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Up Armour Shield's Harp's


Shield cap bonus's

Realm Type Small (1) Medium (2) Large (3)
    Sigil Forged
Sigil Pressed
Heater Shield
Sigil Fixed
Tower Shield
Protector's 3 Shield 3 Shield 3 Shield
Mighty 5 Str Cap    
Adroit 5 Dex Cap 5 Dex Cap 5 Dex Cap
Speedy     5 Qui Cap
Insightful 5 Acu Cap 5 Acu Cap  
Rejuvinating 5% Heals 5% Heals  
Accomdation 5% Buffs 5% Buffs  
Legend: Shield - Shield Skill
(#) in the column titles indicate how many Ra gems are required for that piece.
Bonuses verified from 1.87 initial live release.
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Last modified: 02/16/07

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