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What are Crafting Quests?

Crafting Quests are quest designed to provide crafter with special tools that aid in their crafting efforts. Unlike normal quests, Crafting Quests do not reward Exp. They require no killing but instead lots of traveling and some crafting. The Crafting Quests are divided by crafting tier level. Currently there are 4 Crafting Quests but Mythic has said they will be adding two more Crafting quests for the 900 and LGM tiers. The minimum requirements to start the lowest Crafting Quest is level 5 and 500 in a tradeskill. The requirements increase for with each tier quest. There is no limit on the number of times you can do each quest.

What are the rewards for each quest?

Rewards come in three different types of tools which you can choose from. These tools cannot be recharged, traded, sold, or salvaged. For Spellcrafting, the tool names and stat are as follows:

  • Faster: Gem Chisel
  • 500 Tier is +10% speed (60 charges) +10 Strength
  • 600 Tier is +13% speed (60 charges) +10 Strength
  • 700 Tier is +16% speed (70 charges) +13 Strength
  • 800 Tier is +19% speed (80 charges) +13 Strength
  • Smarter: Gem Hammer
  • 500 Tier is +5% skill gain chance(10 charges) +10 Strength
  • 600 Tier is +6% skill gain chance(13 charges) +10 Strength
  • 700 Tier is +7% skill gain chance(16 charges) +13 Strength
  • 800 Tier is +8% skill gain chance(19 charges) +13 Strength
  • Better: Gem File
  • 500 Tier is +1 quality (5 charges) +10 Strength
  • 600 Tier is +1 quality (6 charges) +10 Strength
  • 700 Tier is +1 quality (7 charges) +13 Strength
  • 800 Tier is +2 quality (8 charges) +13 Strength

You also get a dye for each 500 tier quest you do. For the better tool, it increase the minimum quality you can make. So if you have the 500 tier gem, the lowest quality you can get is 95%. The chance of producing each quality is recalculated. So without the tool you have a 16.5% to make each quality 94-99% and a 1% (2% for LGMs) chance for a MP. With the tool it becomes a 19.8% chance to make each quality 95-99% and a 1% (2% for LGMs).

How do I start the Crafting Quests?

To start the Crafting Quests, you need to talk to your tradeskill master in the Capitol City. You must do each quest once before you can move onto the next tier quest even if your skill is above that tier already. You can work on multiple tiers quests at the same time as long as you have done the lower tier quest at least once. The keywords to start each quest (for Hibernia) are:

  • 500 Tier is "additional responsibility"
  • 600 Tier is "continue"
  • 700 Tier is "something"
  • 800 Tier is "proceed"
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