Planning Your Levelling

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Planning Your Levelling
Before you start on a trade skill you want to plan out how you expect to level your skill and secondary.  You should be able to get all secondary to 1000 by using the alternate crafts in the inexpensive, fast low level ranges. By low levels The test subject mean 500 in Fletching and 200 in Armour crafting, Tailoring and Weapon crafting in general. To raise your other three skills that high youíd probably spend less than 35 gold and in so doing you can get most of your secondary in the 700-800 range. Your main trade skill will be levelling some of the secondary automatically so the plan is to supplement the other trade skills to get the remaining secondary levels.

In general, you canít get 1000 levels of secondary by levelling the other trade skills at the low levels. So to level them as quickly and cheaply as possible youíll need to trinket a bit at the beginning.  Consider this; if you start at the beginning using the other trade skills to level secondary, when you get to the higher levels in your main skill you either have to do more expensive and slower levels in the other trade skills or you have to trinket higher materials. While Trinketing has a good return on investment at over 98% of the materials purchase price, itís so much easier to plan ahead and trinket early on. Higher materials Trinketing will cost more and is much slower.  Low level Trinketing goes by amazingly quickly and the cost is negligible.

Map out how youíll use Trinketing and the other trade skills to get to your target level. Once you know how many levels you can get out of the other trade skills start off by Trinketing what youíre missing. For example, in the Tailoring template included below you trinket 300 levels of wood and metal initially to save time and money for when you get to the 800 range further down the road.
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