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Summoners Hall

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This whole raid was done with the following group  pally, frair heal spec, buffbot x2, Reju cleric, inf, cabby (ML9).

Grand Summoner Govannon

He's fairly easy if you do things the right way. First, send in the ML9 pet and have him smack Summoner. Once the pet has aggro, the inf ran around behind the Summoner and killed his 3 nodes in the following order Fire, Shield, Heal. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the room 2 portals will open and start summoning yellow / oj con mobs. The pally killed both portals and then went around cleaning up the mobs that had made it out before the portals closed. Once that was done, it was a simple matter of assisting the pet on Summoner. If someone aside from the pet gets aggro, have them kite while everyone else spams snare styles to slow the Summoner down.

Summoner Roesia

This Summoner is the easiest of the bunch. When you first zone into the room, ignore him. Instead circle around the room and melee down the three Nodes on the walls. Once that is done, he's very simple and goes down pretty quick like a normal purple mob.

Summoner Cunovinda

This Summoner is easily the toughest (excluding the Grand Summoner.) He will nuke you for a couple hundred, double hit you occasionally for 400 a shot, and randomly tosses people in the air for varying degrees of falling damage. Still with enough healers and persistence he can be taken down without any tricks at all. We stuck the pally, inf, and ML9 pet on him while everyone else say on power fonts and kept them alive. It took probably 30 minutes, but eventually we were victorious.

Summoner Lossren

This Summoner can be very easy or very difficult, it depends on your luck. Spread your healers out throughout the whole room, and have them each drop power fonts. Once that's done, send in your melee. Eventually he'll start aggroing one of the healers but you can just kite him around the room w/ your melee spamming snare styles to slow him down. What makes this encounter so difficult is that he will randomly spawn "restless dead", these are yellow / oj mobs that don't move but if you run over them they will hit you and root you (long duration root too, like 45 seconds.) We had the Cabby nuke them down, and the pally would help if too many got out at once. It's critical to keep these under control, otherwise you can get into real trouble. If you keep these adds out of the way, Lossren is no trouble at all.

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