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Instance 1: Recapturing a Tower

When Albion is in the offence on a tower, two major things are needed. And one , also important but not always needed add.
1: Troops to invade the tower upon opening the door. Most effective groups are the Pbaoe groups/bombing groups. If you have no Pbaoe troops availble you will have to relly on a combination of Tanks and interrupting troops to gain the upperhand. (Timing is the golden word)
2: ranged attacks: they focus on the ranged occupants to let the non-ranged troops get in range of the tower without getting shot down. (killing ranged defence will debuff them for a while so they are less hard to deal with until they are fully opperational again)
3: Defence support : ppl that patrol the area of the besieged tower ( ideal are the FG gank groups) to watch for incomming support of the enemy.

If you lack one of these two factors ( 1&2 ), your chance upon conquering a defended tower is practically ZERO. (unless you are dealing with an incompetent defence in that tower, low numbers, just bored players wanting to farm a bit of rps). This combination is also called a TEAM.

Ranged attacks: use:
1) Ballista's (be they deminutive of plain constructed once) these are extremely handy for tanks to use while they are defending the troops while either the tower is beeing destroyed or the gate is beeing opened. They can be used in combination with Hookpoint-Palintons to destroy the besieged tower's defence aparatusus. (remember only X siege apparatuses / object)
2) CONSTRUCTED trebuchets: This to save HOOKPOINTS OF BEEING WAISTED IN THE TIDE OF BATTLE. (If you CBA to learn how to build one, or you CBA to spend your gold on one, don't bother using a hookpoint on a tower/keep since you could be enrisking a full battle with you RP-farming attempt)
3) Archery: the best of the best for disabling enemy ranged troops. I've seen a LOT off verry good archers in Albion. But seeing that i realize they can't do all...

Hookpoints on Tower / Central keeps in range of the besieged tower:

NEVER FIELD A TREBUCHET ON THESE HOOKPOINT. There is only ONE instance where a trebuchet is handy, that would be if the Albion troops have the upperhand and have NOTHING to fear (as in: they are the Siege INITIATOR). Hereby i mean that there is NO THREAT of a counter siege. Personal judgement is required here( NOT :"huh huh me want rp's , me farm like moron" judgement, but a Winning spirited one).
If there is but ONE enemy trebuchet firing upon a nearby Tower/Keep use Palintons to disable the enemy trebuchets and siege equipment.

In general when conquering a defended tower it is a lot faster to disable the defences (hookpoints: first oil then interrupt roof campers via enemy treb or palinton) and open the door using a ram then it is to Completely destroy a tower and then start to work on the gate. (green con towers are going down pretty fast, but mostly if the offence has a plan they will have it levelled)

In some instances it is hard to target the enemy Ram with a palinton, use the following trick to bypass all problems.
Walk to the ledge and pan-view till you have visual of the ram ( only a small corner is needed to target the ram ). Don't become a target when doing so :-)
Then leave the CAMERA in position , default key is F11, and walk back to the apparatus, click the aparatus to re-open the USE menu and then use the camera position to aim for the ram). If you practice this two time you'll master it and be able to target all rams.

Instance 2efending a besieged tower

Hookpoints: Do NOT waist a hookpoint on a TREBUCHET... the main reason is that a trebuchet has a MINIMUM range and you have waisted the UTMOST valuable hookpoint on something that can only be off service for about 10 seconds of the defence.
If you want to splatter some AOE damage to gather a bit of RP's... group up with some suicidal PBaoe wizzy and a couple of healers and let him bomb the enemy.
If you field a trebuchet on the main hookpoints YOU are a possible cause of losing that defence fight. If the enemy makes a small ram, disables the oil, stays near the edge of the tower... all are screwed.
If this hookpoint remains open until it is NEEDED... when the enemy fields a ram, the person fielding a Palinton on that hookpoint IS the main reason why a defence could be won and a tower could be saved.
There is only ONE instance where a trebuchet on these hookpoints is usefull and that would be when the tower sieging equipment can be used in an OFFENCE versus an enemy central keep/tower. Even then, it would be a lot wiser to field a palinton and destroy the enemy sieging equipment to save the lifespann of the tower. The longer you keep a tower healthy the longer you will have the upperhand in an offence. IF you do outnumber the enemy 3/1 letting the tower go down won't matter if you focus on getting the main keep. Keeping the tower in shape, makes it defendable at all times when the tide of war changes. (offence becomes defence)
Always keep in mind that a tower used for a Central keep offence always will have about 2 enemy siege aparatusses on it. If the enemy fields two trebuchets and are both in range, they can cause havoc and the offence loses the upperhand because the tower will be destroyed in a minimum of time.

After this littany...; if you STILL deceide to use a trebuchet for some purpose USE it wise... DON'T use it to aim for players unless there is NOTHING else to destroy. Some ppl just can't help it to aim for the Rp's instead of the result.
I just hope that they do realize... if you aim correct you gain rp's.

Most of the albion sieges i have experience are not won because of style or competency , but only by numbers. Most offences i have esperienced from other realms are anticipated upon the knowledge of Albions weakness, disorganization, chaos. Albion only seems to win when they have numbers, i just hope my writin here could wake ppl up and fight like it should be. So some can win in style. (there are a couple of verry competent siege guilds out there but they are a minority, there are a lot off players that know how to judge accordingly but a majority doesn't.)

What would help also it for the Gm's of guild to inform their guildies with some minor tactics usable in warfare.

And again i repeat.... i do know all ppl go hunt to have fun.. but if ALL would jsut fight with the sam knowledge and the same ATTEMPT to obtain results they would realize they had fun in doing so.


YES!!!! If something is broken it MUST be repaired. Pick up a tradeskill, gain some woodworking, and ASSIST repairs. (it only take a couple of hours to gain a decent level)

As it is now.... there are only about 2-3 ppl that bother to repair or spend their time into fixing the broken stuff. While ALL others rush off towards their possible next 1k rp spot they leave all:
1) undefended
2) unrepaired
3) unprepared

Try to look at it this way, if an enemy has started a siege, there are two possible reasons why they did/do so:

1) just some bored hoodlums seeking attention
2) main purpose of achieving a major goal like crippling our realm

If a defence was succesfull it means that all there will gain rp's (not always a lot but nice and for free) If something is destroyed and you leave without taking responcebilities, you lay all responcebilities in a couple of ppl their hand and you treat them like fools. It is not because you THINK they like crafting or repairing that they DO like it. Most just do it because it is a responceble act to do.

If EVERYBODY at a defence puts in five minutes of their time into it, all repairs would be done in a MINIMUM of time and ALL ppl there could move out as a unit again. Or they will be ready for the next siege if the enemy returns.
Do a wood run with your group, because moving as a group willmake it safer for all to return , and not be intercepted by some fledlings.

If your keep is under siege, keep an eye open at the enemy siege
If our sieging Materials have illiminated theirs or the times on their aparatusses have run out there is a GAP.. During that period, with group efford, a LOT of the damage can be repaired.

To make sure a Gate is not beeing attacked, do two things

1)Save the OIL hookpoint till it is really needed.. there is a timer on sieging equipment, if you are dealing with a patient enemy they will use that. If the oil is up, it is a target for enemy fire, this also causes interruption of all troops on that platform hindering all casting , shooting.

2)Since there prolly always will be about 5-6 archers around try to get them organized and get a decent Groundtarget set in front of the gate. A combined volley can really scare the **** out of the gate attakers. Chaos will make them scatter and open for the finish. A simple , unstealth (to be sure all can assist you), /B archers Volley gtaoe assist me on the count of.. blabla .. you know what i mean. Talk to your realm-mates, it will makes things go better, not always faster, but better.

Tower NPC's.

If you are solo, or with a few ppl they are extremely handy from time to time. If 4 archers have a tower a cleric NPC for exemple on top of the tower is a MUST. The healer can heal enough to make you survive the Warlock DOT. Set the cleric for heal [more] and you will see , she/he heals better then the average buffbot. These NPC's also act like a decent radar if an enemy enters their radius (fairly big one)

If you are in a serious defence, do not bother to field them when the siege commenced. The NPC's can not move and are a vurnerable target to enemy AOE attacks, those interrup and cause havoc on platforms. The only spots where a NPC can be off use would be at the non besieged side, for exemple a cleric at the rear of the tower, on top of the tower... place the healers out of sight of the enemy... same reason as mentioned before, AOE attack.

Central keep NPC's

feel free to experiment with these. Since there is a LOT of room to avoid attacks in a Central keep... mistakes can be minimized. But still try to set up things with common sence, as in ..; healers out of vieuw... casters on ledges, scouts on ledges etc...
Experiments with the different options that the NPC's have availble, they can do funny stuff no other alb toon can do.

ok, this concluses another minor add, just some info what could help us all out there. Still feel free to do as all like off course... just a pov.

i took the liberty in writing this constructive posts because Flamers of these posts (looks two posts upwards) are always the FIRST to nagg if something goes wrong in there... typical off course. Easier to call someone a noob or an idiot, then to give some advice or a point of vieuw on how it could have been.

By red hatred


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