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Avalon City

Start at the entrance of AC and move to the crystal cave from there. When clearing Sentries you need to be quick, they respawn very rapidly. If you cant kill them fast enough, pull the rest down to the bottom of the stairs and into the tunnel where no more mobs spawn. Next, just enter the cave.

Crystal Cave

Stay put when you zone in. The guards, these guys are really tough for being guards. Make sure you have a designated MA. Work your way down the tunnel gradually killing the guards in pairs. Once you get to Xanicar's lair move inside to the right on the mound behind the crystals. Med up, buff,etc.  Spread out, stick. At about 50% he will "split." This is when you get about 6 Xanxicar Champions, have the 2 groups stay on Xanxicar and the rest of the zerg take the adds. After the adds are dead you are on cruise.


He drops remains and 100% qual items. The other items are decent, these 2 rings we received on the 2nd server were pretty good. Fire wizzys hit with their aoe for about 100 a hit. This turned out to be a great help with less people.

you can do this with a servant necro but that's something else

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