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Imbueing, Enchanting, Trophies, and Other Helpful Information

Where can I find a spellcrafting table and there supplies to make my gems?

Spellcrafting tables like the one shown on the right, can be found in each of the capital cities, most of the cities in Shrouded Isles cities, all major cities in Trials of Atlantis, in player housing markets, and in players houses. The tables in players houses may or may not be able to use depending on how the owner of the house sets the permissions. I normally use the table in the Grove of Domnann (Capital SI city for Hibernia). In the public areas that have a table there is normally a Spellcrafting supply merchant near by the table.

The almost all supplies can normally be found near the table or the other trade supply merchants. You can also get supplies from a housing spellcrafting merchant. Spellcrafting supplies are not sold at the merchant keeps in the frontier. Supplies for trophies will be discussed later in the trophies section.


How do I imbue the gems I made onto items?

To imbue items onto items that you hold in your inventory, right click on the item and press SHIFT+R. This will open the window shown here on the right. From this window you want to click on "CRAFT". This will open the trade window that contains the item like the one show below. Also you must have item unequipped for it to work. At this point, you can add the gems you want to imbue in the right side of the trade window. Click "ACCEPT" once all gems are in the window.

For items that other people hold, have the person had you the item. The imbue will not work if the spellcrafter opens the trade window. Once the trade window is open, add them gems you want to imbue. Next, click on the box that says "Combine". At this point you can have the customer add the payment if you want. Generally, I have the customer pay me after all the imbues are done. When all the gems are added and the trade is set to combine, click on "ACCEPT" to imbue the item. If all is successful you will receive a message in chat window saying so and the gems will be remove from your inventory.


What is the best way to make 99% quality gems for overcharge?

The best, best way to make 99% quality without any waste or buying too much materials is to do the trade skill quest for the +1% quality tool and to buy supplies for 1 make at a time. The problem with this is it is very time consuming and is rather if ever done. The best method for crafting 99% quality gems differs from player to player depending on crafting style. The best time efficient method that works for me is buying enough supplies for 3 makes at a time. Since there is about 1 of 6 chance of getting a 99% quality, means that half the time I will make a 99% quality gem on these first 3 makes. It also prevents me from ending up a ton of of exart materials should I get it on the first try. I also don't sell back the exart materials since they can be used on later orders. The best way is to find what works best for you.

What is the best way to level my Spellcrafting level?

Once agian this depends on players crafting style. The best way works for me to level my spellcrafting is to craft the gem that is lowest level orange on my list until it becomes yellow. Once it is yellow I craft the next lowest level orange and so on. Also using the trade skill quest tool that increase the chance to level helps alot. I would recommend doing the tool quest over and over so that you have enough tools for every point you want to level especially if you are leveling on a tight budget.

Another way for leveling spellcrafting if are more concern about time over money is to make high yellow gems. This will cost alot more but it should level your craft faster.

What is a good hotbar set up?

Below is how I set up my hotbar. Hotbars should be set up to suit the style of the crafter so there is no right or wrong way. The way I have mine set up is the first 4 slots are set for amounts I buy alot. Basicly they are macros that are set up like /macro # /mbuy #. I have found these are best for me since most supplies I use to craft overcharge gems (supplies for 3 gems at once) can be bought by these amounts or combining them. The 5th slot is for the Spellcrafting gem list. The next 4 slots are for the 4 gems to be added on the item. The last slot is an open one. I use it to find my house but anything can go there. Once again this is my personal prefernce and you need to find the hotbar that works best for you.

What are the different gem names and the stats that go along with them?

These are for all realms:

  Raw Uncut Rough Flawed Imperfect Polished Faceted Precious Flawless Perfect
Essence (Stats) +1 +4 +7 +10 +13 +16 +19 +22 +25 +28
Shielding (Resists) +1 +2 +3 +5 +7 +9 +11 +13 +15 +17
Spell Stone (Focus) 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Battle (Skills) +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
War (Skills) +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Nature (Skills) +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Arcane (Skills) +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Blood (HP) +4 +12 +20 +28 +36 +44 +52 +60 +68 +72
Mystic (Power) +1 +2 +3 +5 +7 +9 +11 +13 +15 +17

Stat Increase Essence Jewels   Resist Increase Shielding Jewels   Melee Skill Increase Battle Jewels
Strength Fiery Essence Jewel   Body Dusty Shielding Jewel   Parry Vapor Battle Jewel
Constitution Earthen Essence Jewel   Cold Icy Shielding Jewel   Shield Fiery Battle Jewel
Dexterity Vapor Essence Jewel   Heat Heated Shielding Jewel   Staff Earthen Battle Jewel
Quickness Airy Essence Jewel   Energy Light Shielding Jewel   Stealth Airy Battle Jewel
Piety Watery Essence Jewel   Matter Earthen Shielding Jewel   Envenom Dusty Battle Jewel
Empathy Heated Essence Jewel   Spirit Vapor Shielding Jewel   Critical Strike Heated Battle Jewel
Intelligence Dusty Essence Jewel   Thrust Airy Shielding Jewel
Charisma Icy Essence Jewel   Crush Fiery Shielding Jewel
HP Blood Essence Jewel   Slash Watery Shielding Jewel
Power Mystical Essence Jewel


These are for Albion realm only:

Weapon Skill Increase War Sigils   Healer/Buffer/Pet Skill Increase Fervor Sigils
Slash Watery War Sigils   Smiting Fiery Fervor Sigils
Crush Fiery War Sigils   Enhancements Airy Fervor Sigils
Thrust Dusty War Sigils   Rejuvenation Watery Fervor Sigils
Two-Handed Heated War Sigils   Chants Earthen Fervor Sigils
Polearm Earthen War Sigils   Instruments Vapor Fervor Sigils
Longbow Airy War Sigils   Death Servant Ashen Fervor Sigils
Crossbow Vapor War Sigils   Deathsight Vacuous Fervor Sigils
Duel Wield Icy War Sigils   Painworking Salt Crusted Fervor Sigils
Flexible Motlen Magma War Sigils   Soulrending Streaming Fervor Sigils
All Melee Weapon Skills Finesse War Sigil   All Magic Skills Finesse Fervor Sigil

Caster Skill Increase Evocation Sigils Focus
Earth Earthern Evocation Sigil Earth Sigil
Cold Icy Evocation Sigil Ice Sigil
Fire Fiery Evocation Sigil Fire Sigil
Wind Airy Evocation Sigil Air Sigil
Body Heaten Evocation Sigil Heat Sigil
Matter Dusty Evocation Sigil Dust Sigil
Spirit Vapor Evocation Sigil Vapor Sigil
Mind Watery Evocation Sigil Water Sigil
Death Servant Focus   Ashen Sigil
Deathsight Focus   Vacuous Sigil
Painworking Focus   Salt Crusted Sigil
All Magic Focus   Brilliant Sigil


These are for Hibernia realm only:

Weapon Skill Increase War Spell Stones   Healer/Buffer/Pet Skill Increase Nature Spell Stone
Blades Watery War Spell Stone   Nurture Fiery Nature Spell Stone
Blunt Fiery War Spell Stone   Regrowth Watery Nature Spell Stone
Pierce Dusty War Spell Stone   Nature Earthen Nature Spell Stone
Large Weapon Heated War Spell Stone   Music Airy Nature Spell Stone
Celtic Spear Earthen War Spell Stone   Arboreal Path Steaming Nature Spell Stone
Celtic Dual Icy War Spell Stone   Creeping Path Oozing Nature Spell Stone
Recurve Bow Airy War Spell Stone   Verdant Path Mineral Encrusted Nature Spell Stone
Scythe Light War Spell Stone   All Magic Skills Finesse Nature Spell Stone
All Melee Weapon Skills Finesse War Spell Stone

Caster Skill Increase Arcane Spell Stone Focus Spell Stone
Mana Watery Arcane Spell Stone Water Spell Stone
Light Fiery Arcane Spell Stone Fire Spell Stone
Void Icy Arcane Spell Stone Ice Spell Stone
Enchantments Vapor Arcane Spell Stone Vapor Spell Stone
Mentalism Earthen Arcane Spell Stone Earth Spell Stone
Valor Airy Arcane Spell Stone  
Arboreal Path Focus   Steaming Spell Stone
Creeping Path Focus   Oozing Spell Stone
Verdant Path Focus   Mineral Encrusted Spell Stone
All Magic Focus   Brilliant Spell Stone


These are for Midgard realm only:

Weapon Skill Increase War Runes   Hybrid/Pet Skill Increase Primal Runes
Sword Watery War Rune   Beastcraft Earthen Primal Rune
Hammer Fiery War Rune   Battlesongs Airy Primal Rune
Axe Earthen War Rune   Stromcalling Fiery Primal Rune
Spear Heated War Rune   Bone Army Ashen Primal Rune
Composite Bow Airy War Rune   All Magic Skills Finesse Primal Rune
Thrown Weapons Vapor War Rune
Left Hand Icy War Rune
Hand to Hand Lightning Charged War Rune
All Melee Weapon Skills Finesse War Rune

Magic Skill Increase Chaos Rune Focus Rune
Darkness Icy Chaos Rune Ice Rune
Suppression Dusty Chaos Rune Dust Rune
Runecarving Heated Chaos Rune Heat Rune
Summoning Vapor Chaos Rune Vapor Rune
Bone Army Focus   Ashen Rune
All Magic Focus   Brilliant Rune
Mending Watery Chaos Rune
Augmentation Airy Chaos Rune
Subterranean Fiery Chaos Rune
Pacification Earthen Chaos Rune

Please note that Finesse War Sigil, Finesse War Rune, Finesse War Spell Stone, Finesse Fervor Sigil, Finesse Primal Rune, and Finesse Nature Spell Stone come only in the Tier 1 version.

How do I make gems for trophies?

To make the Etched Aquamarine Eye gems that are required for several trophies, you need to have 1009 skill in Spellcrafting (to make the gems at a yellow level). First, you need to get the supplies. All but one if found in the housing zone markets (not the houses merchants) under the Alchemy supply merchant. They are at the bottom of the page. You will also need a diamond seal.

The first step is to get a cleansed Diamond Seal. Go to the taxidermist in the market and hand them a diamond seal. This is the NPC without a title next to the taxidermist apprentice. The next step is to make a crushed diamond seal. Make sure you have 1 cleansed diamond seal and a bewitched hammer which you buy from the the Alchemy Supply merchant. The crushed diamond seal is listed as the second to last item on your Spellcrafting list. Finally the last step is to make the Etched Aquamarine Eye. Once again make sure you have all the supplies. It is the last item at the bottom of your list. Total cost for 1 Etched Aquamarie Eye including the diamond seal is about 270g.

How do I enchant items?

This is one thing that many Spellcrafters including LGMs are unsure about doing. In fact, I normally avoid doing enchanting. Why? Because the amount of money saved is very little compared to the head ache it gives. Personally I suggest that anyone needing some enchanting done just go to a housing enchanter and have them do it. But I will try to explain enchanting any ways here.

Enchanting uses dusts that are found on the Spellcrafting supply merchant. You can combine multiple dusts to get the desired effect. The amount of dust depends on the item you are enchanting. There are 2 main ways for determining the amount of dust that I have found to normally work. First once take the item you want to enchant and get it appraise by a merchant. Take 20% of that cost and buy the dust(s) that are closes to that amount but a little bit above it. The second way is to go to can NPC enchanter and have them appraise the item. Take 55% of that amount and buy the dust(s) that is closes to that amount either above or below. Once you have the dust, imbue them on the item like you would do with a normal gem. The dusts should add the full bonus doing either way. If not, go back and buy another low level dust and imbue it until you have the full bonus for the item.

What do I need to do for Legendary Weapons?

Several items are need to create Legendary Weapons. First you need a rare drop item comes only from Master Level X.10 and artie mobs. This will determine the elemental weapon type. Secondly, you need 3 tinctures that only a LGM Alchemist can make. Next, you need 3 gems that only a LGM Spellcrafter can make. These gems are based off they stat that effects the damage output on the weapons. Gems required are either 3 prefect fiery essence gems for strenght base weapons or 3 prefect vapor essence gems for dexterity based weapons. Finally you need a LGM Weaponcrafter or Flecther to make a lvl 51 weapon. This weapon will be used to determine the weapon type. After all that, a LGM Weaponcrafter or Flecther needs to take all the items listed and craft the Legendary Weapon. I would have the crafter use the +1 quality crafting quest tool since there is no guarantee on the quality of the weapon.

For Legendary Weapons, the only thing I do is to craft 15 prefect fiery essence and 15 prefect vapor essence gems and put them on my housing merchant. I sell them for 45g each and roughly have about 9-12 fiery essence gems and 3-6 vapor essences gems sell each week. Besides that, there isn't really anything more a Spellcrafter can do for Legendary Weapons


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