use is based on determining the expected total loot from each kill, dividing by 5, and seeing which arrows cost around that amount. That’s fairly cumbersome, since it takes trial and error, and careful bookkeeping to determine average loot for target mobs at each level. It would be very helpful if arrows received colour-cons based on this formula to help new players determine which arrow types they should be using. This is somewhat inaccurate due to changes in loot when hunting with a group and number of arrows shot at mobs, but it gives a decent rule-of-thumb that can be modified due to circumstances.

Bladeturn Spells – Blade turn is supposed to have a 100%*(archer level)/(caster level) chance of blocking attacks. It has been demonstrated that the actual chance of bypassing blade turn is much less than this would indicate.

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