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Target Skill Level
The first thing to decide is what level materials you want to salvage and trinket. Pre-Shrouded Isles the highest materials you generally saw were tier seven (Diamond metal bars, etc.). Darkness Falls seals were turned into gold by purchasing items and salvaging them for large quantities of tier seven metal bars which could then be trinketed. Many drops like the popular Hibernian Finlaith Firebrand also yielded tier seven materials. To salvage and trinket at that level you needed to have 700 in metalworking or the comparable secondary skill like cloth working for cloth items. woodworking for staves, bows and instruments, etc.

But is 700 enough? At that level you can trinket one metal bar at a time with a yellow con trinket. You canít increase your secondary skill beyond your main skill so if youíre only 700 in tailoring itís going to take you a long time to get the Trinketing done.  The test subject remember the first Firebrand The test subject trinketed. 68 Diamond Metal Bars and The test subject had to do 100+ 13 second trinkets just to get it converted to gold because The test subject failed a lot on yellow.  If you raise your skill to 750 you can make hinges. Hinges trinket two metal bars at a time, so youíd only need to do half as many trinkets, still all at 13 seconds though. If you raise your main skill to 800 and your metalworking to 800 then youíve got it made. Youíre successful every trinket, you can trinket two bars at once and the hinge is grey so each trinket takes only 6.5 seconds to complete. You can turn a Finlaith Firebrand into 151g in about eight minutes, not bad.

So, 800 sounds good? Enter Shrouded Isles where most of the high level drops yield tier 10 materials. Now you need 900 skill in each secondary to be able to successfully salvage drops and start to trinket. One aside here; yes, you donít absolutely need 700 or 900 skill to salvage an item of that tier. However, if youíre significantly lower than the required skill you may yield fewer materials or fail and lose the item altogether. Bottom line, the ideal goal is to have 1000 in all secondary skills. Then you can salvage and trinket everything in the game at half trinket time. You can buy drops off people and pay them a percentage of the yield value, you can salvage your own drops and make sometimes upwards of three times the money you made in gold and loot alone.
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