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Golly with 25

The Alb classic dragon isnt too hard and is easily killable. I generally run it with 17-25 people. My basic setup is as follows: Pally, tank, tank, tank, tank, cleric, cleric, friar. Repeat this setup for each group. I have led raids that kill him him with 17, but 25 is faster. The odd man out is a PBT thurg with Croc Ring. All this thurgist does is run PBT, and haste/damage add the tanks. I dont beleive in petspem on the dragon. Seems to cause lots of random issues with agro.

OK, now onto the raid. First and foremost, communication is paramount. I highly recommend Teamspeak or Ventrilo. Have everyone make a macro with RP filter for glare and breathes. Make sure your tanks set up guards protects and such. Friars cast heat resists, and keep them up. This will cut the AE damage by alot. Move your way thru Dartmoor. When you get to the lair, kill all the giants. Now that you are there designate group numbers. When you start on Golestandt have everyone on him. Get your FOPs down. NO SORs. Causes too many issues with cleric getting agro.

Chances are your clerics will get breathed on before anything else. Clerics should kite when this happens, with decent heat resists, they will not be killed. The other cleric simply chain heals them untill tanks re-gain agro. If someone dies it is imparitve that they are rezzed and rebuffed immediately. The rezzing is best done by someone from the other groups as the clerics in the attacking groups have enough to deal with.

When you start on the dragon have everyone on him. Get FOPs down. Clerics heal. When dragon hits 90% pull group 2 and 3 off (if you have a 3rd group) and let them med. This way your raid will never get wiped. After his stun/breath at every 10%, put everyone back on him. When he hits 80% pull everyone except group 2 off. Let group 2 take the brunt of his attack. Continue this until dragon dies. The group that is resting is responsible for giants that add or spawn.

Overall it will take you anywhere from 25 minutes to over an hour. Golestandt spawns at varying levels, and Ive had it take almost 2 hours with 2 groups. Im pretty sure he spawned at level 90 or so that time. This is pretty straight forward raid. No real surprises. Just stay on him, rotate your groups if they get too beat up, and dont let your groups get AEd.

Best of luck



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