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So you made a scout then but how do you use those well earned points

the question you need to ask first are

  1. Do I want to get groups, solo or a mixture
  2. Do I want to stay I towers and defend (aka the tower hugger)
  3. Do I want to roam around killing the solo or small groups(aka the sniper)
  4. Do I want to be able to kill toe to toe (aka the melee scout)
  5. Do I want to remain unseen and snipe my targets (aka the gimp)

with these questions answered the best place to play with your specs is here, the Character Builder  2  will help you play around will you spec

To auto train or not ?

if you auto train to level 48 you would get 77 extra sill points (or 12 levels in bow) you could no way do this in the normal levelling way, as any one who has levelled a scout will tell you its hard to get groups with a good spec so if your going to auto train your need  some one how is willing to power level you for free or its going to cost you about 200 to 350 quid to get it done.

However that does not answer the question whether  you should or not  (it  say its going to be hard or expensive) well my simple answer would be no not all the way to 48 my reason for saying no are

  1. REALM POINTS you will be 50 with a realm rank of 0.
  2. The 77 extra points don't get you any thing with most specs with sniper spec all it does is raise your stealth .
  3. If its your first scout you will be to slow and lack a great deal of knowledge on how to scout .(ie your the noob that gets killed and get other killed )

how ever if you do get it for free and you don't want to go for a sniper scout then your spec would be something like 33 stealth, 45 long bow, 42 shield and 33 weapon skill (trust being the best as it run of your dex so does your bow damage) the extra 77 skill points have not got you any extra styles it has slightly increased your damage rating but toe to toe your still not going to take on a well specced melee character.

Spending your Specification points  (these are all with out auto training)

Long bow: this is your primary damage tool most specs say that this should be 50 (for Penetrating Arrow III) or 45 (this will give you more melee damage)

shield: this is your main defence tool most spec if not all suggest that you should take this to 42(for slam) this give you a 9 second anytime stun (even if it dose use about 30% of your endurance)

slash: speccing in slash as a scout is not the best option as slash runs of your strength. where your bow damage comes from your dextrorotary as does trust.

Thrust: as a scout thrust should be your melee damage skill as it runs of the same ability as your bow skill (dextrorotary). this should be between 21 and 34. any lower than this and your not going to hit much and when you do it is not going to be for much, any higher than 34 and you going to ether lower your stealth to such a low level that you will get spotted a mile away or lower your bow skill so far that you should have rolled in infiltrator

stealth:  this should be at least 30 ne lower and there not a great deal of point wasting the points (unless your rr12 and have +11 to stealth skill then you could go 27 stealth give you a total of 50 stealth effectively ). your main aim is to have 50 stealth form your points spent and you + item and your realm bonus's

To summarise if you want melee damage roll an infiltrator if you want to snipe go 50 longbow if you want an open ground group fighter go 45 longbow

some cookie cutter specs

name stealth longbow shield slash thrust
sniper 33 50 42 0 21
sniper 35 50 42 0 18
melee 29 45 42 0 34
extra melee 28 35 42 0 44
ultra gimp 48 50 23 0 23
gimp 39 50 42 0 6
high realm rank 26 50 42 0 29

by no means are these of the specs they are just a few of them


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