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Crafting FaQ


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this the cheapest, fastest way to level a crafter in trade skill X?
A: I've got no guarantees.  I'm basing these templates on the knowledge and experience from the crafting I've done and the feedback I've gotten from the community from this guide.  I'm definitely interested in alternative least-cost crafting plans.
Q: The template shows at each 100 mark certain secondary at that level as well.  Mine are behind by 10-15 points, is that okay?
A: Yes, it's not uncommon for secondary skills to lag behind the main trade skill some.  In most cases it's not necessary to get all secondary skills to the 100 mark or at your level before continuing.  However some skills have a minimum requirement to move on to the next item.  If you fall below that level you won't be able to continue until you increase the secondary skill to the minimum required level.
Q: What con items should I craft?
A: In general you'll get the greatest gains from crafting orange and yellow items.  I wouldn't recommend skilling on red items as the critical losses in materials or component parts can be costly and the skill gains low.  Some people keep crafting an item into the high blues and continue to see reasonable gains in skill for another 10 levels or so.
Q: I'm already a LGM Crafter in trade skill X but I didn't level my secondary.  Are there Trinketing alternatives to levelling the secondary?
A: There are, but they aren't necessarily the most efficient.  For instance, in the Trinketing table above, notice that the Cloth working trinket Puppet can be used to trinket wood while the leatherworking trinkets can all be used to trinket metal.  It's not the fastest as you're only Trinketing one bar/board at a time and you have to buy the materials you're lacking, but it's a better option than reselling the materials back to a merchant.
Q: I have all these strips I got from salvaging reinforced armour, how do I trinket those?
A: Unfortunately there isn't a secondary skill associated with strips and subsequently no trinkets.  Your best bet it to find a crafter working in that tier and sell them to them at a discount.
Q: How do I tell if I have enough skill to salvage an item?
A: There is no way to definitively determine if you have enough skill to salvage a particular item but you can take a pretty good guess.  In general the best way is to look at the DPS, AF or con of an item and check what skill level you would need in order to make that item.  To be safe, you'll most likely need the associated secondary skill at about that level for salvaging.
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