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Guide to Recharging Items

Alchemists are able to recharge player made charged items using special distills. The distills are available in a number of types (detailed below), each distill corresponds to a material level. The distill used is based off the metal used in making the tincture, not necessarily the metal of the item that it is imbued into.

    eg. an Alloy tincture imbued into a Fine Alloy dagger would only require a Liquid Alloy Renewal, not a Liquid Fine Alloy Renewal.

You should be able to work out the correct distill to use by delving the item and comparing the effect data with the effect listing on this web site. It is important to do this since recharging an item with a distill of a higher level than is necessary will still work, but will cost you more than is necessary to get the task done.

There are two ways to recharge an item:

  • Have a player hand you the item, place the correct distill on your side of the trade window and then check the combine checkbox and both hit accept.



  • Right click the item you want to recharge in your inventory and press the Self Craft button to bring up the Self Craft interface, click Craft and then add the correct distill to your side of the window and hit accept.

The table below details each of the distills along with their cost. The distills are available from merchants within your realm, check out the Merchants section of this website for their locations.




Liquid Alloy Renewal


Liquid Fine Alloy Renewal


Liquid Mithril Renewal


Liquid Adamantium Renewal


Liquid Asterite Renewal


Liquid Netherium Renewal


Liquid Arcanium Renewal


Recharging does not require you to be by an alchemy table, nor to have an alchemy kit or mortar and pestle in your inventory. This means that recharging can be done in the field. However recharging does do a skill check against your alchemy skill and if your skill is not high enough you will not be able to recharge the item.

We have been trying to determine what skill level is required to recharge arcanium charges. Thanks to Beorning on the IGN Vault Tradeskill board, Hroft / Excalibur, Imperator / Lancelot and Qisa / Bedevere we have confirmed that you can recharge arcanium level 47 charges at an alchemy skill of 858.

One thing to note is that unlike the NPC rechargers who charge according to the number of charges being recharged, that a single distill will recharge an item to full capacity no matter how many charges were used up. So to get the best value for money you probably want to wait until the item has all it's charges used up before recharging. Also players can only recharge player made items, they cannot recharge dropped or quested items with charges, likewise NPC rechargers can only recharge dropped or quested items, they cannot recharge player made items.

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