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n52 game pad

You may make macros with these commands like so:

To make a macro, type the following without the brackets:

/macro [title] [command/text]

using macro and the Qbind feature can make your key board much more useful

useful macros

macro Description
/macro newass /macro assist /assist %t this macro will make you you a new assist macro on the person you have targeted.
/macro inc /g <--- enemy %t inc ---> will write to group that you have spot your target will write     <---enemy <targeted mob> inc --->
/macro off /disembark get off a boat in rvr
/macro lost /g lost stick wait plz write to group window : lost stick wait plz
/macro face /face face your target
/macro stick /stick stick to your target
/macro gt2000 /setgroundtarget 2000 sets your ground target 2000 units in front of you
/macro bginvite /bg invite %t invites your target to your battle group
/macro bgopen  /bg public` makes you battle group public
/macro bgclose  /bg private makes your battle group private
/macro bgpass  / bg password word set the password on your battle group to word
/macro treasurer / bg treasurer <name> sets the treasurer of the battle group
/macro bgtreasure /bg loot treasurer sets the bg to a loot treasurer bg
/macro lootlvl30  /bg lootlevel 30 set the level of the drop that will go to the treasurer 30+
/macro lootlvl35  /bg lootlevel 35 set the level of the drop that will go to the treasurer 35+
/macro lootlvl50  /bg lootlevel 50 set the level of the drop that will go to the treasurer 50+
/macro listen /bg listen switchs bg listen only or all speak
/macro bgdont /bc NO ONE SPEAK TO THE NPC shout in bg "no one speak to the npc" very useful when running ml raids
/macro ran100 /random 100 picks a random number between 1 and 100
/macro ran1000 /random 1000 picks a random number between 1 and 1000
/macro location /loc gives you your loc
/macro stats /stats %t give you the stats in rvr of your target
/macro nerf /yell omg ffs Nerf WL now if you don't like warlocks
/macro alb /yell FOR ALBION what you should be yelling when ever you meet hibs or mids
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