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Orc's power levelling guide

see the video on the orcs in action

1.if you get to orcs and no one else has been doing them they should look like the screen shot
2.kill the ogre's in the 1st 3 groups closest to the the water see screen shot
3.now for the final group disband your buff bot stun the oger squad leader with the buff bot the rest of the grp will aggro the cleric wait till they move away the aoe debuff more mezz them and kill them the ogre squad leader should un-stun and go after the buffbot if it dosent smite it with cleric then run north with his aggro (dont kill him no matter what die if need be). if the cleric cant get aggro who ever has aggro runs north (never run south in to orcs)
4.right so have got rid of all the ogre's bar the sqaud leader (the trigger mob)



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5.the orcs form up in 6 groups of 6 and con yellow to a level 50 best to pull them and 2 goes ie 3 sets of 6 twice



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6.the 1st set position in the right place




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7.the 2nd set position in the right place




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8.orcs all dead time to pull the trigger hit him with a low level spell



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9.There is a few paths you can take once you pull him but the easiest to start with is running straight north till he de-aggros



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10.The Trigger will de-aggro and walk back in to place then its just after that just keep repeating steps 6 to 10



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Watch a movie of how to do it if you have broadband


my 1st public daoc video

Zeus does orcs






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Note and Tips

NEVER KILL the "ogre squad leader" closest to the tree
make sure you do /anon

take a salvager with you you will get loads of wood metal leather and some cloth

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