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Caer Sidi

The #1 rule of thumb

Kill all the normal mobs in each area before zergin the namer of each key. Basically, in Sidi what causes the wipes of big raids is the adds not the lvl 80+ bosses. All the namers of each key have normal mobs to be killed before you kill the namer, and all of normal mobs will BAF if you pull the namer of each key.

The Keys

Key #1: Skeletal Saoristan

As you go down the hall, then down the first spiral staircase, set the raid at the bottom of the stairs and the raid leader or puller will pull all of the normal mobs before taking the raid to the 1st key mob. After all the normal mobs of key #1 are killed, take the raid to Skeletal Saoristan. Pull then watch as he runs away, just chase him and attack, sometimes he will run through walls, if you have theurgists have them cast pets then just follow the pets.

Earth pets and ONLY Earth pets really seem to get some damage on him. I usually take a few theurgs so I can break the to-hit code on the mobs, and we did that last raid. Spam enough pets and his life will go down real fast. Each pet counts as an added player, so a raid of 45 with 20-30 earth pets makes it roughly 65-75 people attacking him!

Key #2: The Spectral Provisioner

This guy is pretty much the same as key #1 mob with the running away, however, the Provisioner drops sacks of decaying junk in your inventory, if you are the lucky winner of the sack of crap it will encumber you and you can't move, so just right click on the junk in your inventory and /destroy to get movin.

Note - Its a good idea to bring a stack of 50 spellcrafting components (like essence of life etc). You can unstack enough to fill your whole inventory, so you will never be slowed down.

Note - This pet will Melee (Occassionally) - Enough that it can eventually kill himself on a a necro pet.

Key #3: Lich Lord Ilron

Of coure just like the last 2 mobs pull and kill all the normal mobs, before you pull the Lord. Before you pull the Lich Lord make sure you have Det Fonts up, Purge rdy, and have the Mercs use charge before you pull him. Once you pull the Lich Lord, he will spawn images of him, just ignore the images and kill the real one. Once the images appear he will cast a very nice pbaoe mez spell.

Note - This enounter is not possible with a duo.


Key #4: Warlord Dorinakka

Again, pull all his mobs in his room before you pull the big guy. He will parry a lot, so have the tanks get behind him.

GOOD STRATEGY - Use the Scout you have at your disposal to pull mobs, shoot once, then have them return to the BG. There was an issue before with 1 mob being linked toWarlord Dorinaaka, and when he was pulled, Boss #4 came out of his chamber. KILL ALL ADDS First, then worry about the bosses.

KILL THE KEY#6 before Key#5
Doing so, avoids some raid members getting ported from the #5 boss to a pool of high level mobs near #6.'''

Key #6: Bane of Hope

Easy, just kill all the mobs before killing the Bane of Hope.


Key #5: Silencer

Again, kill the normal mobs before zergin Silencer. While fighting Silencer he will adapt resistances to what people are using so make sure you read the upper scroll bar. If you attack him with whatever he broadcasts he may port you to a pool away from raid. That is why it is imparitive that you kill the #6 boss before this one.


Key #7: Lord Sanguis

Again, kill all the normal mobs before pulling Lord Sanguis. Lord Sanguis is a mage who spawns blood mages to attack. Once Lord Sanguis is dead, several blood mages spawn, and Lord Sanguis will come back as a Lich Lord. You have to click target him, you can't do a target nearest enemy to him. Like Warlord he parry's a lot so make sure the tanks are behind him. He is vulnerable to crush and thrust, but resistant to slash and magic spells.


Key #8: The Crypt Lord

The Crypt Lord patrols four rooms south of the staircase. Make sure you have someone with range to pull all the normal mobs before pulling the Crypt Lord, be careful though because if you pull a normal mob when it is close to the The Crypt Lord it will BAF the boss, so make sure the boss moves away from the normal mob before pulling it. Make sure the raid is situated on the staircase.


Key #9: The Soul Reckoner

Just like the Crypt Lord, kill all the normal mobs before attacking the boss. The Soul Reckoner is surrounded by souls which must be killed before the Reckoner can be damaged. Just assist the MA. Also make sure you keep the Reckoner inside his lair otherwise you can't do damage to him.


Key #10: The Host

Make sure you kill all the normal mobs, before attempting to pull The Host. First and foremost The Host is a patrolling mob, with a bunch of adds with him with the same name The Host, when you target him all the names are the same and they look the same, however, the main host is in the center of the pack, so if you target the center one and pull have the whole raid assist then kill the main one then they all disapear after the main one is dead. Make sure you setup the raid in a spot where there is good distance between the puller and the zerg.

NOTE - Easiest way to do this is to target one and if it says, "This monster is worth Master Level Experience," then you have the right one, if not, check each one until you find the right Host. THE REAL HOST MUST have that message accompany it!


The Four Horseman

General Strategy for each: Kill the horse first, then the adds, then the horseman.

Fames: Kill horse first, then it's simple, a straight melee fight.

Bellum: Spawns 20 or so flying weapons that attack you. Some of them share health so when one is attacked they all take damage, and die at the same time. So, kill the horse first, then use assist to take down the weapons and then kill the horseman.

Morbus: Spawns bugs that attack you. Kill the horse first and assist to take them down one at a time. This one does aoe disease, so make sure you have a cleric in each group.

Funus: Very easy kill the horse; however, then you have to listen when Funus comes. ONLY CLERICS CAN DAMAGE HIM!!!!!! So everyone has to either stay away, or sit down except clerics. He has very few hps, however, any other person that attacks that is not a cleric will heal him. So only clerics attacks, and he will go down in a jiffy.

Note: Level ONE (and no higher) earth pets can add to the to hit total without actually causing damage. Helps speed up the process for your clerics.



Apocolypse is by far the hardest boss in-game; and the ugliest boss at that. Furthermore, it is imparitive that everyone in the BG not GO AFK!!!!! Everyone has to play!!!! Strategy goes like this:

1) KEEP YOUR TEAM REZZZED!!!!!! He doesn't AE like the dragon, but he can insta kill a single target. So it's a bit easier to keep your mates rezzed.

2) PET SPAM--PET SPAM--PET SPAM-- and if you have ML9 make sure you ML9 your pet!!!! Make sure you have the theurgists coordinate pet spam.

3) Kill his adds when they spawn, they are called harbringers, MAKE SURE YOU ASSIST!!! Usually these guys are what wipes the raid, so make sure you take down the adds when they spawn.

4) Necro debuff are very important as well. DEATHSIGHT NECROS!!!!! Necros must CHAIN DEBUFF on Apoc while the theurgists spam pets on Apoc this will help the dd casters do more damage.

Final thoughts: Sidi is a teamwork raid, you cannot just zerg the boss or run through quickly, you have to pay attention to the raid leader. Best experience comes to those who pay attention.


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