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Golestandt with 1 GROUP!


2 VARIATIONS of group setup:

GROUP SETUP 1: 2 Paladins that circle guard each other and both protect clerics, 2 FoP Clerics w/ DI2 or DI3, 1 Friar for Heat resist, 1 Minstral for Ablative, 1 Mercenary protect friar, and 1 Any tank. Have a PBT Theurgist with Croc Tear ring out of group

GROUP SETUP 2: 2 Clerics, 1 Paladin, 1 Merc, 4 Friars w/ new spec buffs/procs etc..., 1 PBT Theurgist with Croc ring out of grp


Make your way to Golestandt's Lair. Upon arriving have a puller run outside the lair aggroing then killing 4 guards. Once all 4 guards are dead setup on the East entrance, no need for someone to get out of grp and pull etc... only one grp here... so just have the pally run in first stop about 1/4 way from entrance to the mound and the nasty dragon will aggro... setup pwr font etc...

RULE #1) Golestandt AE Breathes at 99%, 89%, 79%, 69%, 59%, 49%, 39%, 29%, 19%, and 9% you can avoid this if you time a slam right at the 9's before 98 etc...

RULE #2) Every now and then he will glare at someone in the grp. Make sure you pay attention to the scroll chat for the name of the player he glares at AND YELL AND SCREAM IN VENT <NAME> GTFO AWAY FROM GRP... the person getting glared at, SPRINT AWAY FROM YOUR GRP!!!!

RULE #3) EVERYONE needs to be in melee range, everyone says /stick etc... yes you do /stick... but just don't run right at him and /stick he has a huge melee range... if you are at his belly when you /stick you will be in for a nasty suprise because his AE breathe's are highest damage underneath his belly at ground zero

RULE #4) Golestandt throws so make sure when you get thrown to press forward and sprint... this will avoid damage from fall about 80% of the time... then run back to grp and setup

RULE #5) KEEP YOUR GRP MATES REZED/BUFFED/DH'd and RESISTED!!!! FRIAR(s) and the Paladin(s) are support incase clerics are low pwr/dead etc.. GET THEM UP ASAP...

RULE #6) When his guards re-pop just have who ever doesn't have agro kill the guards when they come... KEY HERE IS TO NOT PANIC just stand still... target and attack

RULE #7)If Golestandt chases you when you get thrown don't stand there like a noob and attack him on the mound GTF back to PWR FONT.... KEY IS TO STAY NEAR THE PWR FONT AT ALL TIMES!!!!!

RULE #8) At 30% health Golestandt will start to AE stun/mez... Make sure at 32-31% have a DET font down... if you have purge... or charge to use them... PALLY's spam slam before he gets ready to stun/mez... Key here is to NOT PANIC!!!! HE DOES THIS A LOT till he is dead!!! SO from now on use all your defensive ML's if you are Banelord use Tactical Insight, if you are Stormlord use the Dazzling Array... use DT/Blinding Dust... you get the idea

If you follow these simple guidlines your group will leave with 3 stones of each and tons of items....

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