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Orc's power level spot

Resetting at Krondon

Approch krondon from the west so your travelling east
look up at the cliff face on the north you will see thergus the inspirer get you self in range and pull him
trun west and start running
as you can see thergus the inspirer and his body guards are now chancing you so keep running
once you out they will start to deaggro
by the time you reach the towers to the west of krondon where the ogres are stood every thing should have deaggro
the orcs will start to form up at krondon when they are done they will move out(note the times on the screen shots to give you and idea of how long it can take)
now head south to the power spot (you can see  on the map where it is). after a few hours (normally 1 to 24 hours) the orcs and ogres will form up.


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