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Albion Chapter 1 - Emissary
The Champion Quests begin at your guild's leader in Camelot...
Sir Amren says, "Greetings, Urimoo. It's good to see you. Your presence is requested in the King's throne room. You are to meet with Chamberlain Harlen as soon as [possible]."

Sir Amren says, "I believe it may have something to do with the sudden arrival of the Minotaur through the lands, but you didn't hear that from my lips."

Will you speak with Chamberlain Harlen in the throne room?

Sir Amren says, "Chamberlain Harlen will be pleased with your [decision], Alb Mauler."

Sir Amren says, "The Minotaur seem to be a very fearsome and proud race - I surely hope they're here on neutral terms. If not, I hope they're on our side. Regardless I shouldn't waste anymore of your time as you are needed elsewhere. Please hurry along to Chamberlain Harlen in the throne room."

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