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Again, I am stealing, erm, borrowing from Oaklief I hope he doesn't mind!

This list is modified with each version, to provide the developers with a quick list of the top concerns of rangers. As always, if you are aware that a certain issue or bug has been addressed, or if you are aware of a new issue or bug that is not on the list, please contact me so that I may verify it and let the developers know about the change.

Being Targeted Ė pets and mobs in general need to lose a character from targeting when she enters stealth if they are outside detection radius. This is more important now that the level-based "to hit" modifiers are removed and pets hit more frequently. Because they still track stealthed characters, and always seem to move faster than normal run speed, it is impossible to escape them.

Glowing Name Ė characters in stealth mode have their name glowing brightly over their head when you see them, which adds significantly to the ease of spotting them. I'm pretty sure all stealth spec classes would agree that when in stealth mode their name (and the realm invader or realm defender name replacements) either should be not sent to the client (best case as it prevents Odinís Eye from identifying you), be made invisible, or be made translucent like the character model itself. There is also a suggestion that although faces are not able to be made translucent, perhaps a mask or veil over the face would cover this and might remove the "floating face" syndrome. Iím not familiar enough with the technical details of the graphics to say this for sure, but it might be worth consideration.

Unstealthing on Nocking Ė with visual arrow flights in, there is a strong feeling that the chance to lose stealth upon nocking an arrow should be retuned. The developers have stated that a 2/3 spec in any skill should be sufficient. The current formula for unstealthing upon nocking an arrow leads to players feeling they MUST have full stealth spec, and thus leads them to a Sniper career as they don't have the points to train in other skills - odd as it sounds, reducing the level of stealth spec necessary to remain hidden would actually move more rangers away from the Sniper role and into Rangering roles. The idea is that instead of using (stealth spec)/(character level) as the chance to have stealth drop on the draw, we'd have 1.5*(stealth spec)/(character level) as the chance to have stealth drop on the draw, and retain the 20% penalty when attempting a critical shot. This would allow archers who choose to follow the harder path of the Sniper to never uncloak on the draw (still uncloaking when they loose the shot) in exchange for the pain and suffering they put forth to level, but would allow the melee-oriented archers much more reasonable chances while following the recommendations that Mythic has published over and over.

Death by Stealth Ė It used to be when you tried to sneak past a purple mob it would unstealth you and you immediately knew you had to run. Now it just attacks you without warning and you lose precious seconds unstealthing. You should get a warning, like "The <name of mob> sees you!" and any mob that attacks you should immediately unstealth you.

Seeing while Dead Ė this bug was supposedly fixed at one point, but dead characters can still see stealthed characters. Combine this with See Hidden and one dead assassin is the perfect scout. You canít touch him, and you canít sneak past him.

Stealth Subskills: Camouflage
This ability is a very good thing, but if anything it is slightly less useful than I believe was intended due to the duration of the timer and what causes the timer to reset (recent changes have much improved this concern). Other adjustments to archers and particularly abilities granted to other classes have killed the viability of sniping as an archer tactic in all but the rarest of situations, so a slight strengthening of camouflage is warranted.

Styliní Ė Every rogue out there wears unrelieved black because of the way the shadowed stealth code works. I donít claim to understand the process at all, other than it seems to have something to do with the way negative film works. Would it be possible to somehow treat all stealthers as if their armor were black when they were stealthed, but actually have the armor be able to be dyed whatever color the rogue desired for appearances when not stealthed? I know that not much can be done about items with emblems.


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