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Part of the Catacombs expansion to DAoC, Darkspire is a instanced zone designed for a single group of adventurers. While the map of the zone is the same for all 3 realms, the encounters and named mobs are unique.

Darkspire is one of the most interesting encounters in that it demands that certain tasks be completed for you to progress and others tasks that if not completed can make your journey more difficult.

Darkspire's entrance is located on the Eastern border of the Underground Forest.

Running the raid...

The obelisk in the Underground Forest offers an excellent location to meet and form the group and Battlegroup.


Group make up

While variations on this are likely as effective my suggested group make up is; 2 healers, 3 tanks, and 2 AOE casters. This leaves one spot available for any other class. Groups heavy in melee damage are effective however the pace is slower. Ranged damage will be beneficial in the spire.

Tanks are to acquire aggro and protect the healers and casters.

It would be very beneficial if the healing classes each had a Font of Power and Divine Intervention.

Finally, casters with AOE damage will greatly assist in dispatching mobs quickly.

Once formed have all group members join a Battlegroup as well.


Battlegroup Setup

Using a Battlegroup for this encounter is only necessary when you intend to follow the event with a lotto for the items that have dropped. The follow rules dict act a loot item level and the treasurer who should receive all items that meet or exceed that level. Anyone in the group can loot the items, but those items in the level range will not be auto split, they will go directly to the treasurer.

Upon entering the instance, set the follow Battlegroup loot rules:

/bg lootlevel 35
/bg loot treasurer
/bg treasurer <bg member name>

Note: If the above rules were set prior to entering the instance they will not work. Simply reset them once you have entered the instance and /bg loot will work appropriately.



Once the group has been formed and all are ready to move leave the meeting spot and travel East then South through the Undergroud Forest. It's recommended that you take the long route around the edge of the zone rather than cutting East through the middle, to avoid aggro.

Once you approach the Darkspire entrance have everyone break auto follow and sprint straight to the portal through all of the yellow - red mobs that stand just outside.


Through the caves

Setup location

Upon entering the instance take a moment to get buffs, guards, and protects up. A member of the party should speak with the nearby NPC, Sir Anfortas, before you begin. He tells his tale of a lost love that has been taken prisoner here in the caves. He asks that you assist him in freeing her and warns of the danger ahead.

This also marks a good time to share with the group a few basic guidelines and perhaps a little information on what to expect.

  • Designate a single puller or main assist
  • Assisting tanks should individually select a incoming target and engage it to aquire it's aggro
  • Stack the mobs in one location for the AOE Casters to be most effective
  • Suggest that the group moves up together and no one should move ahead of the puller, or a designated scouter
  • Average pull with a full group should bring 3
  • There are 5 named mobs before entering the spire, 6 within the spire
  • On average you shall receive between 10-16 "Maleficent Darkspire" item drops in total
  • On an average pace Darkspire can be completed in 1 hour and 45 minutes (excluding lotto)

When the group is ready to begin have a healer drop a Font of Power and pull when ready. You continue to move forward at your groups prefered pace.

While proceeding through the caverns you will encounter 5 named mobs.

Pard & Bittern

Setup location

Pard, calls several blue con spiders to aid Bittern calls a few red con flowing ooze's to aid


When pulling Scitalis invisible yellow and orange con adds will also pop 1 per group member. If you have a designated puller move up to Scitalis and have the rest of group stand ready for incoming down the south hall, only 1 add will spawn on the puller who can then pull the mobs back to the group.

Lady Orguelleuse & Sir Anfortas

Pull once or twice to clear Inconnu aggro from the right half of the room.

Once clear approach Lady Orguelleuse , She commands Sir Anfortas to attack your group of 'intruders', kill Sir A., kill Lady O, then move quickly to the Spire.

Note, Mobs summoned within the spire are linked to the death of Lady O. If killed last you can greatly decrease the numbers of mobs ahead of your party. Upon her death the spire doors open and mobs are summoned.

Entering the Spire

Upon the death of Lady O. the group should move together but swiftly South and through the door to the Spire.

1. A caster should target (green con) and destroy the Crystal of Summoning.

2. The group then moves quickly down the ramp to the first room, Trapmaster.

3. Interact with the obelisks around the room, a group member will receive the Crystal of Draining, that member should approach the Red crystal and Right-Click it. You should see a confirmation message in your chat box indicating the swords trap is down.

4. Move together and enthusistically down the ramp to the T intersection, again a caster should step forward and destroy the next Crystal of Summoning

5. The group should then again move down the ramp to the next room, the Mender, dispatching any aggro you encounter on the ramp.

6. Watch for the spawn of the Mender Gargoyle, must not let it escape the room.

7. Moving as group down the ramp again, the caster should step forward at the T intersection and destroy the 3rd and final Crystal of Summoning.

8. The final room on along the ramp is the Runner room. Engage the rooms mobs, when the Commander is at approx. 30% health the Runner will spawn. The Runner does not stop to fight, he moves out of the room, and down the ramp making his way to the Spire. You must stop him before the bridge. If he reaches the bridge he will trigger the spawn of mobs on the ramp leading up.

Smooth and consistant movement down the spiral will ensure the least amount of aggro.

Destroy the Crystals of Summoning

3 Rooms: Trap room, Mender room, and the Runner Make note of the Crystals of draining

Loot & Lotto

Was looking for a walkthrough for the final bosses. I found this thread on the VN that has some really good info for hints, tips and strategy for all realms:

"Now you’re up to the middle of the spire. Head down the spiral to the base of the cavern, then around to the right, until you reach the bridge. If you’ve done everything right to this point and killed the Runner in trapmaster room 3, you should see a bridge with open gates and no mobs. If the Runner escaped, the gates will be closed and there will be a defense force that you have to kill.

Note: You may be affected by the same “closed gate” bug that I described earlier. It’s tougher to handle this one, but you can try to kite Knightsguard Valens onto anyone who’s stuck. More on that in a moment.

When you cross the bridge, you’ll be tempted to head up the spire to the right. The ramp will spiral around and to the top of the spire. However, don’t. Hiding off to the left, around the base of the spire, is Knightsguard Valens and a gargoyle named something like Valens’ Sentry.

Kill the Sentry first. If the Sentry gets away, you’re in for a huge pain in the butt. More flying gargoyles will spawn, and they’ll attack you as you try to run up the ramp, grabbing hold of you and dropping you onto the bridge. This is a repeat of Harpy Air from ML2. Just kill the Sentry, then kill Valens. If you’ve got to kite Valens onto someone who’s stuck on the bridge with the “closed gate” bug, you’ll have to be careful about aggro – you may have to wait long enough for Valens to de-aggro, especially if you’ve got paladins twisting heal chant.

If you’ve done everything right to this point, after Valens and his Sentry are dead, you’ll have a free and clear run up the ramp. Ignore any pets that are standing around on the ramp – they won’t attack you unless you attack them first.

If something’s gone wrong, just make your way up the ramp. You’ll have to cope with Gargoyle Air or random adds on the ramp, so fight your way to the top as best you can.

Once you reach the top, you’ll see the dungeon’s main boss – Morrigan, Gullveig, or Morgana, depending on the realm. Kill your pets. This goes for all pets – spiritmaster pets, underhills, bonedancer pets, necromancer pets. If you’re a pet caster, just stand back and let the rest of the group handle this. Trust me. Pets here are bad.

Once the pets are dead, the rest of the group should attack her. She really doesn’t do anything too deadly, though it’s entertaining to watch her turn people into obelisks. When you get her to around 20% hit points, she’ll teleport away, and a shimmering red curtain of light will appear. Step through until you port across the chasm, into the hallway leading to the throne room. Congratulations, you’re at the final encounter.

Part Three: The Throne Room

When you teleport through, feel free to take a break to regen mana, redo resists, and summon pets. The final encounter won’t start until you charge forward to the throne room.

As soon as one person crosses the invisible threshold between the hallway and the throne room itself, all the bosses will spawn and a red curtain will appear, sealing off the throne room so you can’t exit. Anyone entering will be instantly teleported right before the throne.

Be prepared to unleash havoc on the dungeon boss, and ignore everyone else. Note that the dungeon boss is not the chick you fought at the top of the spire. It’s her boyfriend – Dub in Hibernia, Fafnir in Midgard, Mordred in Albion. Use AE to peel the red/purple spawns off the healers, but otherwise, concentrate all of your attacks on the boyfriend. Once he dies, everything despawns, and you win Dark Spire."

Alternate Throne Room strategy

As stated above, take a break and med up when you teleport over to the Throne Room hallway. As soon as you are ready, have one person in the group, preferably a pally or armsman, go through the curtain to the throne. At this point, the boss mob will spawn, and start to attack your puller. Using ranged attack, start attacking the boss mob from outside the curtain. One of two things will happen: he will continue to attack the tank, in which case you simply nuke him down, or he will switch and come out of the curtained area to attack your caster, in which case you pbaoe him down. Either way, you are able to avoid the red/purple mobs that spawn inside the throne room, and his witches are unable to heal him up, making this closing step much easier.

Alternate Throne Room strategy 2

When you zone through the curtain and are teleported in front of the throne move every one to the NE corner. You can pbaoe here with minimal agro from the adds and have healers set up a PF here as well. I personally have never had a wipe with this strategy.

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