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The alchemist trade skill

Alchemy is one of two new magical trade skills available in Dark Age of Camelot. It deals with the production of dyes, poisons, potions and tinctures.

Alchemists can produce all the armour dyes that were previously available only from NPC merchants, and they can do so at nearly half the price.

Poisons are used by the assassin classes and alchemy allows them to produce the all the poisons previously available from NPC merchants as well as a number of new magical poisons. The weak versions of these poisons can be made with ingredients purchased from NPCs, however the stronger versions require ingredients found on monsters that will need to be killed to obtain them.

Potions are available in numerous forms, from those that heal health, endurance or power, to those that buff a characters strength, constitution, dexterity or acuity. Special potions that imbue the user with damage shields, haste, health or power regeneration are also available.

Finally a skilled alchemist can produce tinctures which can be imbued into armour or weapons to give them magical powers. These tinctures come in three types, charges, effects and reactive effects. Charges can be imbued into either weapons or armour and can be used upon command by the wielder. Effects can be imbued into weapons and have a chance to proc whenever the wielder hits an enemy with the weapon. Finally reactive effects can be imbued into armour and have a chance to proc when an enemy hits the piece of armour. Reactive effects are one of the hardest components to make in Alchemy and only the most skilled Alchemist can produce them.

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