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Proof Of Strength

At this point you go talk to Chamberlain Harlen. After accepting the quest, he will give you some background...

Chamberlain Harlen says, "A short time ago, strange portals opened throughout the realm and the Minotaur suddenly appeared. The Minotaur claimed that they once inhabited our lands and only left through the portals to a distant land to escape a vicious war. Some of our scholars have found evidence they once lived here, but they were thought to have been wiped out in a great [cataclysm]."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "I'm not sure their story should be trusted and I'm deeply concerned that they may not be telling us everything they know. However, that is not why I have called you. One of my oldest friends and advisors sent me word that he's had strange [visions] lately."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "He also mentioned you by name and asks that you be sent to meet him. I would deeply appreciate it if you would travel to Leornere Innabordes and meet with Gorvinius."

Will you assist Chamberlain Harlen and speak with Gorvinius?

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Fantastic! Find out what his visions have told him and report back to me. Oh and I should probably tell you how to [find him]."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Travel to Gothwaite Harbor via the portal in Cotswold. Once there travel to the southeast corner of the Isle of Glass. When you see the blue glowing portal on the ground you know you have reached the entrance to his retreat."

Travel to the Isle of Glass (via whatever means you want, you don't have to go through the portal in Cots) and head to 59300, 57000 - near that location is a blue portal on the ground and a vaguely cloud-like spell effect above it. Enter...

You'll find yourself in a familiar location, assuming you did the Darkness Rising Champion Quests - it's a place much like Anataeus' home. Travel forward to the main room, where you will see Gorvinius lying on the ground. Right click on Gorvinius...

Gorvinius appears burnt and charred, just like the desk beside him. The body is still warm, but there appears to be no hope of revival or resurrection. There will be no speaking to Gorvinius of what his visions entailed now. Perhaps something from his desk may be salvaged.

Right-click on the desk near Gorvinius.

You examine Gorvinius' desk to see if he wrote any of his visions down or at least what he planned to tell you. You discover some charred paper fragments with notes on them along with what appears to be his teleportation stone.

Use the teleportation stone, and return to Chamberlain Harlen.

Chamberlain Harlen says, "He's dead? How can this be? His death is a [great loss] to our realm."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Were you able to find any notes that may have mentioned his visions? Please hand them to me."

Hand him the charred notes you recovered.

Chamberlain Harlen says, "At least you were able to recover some of his notes. Hopefully I can gather some information from the fragments and [learn something] of the reason for his death."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "I can't say that Gorvinius' notes are entirely clear. Most of them were destroyed and what little remained is more confusing than helpful. I can only make out a few select words: Treacherous, Minotaur, War, Lies and then [your name]."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "I ask you not to come to any hasty conclusions about this, but only to be wary instead. These words could mean anything. However, I believe it may be time for you to meet the Minotaur High Consul."

Are you prepared to speak with the High Consul for Chamberlain Harlen?

Chamberlain Harlen says, "I knew I could [rely] on you, Urimoo. Your assistance to Albion is appreciated."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "If he speaks the truth, he has a mission of great importance that will require the assistance of our realm's greatest champions to complete. I have told him that you are such a champion and to expect your [arrival]."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Please pay close attention to his words as I would like for you to report back to me regularly on any major tasks that he asks you to complete."

Now, go into the throne area - High Consul Herleagis is against the wall to your right after you enter. Speak to him.

High Consul Herleagis says, "You must be the great champion I was told about. I am Herleagis, High Consul of the Korazh Clan, descended from the High Chieftain Maghras. [For the good] of both our races, you must help me."

High Consul Herleagis says, "The Uruz, which is our own word for Minotaur, once lived throughout the lands you now call Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia. We were a proud people, passing down our heritage, culture, and very memory from father to child. One day our gods appeared to us and asked us to build great relics of power in their name. We finished them with haste; however there was a great [betrayal] that led to civil war between our clans."

High Consul Herleagis says, "When outside forces threatened to destroy us all, we were forced to leave our homes through mystic portals to distant lands. Before we did, we sealed the relics away with magical wards that would return us to our homelands should they be [breached]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "I would send you to investigate why we have been summoned by the wards, but I must first know that you are truly prepared to deal with the dangers of this mission, as it will pit you against many dangerous [adversaries]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "With the return of the Uruz to these lands, both of your realm's enemies, Midgard and Hibernia, have already begun sending explorers far and wide in search of our lost relics. I have heard that the explorers themselves are weak, reconnoiterers whose job is only to observe. They are armed, but hardly a match for a true champion. I would expect you to kill many before judging you prepared to meet the dangers of my mission. However, they are not the only [enemy to consider]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "If you truly wish to impress me, you will slay more worthy enemies: great warriors and powerful mages, foes your enemy realms may even call their champions. These would be a true [challenge], unlike mere explorers."

High Consul Herleagis says, "A good warrior does nore fight on more fronts than necessary, so Perizor the god of battle teaches. To prove your worth you must choose who you will fight, the [explorers] or the champions of the [enemy realms]."

(Note: Choosing the [enemy realms] option will require you to kill enemy players in RvR combat to complete the quest. If you do not wish to directly participate in RvR, you will need to choose the [explorers] option, which requires the defeat of NPCs.)

I suggest choosing the explorers option - it will require you to kill NPCs rather than players, which means that it can be done without having to worry about finding enough enemies, or whether you'll lose... only choose the RvR path if you really want a bit of RvR mixed in with your quest. The explorers option will be faster and easier. But go out and kill either 16 explorers, or 8 enemy players. The explorers can be found in camps scattered across the enemy realms' frontiers. They are yellow con and have a fairly fast respawn, so won't take long to kill.

High Consul Herleagis says, "Then take this Ektakten. It is a small untainted remnant of Perizor's battle-magic. Carry it with you and slay sixteen explorers, whether from Midgard or Hibernia I care not. It will feed on your every victory in honorable combat and pay witness to your strength."

High Consul Herleagis says, "You have returned quicker than I expected. Have you accomplished the task I set you? Then give me the Ektakten. It will bear out the truth of your words."

Hand him the Ektakten. At this point you will get your reward for Emissary: Proof of Strength - 14,000,000,000 (that's 14 BILLION) experience and the 7000 Champion Points it entails, as well as 414 gold.

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