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Labyrinth of the Minotaur expands upon the existing Champion Level system by introducing Champion Levels 6 through 10. Each Champion level will provide:

- One Champion Skill point to use on the current subclassing system. Please note that the subclassing system will not be expanded upon - you will be able to use these skill points to spend on abilities within the existing subclassing system.

- One additional level of base hit points per your class.

- One additional level of base power points per your class.

- Characters without power or concentration prior to gaining Champion Levels will gain a small amount of power and concentration points per each level.

- A new Champion title.

As you gain Champion Levels, you will also receive additional items from the King's Quartermaster, Mythical Item Equip Access (see below), and the Mauler Class (see above). You will be able to earn experience for Champion Levels 6-10 in the same ways as Champion levels 1-5 - through RvR play, PvE play, and Labyrinth quests.

Champion Level 6:
Merchant Summoning Stone. 2p 500g (Summons a merchant NPC that you can buy bolts, arrows, poisons, and throwing items from. You can also sell to it.)

Dappled Grey Horse 3p

Primitive Dun Horse 3p

Shire Dappled Horse 3p

Strawberry Roan Horse 3p

Champion Level 7:
Recharger Summoning Stone. 5p (Summons a recharger NPC. Also acts like a merchant as described above.)

Appaloosa Horse 4p

Leopard Horse 4p

Red Dun Horse 4p

Gemstone Horse 15p

Champion Level 8:
Healer Summoning Stone. 5p (Summons a healer NPC. Also acts like a merchant as described above.)

Appaloosa Warhorse 5p

Primitive Dun Warhorse 5p

Arboreal Horse 15p

Champion Level 9:
Smith Summoning Stone. 5p (Summons a smith NPC. Also acts like a merchant as described above.)

Leopard Warhorse 8p

Red Dun Warhorse 8p

Kelpie Horse 15p

Champion Level 10:
Vault Keeper Summoning Stone. 5p (Summons a vault keeper NPC. Also acts like a merchant as described above.)

Clockwork Horse 15p



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