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What is a template?

A template is an idea of exactly what you want to Spellcraft onto each item. This allows for fewer mistakes when Spellcrafting and save alot of time. A template is normally in the form of an electronic file created by a template creation program, referred to as an Spellcrafting Calculator (SC Cal for short), but could also be as simple as a handwritten list or even a mental idea of the gems need to add. I STRONGLY, STRONGLY suggest using a Spellcrafting Calculator since it is the easy form for making templates, especially for beginners. I personally will not deal with anyone who does not have a template. You will find having a template increases your chances of finding a spellcrafter willing to do your order.

Where can I find a Spellcrafting Calculator?

There is two main Spellcrafting Calculator programs available for download. They are:


There is also a non-downloadable calculator at http://www.camelotherald.com/documentation/spellcraft.html.

Now that I have the calculator installed, what must I do to set it up?

The first time you start the calculator you need to set the options to fit your abilities and needs. Open the calculator then go to the Tool menu bar and select Options as shown here.

This will open up the window shown below. The first step is to set the level of your spellcrafter who will be doing your order. The level of spellcrafter is used to help determine the success rate for overcharges only. A Legendary Grand Master (LGM) is the 1001 level. Since I am am LGM spellcrafter, I have set it to this. Also the 1001 setting is the default setting. If you are unsure of the level of the spellcrafter you will be using or you are not doing to overcharge your gear, leave it at the default setting.

Next is to set the realm you are spellcrafting in. My main toon is in Hibernia so I set it to Hibernia. This is important since the gems names varies from realm to realm. Also you can set the race on the template to see race resists. Make sure you have the right realm set.

The other pages are not important unless you want to set the program to include crafters mark up in your price or add notes to the template. Since this varies from spellcrafter to spellcrafter, I am not good to cover it. Just know that you should ask before hand what the spellcrafter's mark up is if you are on a tight budget.

What are the different parts of the calculator?

The image above outlines the different parts of the calculator. First, things in Blue are you stats, skills, resists, focus, and other bonuses (like +5% to melee damage). In the resist column, the resist that have (#) is a race resist and are not use to calculate the resists caps on items. From now on, I will refer to stats, skills, focus, resists and other bonuses as just stats. In the character info section, you can change the stats to show either total value or distance from cap. Distance from cap is very helping when trying to max out a stat.

The next section is the one outlined in Green. This shows you the current stats add to that piece of armor. This is where you input the stats you want or have. If you select Drop type instead of Player, then 6 slots are avaible for input. This is to allow for ToA items which can have up to 6 stats on them.

The section outlined in yellow is the name of the gems that will be add to the item. This is important since on the spellcrafter's list, only the gem names and not the stats are listed. By having the names of the gems, you save the spellcrafter time by not making him or her look it up.

The last section outlined in purple show the current amount of imbue points and overcharge success rate. The first number is the number imbue points added onto the item. The second number is the max imbues points the item holds without overcharge. The place that current says "none" is the where the success rate for overcharge is listed.

Where do I start to make a template?

The first step to making a good template is to input gear that will not change or be spellcrafted. Most of this stuff will be inputted in the "Jewelry" section of the template. This is the area is for items that can't be spellcrafted. As show in the image below, you can enter your necklace, cloak (non-SC ones), waist, jewel, rings, and wrists. To enter these items first log into your character and record either by hand or by Alt+Tab, the stats of each items. Once you have the stats, click the apporiate Tab (ie necklace, right ring, cloak...) and input the first stat in the gem 1 slot by selecting the drop down box and choosing the type (ie resist, stat, skill, stat cap...). After this click the third box to drop down the possible effects for that type (ie for stat: str, dex, con...) Finally input the amount that stat adds. Repeat this for each stat until all the stats have been enter. If you do it correctly you should see the bonuses summaries increase to reflect the stats you enter. This is shown in the image below.

You also can enter the name of the item, its level, quality and bonus. These things are not required but are useful to have. You can save the item for later use on a different template or load one that you saved already. To save an item the name bow must have a named entered. To save the item just click save. It will save it with the name you enter and what kind of item it is (ie Necklace, Ring, Cloak...) and which realm it belongs to.

My Jewelry is enter now, but what about my artifact weapons and armors or my dropped gear I want to keep?

The process for entering armor and weapons you want to keep is very similar to entering Jewelry. First, click the Armor/Weapons tab. Next, click on the tab of the of the type of item you are keeping (ie chest, hands, feet, range...). On the right hand side above where the gem names are listed. click the radio button to set it to Drop, which is show in the image below outlined in blue. Once again enter the stats like you did for the Jewelry. Repeat the process for every item you are keeping.

All my jewelry and kept gear is inputted. What's the next step?

The next step is to enter each piece quality and level. This will determine how many imbue points each item will have. If you are unsure the level of the item click the "..." next to the level bow. This will open the window shown here on the right. Enter the DPS or AF of the item and it will determine the level for you. You also need to decide if you are going to Overcharge or not.

Once the level and quality of each item is inputted, you are ready to start deciding what stats to add to each item. I recommend that you switch to "Distance To Cap" view (found at the top) to see how much you left before hitting that stats max. Also I recommend starting with the weapons first, especially if you use several weapons like archers do. Add as much +skills and +stats that used for that weapon as you can to the weapon in order to save room on your armor for stats can be used for all weapons. Also focus gems can only be added to staffs and not armor.

Another tip is to do the stats that matter to you most first on the items. Use large +stats to save slots for resists on later items. I also try to put at least 2 resists on each item. This spreads out the resists since there is nine resist and you can't add the same resist twice on 1 item. So, try to make gems 1 and 2 stats, skills, or hits and gems 3 and 4 resists. You will must likely start running out of stats and skills by the third or fourth item. At this point make all the gems resists.

Also by playing with the placement of your gems, you are often able to condense your stats and resists allowing for more to be added. This is no best way for doing this other than just playing with it until you are happy with what you got. Likes the old saying "practice makes perfect" the more you templates you do, the better you will get at maxing out the items.

Why don't the stats on the total windows increase when I add stats to some of my weapons?

The reason for this is that each piece of armor and each weapon has an "equipped" check box. By default the program assumes you are using weapons in your right and left hands. So if you are spellcrafting a staff, large weapon, bows, or instruments (or any thing else that goes in the two-handed and range tabs) you need to add a check to the "equipped" box on in order for the stats to increase. Also remember to remove the checks in the right and left hand tabs if you are doing multiple weapons.

Another thing is that the cost does not change if you have the item unequipped. This allows a SCer to do the order in parts if he or she wants to. There is also a spare tab which can be used like any other tab. This is for overflow items like SCing a Cloak or a second 2-handed weapon or a third instrument.

The template is done and I have a Spellcrafter making the gems, how do I update the number of rolls so I can get the true cost?

This is pretty easy since the calculator automatically updates the cost for you as you input the number of rolls. First, click the "craft..." button on the right hand side of the calculator. This will open the window shown here. Next, input the number of rolls it took to make the gem minus 1. That means if the Spellcrafter got the right quality on the first try, you enter "0" as the number of remakes. If the Spellcrafter took 15 rolls to make the gem quality you need then enter "14" and so. Also once each gem is done, click the check box next to the gem number, which is outlined in green here. Once that is done for all the gems, click Close and if the item is equipped, the cost will update itself.



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