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Salvaging / Trinketing
If you haven't done salvaging before hereís how it works. Your ability to salvage an item has nothing to do with your declared trade skill or your skill in any of the related crafts. Itís completely based on secondary skills. So for example, The test subject can have Weapon crafting at a skill of one yet be able to salvage arcanite (tier 10) weapons if The test subject have 900 in metalworking.  The catch is,  your secondary can never be higher than your main trade skill.  So your actual trade skill doesn't matter, but you have to have it high enough to get your secondary to the level you want.  All mundane crafters (not Alchemists and Spell crafters unfortunately) have the ability to salvage and trinket all materials by raising their secondary skills.

Levelling secondary can be done through Trinketing but itís boring and slow. The best way to level secondary is to take advantage of the other trade skills at their low levels. The most important thing is to plan ahead before you start your crafter. For example, you can fletch arrows to get a cheap and quick 400 levels in metalworking and 500 levels in woodworking. But if you do that at the start youíll run out of cheap, low-level trade skills as you get close to capping your crafter and youíll be stuck with the slow and more costly task or Trinketing tier 7-10 materials to cap some secondary.

What is Trinketing you ask?  It's a mechanism Mythic put into the game that accomplishes two things, first you can use it to raise secondary skills independently from the main trade skill.  Second, Trinketing can be used to turn raw materials into a product you can sell back to the merchants at about 98% of the purchase price instead of the 50% you get from selling back the raw materials.  There are trinkets for each of the secondary skills like Hinges and Brackets for Metalworking; Dolls and Puppets for Cloth working, etc.  So salvaging is only half the picture.  First you salvage an item into its material components, then you trinket the item into a product to sell back to the merchant at a much higher value than the raw materials alone would sell for.
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