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Nostromo n52 game pad

Nostromo™ SpeedPad n52 by Belkin

Built to conquer your enemy, the Nostromo Speed Pad n52 captures all the advantages of its critically acclaimed predecessor, the n50, and cranks up the juice with advanced options to dominate your game. It puts keyboard and game pad functionality into one small and easy-to-use device, delivering more tools for customizing your game than ever. Using feedback from hundreds of gamers, our engineers designed the n52's intuitive nature and stylish versatility to give you easy access to your arsenal of deadly manoeuvres. So start programming up to 104 functions now-and watch how dangerous you become.
this gaming pad will help speed up your in game reactions how ever bewared using the macro functions to craft can get your banned so it is best not to use it for that (if you do do so at your own risk), however it is very good for the /use and /use2 abilities on arties and using power ,heal and endurance barrels

any way get one and you will see what you can use it for r

emember macroing on a 3rd party device can be classed as using a 3rd party device to aid game play

places to buy

plus.net shop £20.99

argos online £24:99

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