Trinkets by Secondary

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Trinkets by Secondary

The table below shows the Hibernian trinkets for each of the four secondary skills and the materials they require.  You can use these items to both raise your skill in the secondary trade skill as well as convert salvaged materials into a higher cash yield.  Notice that some skills like metalworking and woodworking can be tricketed without any additional materials while Cloth working and leatherworking require other materials to complete the trinket.

Salvaging Yields

Secondary skills are the determining factor in which items you can salvage.  Before salvaging an item it's good to know what materials the item will yield so you can make sure you have the appropriate secondary skill to successfully salvage that item.

Each item you salvage will yield a quantity of one material.  This includes drops, merchant bought and player crafted items.  Regardless of the number of materials the item is composed of, salvaging yields a quantity of only one of those materials.

Material yields are based on item type.  Here's a table with the material yields for salvaging the different categories of items:

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