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1: Download the Teamspeak Client From 
1:Download the ventriomix 0.5 Client From;4198005;;/fileinfo.html

2: Navigate to where you downloaded the Teamspeak setup file and Double Click the Exe to start the installation.

3: You will be presented with a window asking you to confirm the installation of Teamspeak. Click "Yes" here.

4: You will then be presented with the setup program. Click "Next" Here.

5: Now you must read the License Agreement and if it is satisfactory select the "I accept the agreement" box. Then click "Next".

6: The Default location should be satisfactory so no changes here. Click "Next" to continue.

7: The Default setting here should be satisfactory so no changes here. Click "Next" to continue.

8: Here you must decide if you wish an icon be placed on your desktop for quick booting of Teamspeak. After making your choice click "Next" to continue.

9: No choices here. Click "Install" to continue.

10: After the installation reaches the end it will pop up an second window. Click "Next" to continue.

11: No Options Here. Click "Next" to continue.

12: No Options Here. Click "Finish" to continue.

13: No Options Here. Click "Next" to continue.

14: Make sure "Launch Teamspeak" is selected and then click "Finish" to continue.

15: After Teamspeak finishes booting go to the Settings Menu and click "Sound Input/Output Settings"

16: On this window make sure the Output Volume is at Max. Secondly you have the choice to determine if your microphone is activated by you holding down a button or automatically when it detects a certain noise level.

For Push to talk, set a button.


For Voice Activation, click the Activate local test mode. Then proceed to speak into your mic at an average volume and tweak with the "Voice Activation Level" so that the green light only comes on when your are speaking.

After completion of this task. Click "Close" to continue.

17: Go to the Connection Menu and click "Connect"

18: Make sure the "Local Addressbook" tab is selected and right click in the white area to bring up the shown menu. Click on "Add Server".

19: Select the Newly Added Entry and Areas for information should appear on the right.

Label : {Server Description}
Server Address : {Server that you are connecting to}
Nickname : {Enter Your Favourite Nickname Here}

Select "Registered" and enter your Login Name and Password as given to you. If you do not yet have a Login and Password, Select Anonymous and Leave the Password slot blank. Click "Connect" to continue.

20: Congratulations, you are now a part of a server's tribe!

also try out TS overlay (helps you see whos talking)

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